G50 Gas Fireplace

Introducing the G50 Gas Fireplace: Style and Warmth Redefined

Product Description

Experience the perfect blend of contemporary design and efficient heating with the G50 Gas Fireplace. Elevate your home’s ambiance and comfort with this premium gas fireplace.

Product Features

Top Firebox Lighting: Illuminates the log burner for a cozy, realistic flame.
Adjustable Ember Bed Lighting: Customize the ember bed’s glow to suit your mood.
Cool Surface System HDK: Ensures safe and cool-to-touch surfaces.
Clear View Safety Screen: Protects while maintaining a clear view.
Includes Painted Steel Liner: Adds a sleek touch to the interior.
Includes Slim Face – Painted Black: Choose a minimalistic look.
Run-Quiet Fan System: Enjoy quiet, efficient heating.
SIT Valve 885 (IPI System with Remote): Convenient remote control for ease of use.
Clean Face Look – No Louvers: Achieve a sleek, uncluttered appearance.

G50 Gas Fireplace

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 50.5″ W x 39″ H
Available Liners: Black Enameled, Brick – Painted Black, Brick – Rustic Brown, Herringbone, Ledgestone, Painted Black (Included)
Fuel Type: Glass or Log Burners
Installation Options: Driftwood Log Set for Glass Burner, Horizontal Power Vent Kit (10-110ft), Flex Vent Adapter Collars
Heating Area: 2,200 sq. ft
Max Input BTU (NG): 48,000
Min Output BTU: 13,000
P4 Efficiency: 73.6%
Glass Size: 47″ W x 35 1⁄2″ H
Convection Fan: 130 CFM
Weight: 280 lbs
Unit Dims: 55” W x 50” H x 23” D

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Clearances and Cavity Measurements

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Product Highlights

Elevate your home’s ambiance with the G50 Gas Fireplace by Enviro Fireplaces. Enjoy customizable lighting, cool surfaces, and a sleek design, all while efficiently heating up to 2,200 sq. ft. With remote control and a clear view safety screen, this fireplace redefines comfort and style.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Enviro Fireplaces is a leading manufacturer dedicated to creating innovative and eco-friendly heating solutions. With a commitment to design, quality, and energy efficiency, Enviro Fireplaces delivers a range of heating products that elevate your home’s comfort and aesthetics.


Q: Is the G50 Gas Fireplace available in different colors or finishes?
A: The G50 Gas Fireplace offers various finish options, including Painted Black, Powder Coated Bronze, Powder Coated Grey, and Powder Coated Silver.

Q: What is the heating capacity of the G50 Gas Fireplace?
A: The G50 can efficiently heat an area of up to 2,200 square feet.

Q: Can I choose between glass or log burners for this fireplace?
A: Yes, you have the choice between glass or log burners to suit your preference.

Q: Is a remote control included with the G50 Gas Fireplace?
A: Yes, it comes with a remote control for added convenience.

Q: What are the options for liner materials?
A: Liner options include Black Enameled, Brick – Painted Black, Brick – Rustic Brown, Herringbone, Ledgestone, and Painted Black (Included).

Q: Can I install a driftwood log set for the glass burner?
A: Yes, you have the option to install a driftwood log set for the glass burner.

Q: Are there installation kits available for this fireplace?
A: Yes, you can choose from the Horizontal Power Vent Kit (for 10-110ft) and Flex Vent Adapter Collars for installation.

Q: How quiet is the fan system?
A: The Run-Quiet Fan System operates quietly while efficiently distributing heat.

Q: What is the warranty for the G50 Gas Fireplace?
A: Warranty details can be found in the product’s manual. Typically, warranties cover specific parts and labor for a set period. Please refer to the manual for exact warranty information.

Q: Does the G50 Gas Fireplace come with a clear view safety screen?
A: Yes, it includes a clear view safety screen to maintain safety without obstructing your view of the fire.

Q: Is professional installation required for the G50 Gas Fireplace?
A: Professional installation is recommended to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Q: Can this fireplace be used with natural gas (NG)?
A: Yes, the G50 Gas Fireplace can be used with natural gas (NG).

Q: Can it be vented horizontally?
A: Yes, it can be vented horizontally with the Horizontal Power Vent Kit.

Q: Does the fireplace come with a painted steel liner?
A: Yes, the G50 Gas Fireplace includes a painted steel liner for a sleek interior.

Q: Is the clear face look standard, or are louvers available?
A: The G50 Gas Fireplace features a clean face look with no louvers, giving it a sleek, modern appearance.

Q: Are there any tax credits or incentives available for purchasing this fireplace?
A: Tax credits and incentives may be available based on your location and local regulations. Check with your local authorities for details.

Q: Is there a user manual available for installation and maintenance?
A: Yes, a user manual is available for detailed installation and maintenance instructions.