Gin 90 (Dining) Fire Pit Table

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with the Stylish and Functional Gin 90 (Dining) Fire Pit Table by EcoSmart Fireplaces

Product Description

Perfectly blending luxury and functionality, the Gin 90 (Dining) Fire Pit Table is a statement piece that adds warmth and style to indoor or outdoor spaces. Designed for entertaining, this dual-purpose table creates an intimate atmosphere for gatherings.

Product Features

Clever dual-purpose design
Generous table space for entertaining
Indoor and outdoor versatility
Adjustable flame and heat options
All-weather materials for durability
Smokeless flame for a clean burn
Available in multiple finishes: Natural, Graphite, Bone, Teak
Optional accessories for customization

Gin 90 (Dining) Fire Pit Table

Product Specifications

Dimensions: L 89.4in x W 43.2in x H 29.3in
Weight: 448lb
Material: Concrete Composite, Stainless Steel Grade 304
Included Accessories: XL Baffles, Black Glass Charcoal

Fuel Types

Gas, BioFuel

Fuel Type Application

Ethanol, Gas LP/NG


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

EcoSmart Fire presents the Gin 90 (Dining) Fire Pit Table, a stunning addition to your space. This table offers a clever dual-purpose design, providing both a functional dining surface and an impressive fire feature. With generous table space for entertaining, adjustable flame and heat options, and a smokeless flame, this table ensures a clean and stylish experience. Crafted with all-weather materials, it is durable and suitable for any environment. Choose from multiple finishes, including Natural, Graphite, Bone, and Teak, and explore optional accessories for a personalized touch.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

EcoSmart Fire, part of the MAD Design Group, is a leading innovator in modern, sustainable fireplace solutions. With a commitment to design, quality, and eco-friendly practices, EcoSmart Fireplaces redefine the concept of fire. The brand’s diverse range of indoor and outdoor fireplaces, fueled by bioethanol, offers a clean, smokeless, and stylish alternative to traditional fireplaces. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, EcoSmart Fire is the go-to choice for architects, designers, and homeowners seeking cutting-edge fireplace designs.


Q: Will the Gin 90 (Dining) Fire Pit Table be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?
A: Yes, the Gin 90 (Dining) Fire Pit Table is designed for versatility and can enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Q: What fuel options are available for this fire pit table?
A: The Gin 90 (Dining) Fire Pit Table offers the flexibility of using either ethanol or gas (LP/NG) as fuel options.

Q: Can I customize the table with different finishes?
A: Absolutely! Choose from Natural, Graphite, Bone, or Teak finishes to match your aesthetic preferences.

Q: Is the flame adjustable, and does it produce smoke?
A: Yes, the flame is adjustable, and it produces a smokeless burn, providing a clean and enjoyable fire experience.

Q: What is included with the table, and are there optional accessories?
A: The table comes with XL Baffles and Black Glass Charcoal. Optional accessories, such as fire screens and cover plates, are available for further customization.

Q: How easy is it to install the fire pit table?
A: Installation is straightforward, with options for both indoor and outdoor settings. Refer to the installation guide for detailed instructions.

Q: Can the fire pit table be relocated?
A: Yes, the table is designed for flexibility, allowing you to relocate it as needed.

Q: Are there specific clearances and measurements required for installation?
A: Yes, refer to the installation guide for clearances and cavity measurements to ensure proper installation.

Q: What materials are used in the construction of the Gin 90 (Dining) Fire Pit Table?
A: The table is constructed with a blend of concrete composite and stainless steel grade 304 for durability and aesthetic appeal.

Q: Is there a Winter Bag or Summer Cover included with the table?
A: Concrete configurations include a Winter Bag/Summer Cover, while Teak models come with a toughened glass screen for extra safety.

Q: Can the fire pit table be used with bioethanol fuel indoors?
A: Yes, the option to use bioethanol fuel makes it suitable for indoor use, creating a ventless and clean-burning flame.

Q: How does the fire pit table compare to traditional heating options in terms of installation?
A: Compared to gas or wood options, using ethanol simplifies installation requirements, eliminating the need for a flue or chimney.

Q: Are EcoSmart Fire products certified for safety?
A: Yes, our collection, including the Gin 90 (Dining) Fire Pit Table, is thoroughly tested and O-TL Listed in accordance with UL 1370, certified in accordance with EN16647, and satisfies safety mandates.

Q: Can the fire pit table be used in high-rise buildings?
A: Yes, our ethanol fireplaces are ventless and do not require a gas line or chimney, making them suitable for various settings, including high-rise buildings.

Q: How do bioethanol fireplaces compare in heat output to traditional gas heaters?
A: Bioethanol burners provide a more gentle, softer heat compared to gas heaters, avoiding the drying effect on the room.

Q: Is it safe to use bioethanol fireplaces indoors?
A: Yes, EcoSmart Fire’s ethanol fireplaces are designed with safety as a top priority, emitting only heat, carbon dioxide, and steam, without the harmful substances associated with traditional fireplaces.

Q: Can bioethanol fireplaces be installed in walls and cabinets?
A: Yes, EcoSmart Fire’s ethanol fireplaces offer versatile installation options, including walls, cabinets, high-rise buildings, and various indoor and outdoor spaces.

Q: What makes EcoSmart Fire stand out in the fireplace industry?
A: EcoSmart Fire is known for its innovative, eco-friendly designs that simplify installation, eliminate the need for chimneys, and provide a clean, smokeless, and stylish alternative to traditional fireplaces.