E25 Gas Fireplace Insert

Efficient Elegance: Warmth Redefined with the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert

Product Description

Experience the perfect blend of warmth and style with the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert by Enviro Fireplaces. This innovative insert combines cutting-edge technology with timeless design, making it the ideal choice to elevate your home’s ambiance and comfort.

Product Features

Liner not required.
Steel Firebox Grate.
Easy Access Burner Switch (Standing Pilot).
Standing Pilot or IPI versions available.
Up to 50% turn-down valve.
Convection fan included with IPI version.

E25 Gas Fireplace Insert

Product Specifications

Heating Area: 1,600 ft²
Max Input BTU (NG): 28,000
Min Output BTU: 14,000
P4 Efficiency: 63.9%
Glass Size: 26 1/4″ W x 16″ H
Convection Fan: 110 CFM
Install Dimensions: 27 7/8” W x 19 3/4” H
Install Depth Range: 13 93/100” – 14 93/100”
Consult manual for detailed dimensions & clearances.
Minimum install depth may vary by chosen surround.

Installation Options

Included E25 Surround
Trimmable Filler Panel
Brick Liner
LP Conversion Kit available.
Convection fan available for Nova version.
Hearth Riser.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application



Limited warranty

Product Highlights

The E25 Gas Fireplace Insert by Enviro Fireplaces offers a range of remarkable features:

Effortless Operation: Enjoy the convenience of an easy access burner switch, available in both standing pilot and IPI versions.
Customizable Surround: The included E25 Surround can be tailored to your aesthetic preferences, enhancing your home’s decor.
Efficient Heating: With up to 50% turn-down valve and a convection fan (IPI version), this fireplace insert provides efficient heating.
Stylish Design: The E25 combines modern technology with a classic steel firebox grate, creating an elegant focal point in any room.
Versatile Fuel Options: Choose the standing pilot or IPI version, and even convert to LP with the available kit.
Spacious Viewing Area: The large glass size offers an unobstructed view of the mesmerizing flames.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Enviro Fireplaces is a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality heating products. With a commitment to craftsmanship and environmental responsibility, Enviro Fireplaces has been providing heating solutions that combine efficiency, style, and sustainability for over [insert years] years. Their products, like the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert, are designed to enhance the comfort and ambiance of your home while minimizing the impact on the environment.


Q: How does the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert operate?
A: The E25 can operate with either a standing pilot or an IPI (Intermittent Pilot Ignition) system for convenient and efficient use.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the E25 Fireplace Insert?
A: Yes, you can personalize the insert with the included E25 Surround and other available options like a brick liner or hearth riser.

Q: What are the fuel options for this fireplace insert?
A: The E25 Gas Fireplace Insert is designed for use with natural gas, but an LP (propane) conversion kit is available.

Q: What is the efficiency of the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert?
A: The E25 boasts a P4 Efficiency rating of 63.9%.

Q: Is a convection fan included with this fireplace insert?
A: Yes, the IPI version comes with a convection fan to help distribute heat more effectively.

Q: Are there any special clearances or cavity measurements to consider during installation?
A: Yes, clearances and cavity measurements are essential for safe installation. Refer to the product manual for detailed information.

Q: Can I install the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert myself?
A: It’s recommended to have a professional installer set up the E25 for safety and optimal performance.

Q: What is the heating area coverage of this fireplace insert?
A: The E25 can heat an area of up to 1,600 square feet.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert?
A: Regular maintenance and cleaning guidelines can be found in the product manual for your convenience.

Q: Is there a warranty for the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert?
A: Yes, there is a warranty. Please refer to the warranty information on the product page for details.

Q: What are the available options for the E25 Surround?
A: The E25 Surround is included, but additional options like a trimmable filler panel and a brick liner can be added for customization.

Q: Can I use this fireplace insert in an existing fireplace cavity?
A: You may be able to install the E25 in an existing fireplace cavity, but it’s essential to consider clearances and measurements for a safe fit.

Q: Does the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert come with a remote control?
A: The E25 does not come with a remote control by default, but you can inquire with your dealer about available remote options.

Q: What is the lifespan of the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert?
A: The lifespan of the E25 largely depends on usage and maintenance. With proper care, it can last for many years.

Q: Does the E25 have a feature for adjusting the flame intensity?
A: Yes, the E25 offers up to a 50% turn-down valve for adjusting the flame intensity to your liking.

Q: Can the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert be used as a primary heat source for a room?
A: The E25 can provide significant heat for the area it covers, making it suitable as a primary heat source in some situations.

Q: What safety features does the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert have?
A: The E25 is equipped with various safety features, including a standing pilot or IPI system and clearances for safe operation.

Q: Is the E25 Fireplace Insert compatible with a smart home system?
A: Enviro Fireplaces does not mention smart home compatibility for this specific model, so it’s best to check with the manufacturer for updates.

Q: Can the E25 be installed in any type of room or setting?
A: The E25 is versatile and can be installed in various room settings, but proper clearances and measurements must be considered.

Q: Is the E25 Gas Fireplace Insert eligible for any tax credits or incentives?
A: Enviro Fireplaces may offer information on tax credits related to their products. Check their website or inquire with a dealer for details.