Ignite Your Outdoors: Experience Radiance with Kalea Bay by Firegear Outdoor Fireplaces!

Product Description

The Kalea Bay Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplace is the perfect way to add warmth and ambiance to your outdoor living space. This sleek and modern fireplace features a long, linear design that is sure to turn heads. The flames are fueled by natural gas or propane, and they can be adjusted to create the perfect level of heat. The fireplace also includes an LED lighting system that can be used to create a variety of different moods.

Product Features

Long, linear design that is perfect for small to large patios
Fueled by natural gas or propane
Adjustable flames for the perfect level of heat
LED lighting system for a variety of moods
Weather-resistant construction for durability
Easy to install and maintain


Product Specifications

Dimensions: 48″ W x 16″ H x 37 1/2″ D
Weight: 100 lbs.
Heat output: 43,000 BTUs
Fuel type: Natural gas or propane
Ignition: Electronic ignition
Material: Weather-resistant stainless steel


Overall height: 37 1/2″
Overall width: 48″
Overall depth: 16″
Opening height: 16″
Firebox width: 48″

Installation Options

Can be installed as a built-in or a freestanding fireplace
Requires a 120VAC power source for the LED lighting system

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application

Natural gas or propane

Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Minimum clearance to combustible materials: 12″
Minimum cavity depth: 16″


1 year limited warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your outdoor living experience with the mesmerizing Kalea Bay by Firegear Outdoor Fireplaces. Crafted to perfection, these exceptional outdoor fireplaces are the epitome of style, functionality, and ambiance. With a seamless blend of contemporary design and cutting-edge technology, Kalea Bay fireplaces become the centerpiece of any outdoor space, instantly transforming it into a cozy haven for relaxation and entertainment.

Immerse yourself in the warmth and captivating flames that dance gracefully over Firegear’s innovative burner technology, ensuring both efficient heat distribution and stunning visual effects. The fireplaces are thoughtfully constructed with premium materials, guaranteeing durability and resilience against the elements. Whether nestled within a spacious backyard or gracing a cozy patio, the Kalea Bay outdoor fireplaces effortlessly infuse elegance and sophistication into any setting.

But the Kalea Bay experience goes beyond aesthetics. These fireplaces are engineered with user convenience in mind, featuring user-friendly controls that allow you to adjust the flame height and heat output with ease. The option for fuel versatility, whether natural gas or propane, further enhances the adaptability of these fireplaces to suit your preferences. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or unwinding alone, the radiant glow and soothing crackle of the fire will create a captivating atmosphere that draws people together.

Incorporating a Kalea Bay by Firegear Outdoor Fireplace into your outdoor haven not only adds value to your space but also fosters unforgettable moments with loved ones. Rediscover the joy of outdoor living as you bask in the gentle warmth and captivating beauty of these remarkable fireplaces – a testament to Firegear’s commitment to quality, innovation, and the art of creating extraordinary outdoor spaces.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Firegear Outdoor Fireplaces is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the outdoor heating and entertainment industry. Established with a passion for creating exceptional outdoor experiences, Firegear has been at the forefront of designing and producing high-quality outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and related accessories. With a commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Firegear has earned a prominent reputation in the market.

Vision and Mission:
Firegear’s vision is to enrich outdoor living spaces by providing cutting-edge, stylish, and functional outdoor fire features that inspire people to create memorable moments with family and friends. The company’s mission is to continuously innovate and deliver products that exceed customer expectations, enhancing the way individuals enjoy and interact with their outdoor environments.

Product Excellence:
Firegear Outdoor Fireplaces is renowned for its extensive range of outdoor heating solutions. From elegant fireplaces that radiate warmth and beauty to versatile fire pits that foster social gatherings, Firegear’s products are carefully crafted to seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. The company’s commitment to using premium materials ensures the durability and longevity of their creations, even in the harshest outdoor conditions.

Innovation and Technology:
Firegear is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in terms of innovation. The incorporation of advanced burner technology and user-friendly controls in their products exemplifies their commitment to enhancing user experiences. The company constantly explores new design concepts, fuel options, and safety features, setting industry benchmarks for performance and efficiency.

Customer-Centric Approach:
At the heart of Firegear’s success is its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. The company’s team of dedicated professionals is driven by a passion for delivering excellence. They actively listen to customer feedback and preferences, incorporating insights into product development. This approach ensures that each Firegear creation not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

Environmental Responsibility:
Firegear acknowledges its responsibility toward environmental sustainability. The company designs its products with an understanding of the impact on nature and promotes the use of clean-burning fuels. This commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing aligns with Firegear’s dedication to creating products that enhance outdoor spaces while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Industry Leadership:
Over the years, Firegear Outdoor Fireplaces has established itself as a leader in the outdoor heating industry. Its products are sought after by homeowners, designers, and architects alike, all of whom recognize the company’s dedication to excellence, quality, and design innovation.

Firegear Outdoor Fireplaces continues to redefine outdoor living through its exceptional products, innovative technologies, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. As a trailblazer in the industry, Firegear’s legacy is one of transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary havens of warmth, beauty, and connection.


Q: What is Kalea Bay by Firegear Outdoor Fireplaces?
A: Kalea Bay is a collection of outdoor fireplaces designed and manufactured by Firegear, known for their exceptional quality and innovative features.

Q: What types of outdoor fireplaces are available in the Kalea Bay collection?
A: The Kalea Bay collection includes a variety of outdoor fireplaces, ranging from traditional designs to modern and contemporary styles.

Q: Can I use Kalea Bay fireplaces in both residential and commercial settings?
A: Yes, the versatile design of Kalea Bay fireplaces makes them suitable for both residential and commercial outdoor spaces.

Q: What fuel options do Kalea Bay fireplaces support?
A: Kalea Bay fireplaces can be fueled by both natural gas and propane, giving you flexibility in choosing the best option for your needs.

Q: Are there customization options available for Kalea Bay fireplaces?
A: Yes, Firegear offers customization options, allowing you to choose finishes, materials, and other features to match your outdoor décor.

Q: How do I control the flames and heat output of a Kalea Bay fireplace?
A: Kalea Bay fireplaces come with user-friendly controls that allow you to easily adjust the flame height and heat output according to your preference.

Q: Are Kalea Bay outdoor fireplaces easy to install?
A: Firegear designs its products with user-friendly installation in mind, but it’s recommended to have a professional installer ensure proper setup.

Q: Are Kalea Bay fireplaces durable enough for outdoor use?
A: Yes, these fireplaces are constructed with premium materials that are resistant to outdoor elements, ensuring durability and longevity.

Q: Can I integrate Kalea Bay fireplaces into my existing outdoor space design?
A: Absolutely, Kalea Bay fireplaces are designed to seamlessly integrate into various outdoor settings, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Q: Are there safety features included in Kalea Bay fireplaces?
A: Yes, Firegear prioritizes safety and includes features like flame sensors and shutoff mechanisms to ensure secure operation.

Q: Can I use Kalea Bay fireplaces year-round?
A: Depending on your location and climate, you may be able to use these fireplaces throughout the year, extending the usability of your outdoor space.

Q: Is professional maintenance required for Kalea Bay fireplaces?
A: Regular maintenance by professionals is recommended to ensure optimal performance and safety of your Kalea Bay fireplace.

Q: Are there warranty options for Kalea Bay by Firegear Outdoor Fireplaces?
A: Yes, Firegear offers warranty options to provide you with peace of mind regarding the performance and longevity of your fireplace.

Q: How can I get technical support or assistance with my Kalea Bay fireplace?
A: Dreifuss Fireplaces provides customer support services to assist you with any technical questions or issues you might encounter.

Q: Can I get design inspiration for incorporating a Kalea Bay fireplace into my outdoor space?
A: Yes, Firegear’s website and resources often feature design ideas and examples to help you visualize how to enhance your outdoor space.

Q: Do Kalea Bay fireplaces come with user manuals?
A: Yes, each Kalea Bay fireplace comes with a comprehensive user manual that guides you through installation, operation, and maintenance.

Q: Are there any community guidelines or regulations for using outdoor fireplaces?
A: It’s important to check with your local authorities or homeowners’ association for any guidelines or regulations regarding the use of outdoor fireplaces.

Q: Where can I find more information about the warranty terms and conditions for Kalea Bay fireplaces?
A: You can find detailed warranty information on our website or contact us for more information.