H Series: Peninsula Gas Fireplace

Elevate Your Space with the H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace: Unleash Modern Elegance and Cozy Warmth!

Product Description

Experience the pinnacle of contemporary design and warmth with the H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace by European Home. This open-faced masterpiece boasts a three-sided linear display that adds a striking modern touch to any space. With its cantilevered top and customizable fire media options, this vent-free fireplace combines form and function seamlessly. Enjoy the beauty of dancing flames while basking in its 99% efficiency rating and the freedom of vent-free installation. Elevate your surroundings with the allure of the H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace.

Product Features

Three-sided linear design with a cantilevered top for a modern aesthetic
Choose from multiple fire media options, including fire glass and Carrara pebbles
High efficiency with a 99% rating for optimal heating performance
Vent-free installation eliminates architectural restrictions and saves on installation costs
Modern frameless finish enhances the contemporary appeal
Robust and adjustable flame adds warmth and ambiance to any room

Product Specifications

Available lengths: 42″, 60″, and 72″
Viewable Opening: 42″ / 60″ / 72″ W x 18″ H
Flame Length: 37-1/2″
Gas Type: Natural Gas
Heat Output (Natural Gas): 25,000 – 37,500 BTU/hr
Heat Output (LPG): N/A
Venting: N/A
Flame Adjustment: Yes
Standard Interior: Satin Black
Optional Designer Interiors: Black Enamel or Concrete Style
Remote Control: Yes
Electronic Ignition: Yes
Certification: ANSI Z21.11.2
MA Approval Code: G1-1020-113
Efficiency: 99%

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Refer to Manual


Limited Lifetime warranty

Product Highlights

Discover the epitome of contemporary luxury with the H Series: Peninsula Gas Fireplace by European Home. Boasting a captivating three-sided linear design, this fireplace effortlessly merges form and function, infusing your space with modern elegance. The cantilevered top adds a unique touch, while the customizable fire media options, including fire glass and Carrara pebbles, allow you to tailor the aesthetic to your preference. Achieve exceptional efficiency with its remarkable 99% rating, ensuring both warmth and cost savings. Embrace the freedom of vent-free installation, eliminating architectural constraints and simplifying the setup process. With a sleek frameless finish and an adjustable, robust flame, the H Series transforms any room into a haven of allure and comfort. Elevate your surroundings with the captivating beauty of the H Series: Peninsula Gas Fireplace – where innovation and aesthetics meet seamlessly.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

European Home stands as a premier pioneer in the realm of modern fireplace design and innovation. Established with a commitment to redefining the concept of warmth and style, European Home has consistently pushed the boundaries of fireplace aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality. Since its inception, the company has held a steadfast belief that fireplaces should not only provide comfort but also serve as focal points of contemporary living spaces.

Renowned for its cutting-edge approach, European Home has introduced a diverse array of revolutionary fireplace solutions, ranging from single-sided to multi-sided, suspended to see-through, and indoor to outdoor options. Each creation is meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly with modern architectural trends, reflecting the company’s dedication to elevating interior design while maintaining the core principles of functionality and safety.

European Home’s commitment to innovation extends beyond aesthetics. The incorporation of advanced heating technologies ensures that their fireplaces are not only visually striking but also highly efficient, offering remarkable heat output while adhering to environmentally responsible standards. This commitment to energy efficiency has earned the company accolades and certifications that underscore its dedication to sustainability.

Moreover, European Home places a strong emphasis on providing a comprehensive customer experience. Collaborating with a network of local dealers, the company ensures that clients receive personalized guidance and support throughout their fireplace selection and installation process. Whether for homeowners, architects, or designers, European Home’s devotion to customer satisfaction shines through in every interaction.

With a rich history of shaping the modern fireplace landscape, European Home continues to stand at the forefront of design ingenuity, offering individuals the opportunity to transform their living spaces into havens of warmth, beauty, and contemporary elegance. Rooted in a passion for innovation and a commitment to quality, European Home remains a driving force in reimagining the intersection of style, comfort, and modern living.


Q: What is the H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace?
A: The H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace is a modern and contemporary three-sided linear gas fireplace designed by European Home.

Q: What are the available sizes for the H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace?
A: The H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace is available in three sizes: 42″, 60″, and 72″.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the flames?
A: Yes, the H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace features an adjustable flame that you can customize to your preference.

Q: Is the fireplace energy-efficient?
A: Absolutely, the H Series boasts a remarkable 99% efficiency rating, ensuring effective heat output and cost savings.

Q: What type of fire media options are available?
A: You can choose between fire glass or Carrara pebbles as your preferred fire media.

Q: Is the H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace vent-free?
A: Yes, the H Series is a vent-free fireplace, allowing for easy installation without the need for a venting system.

Q: What are the available interior options?
A: The standard interior option is Satin Black, but you can also choose optional designer interiors in Black Enamel or Concrete Style.

Q: Does the fireplace come with a remote control?
A: Yes, the H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace comes with a remote control for convenient operation.

Q: Is electronic ignition included?
A: Yes, the fireplace features electronic ignition for easy and efficient startup.

Q: What type of gas does the H Series use?
A: The H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace operates on natural gas.

Q: Are there safety screens available for the fireplace?
A: While open-faced fireplaces do not require a screen, optional safety screens are available for the H Series.

Q: Where are the H Series fireplaces manufactured?
A: The H Series ventless gas fireplaces are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Q: What certifications does the fireplace have?
A: The H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace is certified to ANSI Z21.11.2 standards.

Q: How does the H Series add to the ambiance of a room?
A: With its adjustable flame, sleek design, and modern finish, the H Series creates a warm and inviting ambiance in any space.

Q: What warranty does the fireplace come with?
A: The fireplace is backed by a limited warranty. Please refer to the warranty documentation for specific details.

Q: Can I find a local dealer to purchase the H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace?
A: Yes, you can use the dealer locator provided to find a local dealer near you.

Q: What are the recommended clearances for installation?
A: Follow local building codes and manufacturer guidelines for clearances. Consult the installation manual for detailed information.

Q: Is the H Series suitable for natural gas only?
A: Yes, the fireplace is designed to operate with natural gas.

Q: Can the H Series be installed in various room sizes?
A: Yes, the different size options make the H Series versatile for various room sizes.

Q: Can the H Series Peninsula Gas Fireplace be installed outdoors?
A: The H Series is designed for indoor use. Please explore our outdoor fireplace options for outdoor installations.