Large – Double Corner

Transform Your Space with Elegance: Flare Fireplaces’ Large Double Corner Marvel

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Product Description

Elevate your space with the modern sophistication of the Flare Fireplaces Large Double Corner. This sleek indoor steel fireplace is perfect for commercial or custom residential settings, boasting a frameless design for a luxurious and linear gas fireplace experience.

Product Features

Linear Design: Create the illusion of a hanging fireplace with a long rectangular glass opening.
Ceramic Black Reflective Back: Upgrade for added depth and reflection of flames and media.
Multicolor LED Lighting: Illuminate your firebox with customizable colors using the included remote.
Optional Double Glass: Achieve a crystal-clear viewing window without the need for a power vent.
Advanced 3D Burner: Stainless steel burners for a dynamic, natural flame.
Wall Switch: Control features with a simple wall switch.
Summer Kit Heat Control: Manage heat output with a convenient summer kit.
Home Automation: Integrate your fireplace into your home automation system.
Battery Backup: Operate the fireplace even during power outages.
Remote Control: User-friendly remote for flame height, thermostat, and timer functionality.
Optional Power Vent: Three options for various applications.

Large - Double Corner

Product Specifications

Dimensions: Customizable sizes up to 400″ width.
BTU: Ranges from 86,000 to 260,000 depending on the model.
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane.
Viewing Area Dimensions: 1,839 to 9,179 sq. in.

Installation Options

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Clearances and Cavity Measurements

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Product Highlights

Experience the epitome of modern design with the Large Double Corner by Flare Fireplaces. This masterpiece features a linear design, ceramic black reflective back, multicolor LED lighting, and an advanced 3D burner for a mesmerizing flame. With options like optional double glass, home automation integration, and a convenient battery backup, this fireplace offers both style and functionality.

Company Overview

Flare Fireplaces is a leading innovator in the fireplace industry, specializing in modern and luxurious designs. With a commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology, Flare Fireplaces delivers unparalleled products that redefine the ambiance of any space.


Q: What is the maximum width available for the Large Double Corner?
A: The Large Double Corner is customizable, with sizes available up to 400 inches.

Q: Can I choose between Natural Gas and Liquid Propane as the fuel type?
A: Yes, you can select either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane based on your preference.

Q: Is the viewing area customizable?
A: Yes, the viewing area dimensions can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Q: What is the BTU range for this fireplace?
A: The BTU ranges from 86,000 to 260,000, depending on the chosen model.

Q: Does it come with a remote control?
A: Yes, every residential Flare Fireplace ships with a user-friendly remote for convenient control.

Q: Can I integrate the fireplace into my home automation system?
A: Absolutely! The modern electronic gas valves allow seamless integration into your home automation.

Q: Is there a warranty for the Large Double Corner?
A: Warranty information can vary, please check the specific model for detailed warranty terms.

Q: How does the optional double glass work?
A: The optional double glass provides a safety barrier without the need for a power vent, ensuring a clear viewing window.

Q: What is the Summer Kit Heat Control?
A: The Summer Kit allows you to control the heat output of your fireplace, either when it’s turned on or with a switch.

Q: Can I operate the fireplace during a power outage?
A: Yes, with the battery backup, you can operate the fireplace without blowers for up to two years.

Q: Are there installation options available?
A: Yes, choose between Natural Gas or Liquid Propane as the fuel type and check the manual for clearances and cavity measurements.

Q: What is the Advanced 3D Burner?
A: Flare’s 3D stainless steel burners create a deeper, taller flame, offering a more dynamic and natural look.

Q: Are there multiple glass heights available?
A: Yes, Flare offers multiple glass heights, including 16″, 24″, and 30″ across various lineups.

Q: Can I control the flame height with the wall switch?
A: Yes, the wall switch included with residential Flare Fireplaces allows you to control the flame height.

Q: What is the purpose of the Ceramic Black Reflective Back?
A: The optional black ceramic Reflective Back panel adds depth by increasing the reflection of your flame and media.

Q: How long does the battery backup last?
A: The battery backup can keep your fireplace functioning for up to two years.

Q: What is the range of the multicolor LED lighting?
A: The multicolor LED kit lights up your firebox with any color in the spectrum using the included remote.

Q: Can I get a digital wall timer for the fireplace?
A: Yes, optional digital wall timers are available with every fireplace.

Q: Are there options for power venting?
A: Yes, Flare Fireplaces offer three options for power venting to fit various applications.

Q: How do I get a quote or consultation for the Large Double Corner?
A: Contact Dreifuss Fireplaces.