Bedrock Contemporary

Unleash Modern Elegance: Introducing the Bedrock Contemporary Gas Logs by Grand Canyon

Product Description

Elevate your living space with the Bedrock Contemporary Gas Logs by Grand Canyon. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing dance of flames as you experience the perfect blend of modern design and cutting-edge technology. Crafted with precision, these gas logs redefine fireplace elegance, bringing a touch of sophistication to any home.

Product Features

Sleek Modern Design: The Bedrock Contemporary gas logs feature a sleek and minimalist design, seamlessly blending with modern interiors.

Realistic Flames: Enjoy the beauty of natural-looking flames that dance and flicker, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Easy Installation: Effortless setup with step-by-step instructions for a hassle-free installation process, ensuring you spend more time enjoying your fireplace.

Versatile Sizing: Available in various sizes to accommodate different fireplace dimensions. Choose the perfect fit for your space.

Remote Control Operation: Conveniently control flame intensity and heating settings with the included remote control, offering both comfort and flexibility.

Energy-Efficient: Experience warmth without compromise. The Bedrock Contemporary gas logs are designed for energy efficiency, providing cost-effective heating solutions.

Quality Craftsmanship: Built with premium materials, these gas logs are durable and designed to withstand the test of time.

Safety First: Equipped with advanced safety features, including a flame sensor and automatic shut-off, ensuring peace of mind while enjoying your fireplace.

Product Specifications

Model Name: Bedrock Contemporary Gas Logs
Fuel Type: Natural Gas / Propane
Sizes Available:
Material: High-Quality Fireproof Ceramic
Ignition System: Electronic Ignition with Remote Control
Flame Type: Realistic Dancing Flames
Heat Output: Varies by Size (BTU output available upon request)
Remote Control: Yes, Multifunction Remote Included
Installation Type: Indoor
Safety Features:
Flame Sensor
Automatic Shut-Off
Low Battery Detection
Lockout State Prevention
Energy Efficiency: Yes
Design: Contemporary and Minimalist
Compatibility: Designed for use with Bed Rock Burner
Burner: Lifetime Warranty (indoor installations)
Electrical Components: 2-Year Warranty
ODS Pilot Assemblies: 1-Year Warranty
Additional Requirements:
Adequate Ventilation for Indoor Installation
Professional Installation Recommended
Package Includes:
Bedrock Contemporary Gas Logs
Bed Rock Burner (Sold Separately)
Multifunction Remote Control
Installation Manual
Optional Accessories:
Reflective Glass Media
Additional Remote Controls
Replacement Batteries (Type: AAA)
Manufacturer: Grand Canyon Gas Logs

Installation Options

Indoor Installation:

Suitable for indoor use, creating a cozy and contemporary ambiance in living rooms, bedrooms, or entertainment spaces.
Professional installation recommended for optimal performance and safety.
Must comply with local and national codes and safety laws.
Fireplace Compatibility:

Designed for use with the Bed Rock Burner, ensuring a seamless fit and reliable performance.
The burner should be centered in the fireplace, allowing easy installation of the Bedrock Contemporary Gas Logs.
Fuel Options:

Available for both Natural Gas and Propane, providing flexibility based on your home’s fuel source.
Follow specific instructions for gas supply line connection and leak checks during installation.
Electrical Connection:

Comes with a 6’ power cord for easy electrical connection.
Hard wire installation option available for a more integrated and concealed setup.
Electrical connection located on the right-hand side of the burner.
Remote Control Sync:

Multifunction remote control included, pre-synced at the factory for convenience.
Refer to the manual for re-syncing instructions if needed.
Two-Person Installation (For Larger Units):

Larger units, such as the 72″, 84″, and 96″ variants, may require two people for installation due to their size and weight.
Exercise caution and follow safety guidelines during the installation process.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements


Side Clearances: Maintain a minimum clearance of [X inches/cm] on each side of the Bedrock Contemporary unit to adjacent walls or combustible materials.
Rear Clearance: Ensure a minimum clearance of [Y inches/cm] from the back of the unit to the nearest wall or combustible material.
Overhead Clearance: Allow [Z inches/cm] of clearance from the top of the unit to the ceiling or any overhanging objects.
Cavity Measurements:

Fireplace Cavity Size: Before installation, measure the dimensions of your fireplace cavity to ensure compatibility with the Bed Rock Burner. Refer to the product manual for the recommended cavity size range.
Glass Media Placement: Follow the guidelines in the manual for proper placement of the 1/2″ reflective glass media. Avoid covering the pilot shield to maintain safe ignition.
Ventilation Requirements:

Adequate ventilation is crucial for safe operation. Ensure that the fireplace area is well-ventilated to prevent the accumulation of gas or fumes.
If using a vented system, adhere to the recommended ventilation specifications outlined in the manual.
For vent-free installations, follow local and national codes for ventilation requirements.
Mantel Clearances:

If installing a mantel above the Bedrock Contemporary unit, maintain a minimum clearance of [W inches/cm] to ensure safe distances from the heat source.
Check the mantel material for heat resistance and follow safety guidelines to prevent potential fire hazards.
Floor Protection:

Place the Bed Rock Burner on a non-combustible surface or use a suitable hearth pad to protect the floor beneath the unit.
Follow local regulations regarding floor protection to ensure safety and compliance.
Wall Switch Placement:

If using a wall switch for control, ensure it is installed within easy reach and complies with safety regulations.
Keep the wall switch away from areas where it may be exposed to water or moisture.


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

The Bedrock Contemporary by Grand Canyon Gas Logs seamlessly blends modern design with efficient functionality, offering a captivating fireplace experience. This burner boasts a versatile range of sizes from 24″ to 96″, accommodating various fireplace dimensions and preferences. Its innovative design includes a 1/2″ reflective glass media, creating a stunning aesthetic as the flames dance over the bed. The Bed Rock Burner ensures a hassle-free installation with options for both hard-wire setups and use with the provided 6′ power cord. Users can enjoy the convenience of the ProFlame II remote, providing effortless control over the flames and ambiance. With attention to safety, the burner features clear instructions for proper installation, including clearances, ventilation, and floor protection measures.

Crafted with quality materials, the Bedrock Contemporary is built to last and adds a touch of sophistication to any living space. The burner’s flexibility, combined with its striking appearance, makes it a standout choice for those seeking a modern, reliable, and visually appealing gas log fireplace solution. Elevate your home’s ambiance with the Bedrock Contemporary, where cutting-edge design meets the warmth of a traditional fireplace.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Grand Canyon Gas Logs stands as a prominent manufacturer in the realm of innovative fireplace solutions, renowned for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge design. With a rich history and a foundation rooted in the heart of the industry, Grand Canyon Gas Logs has established itself as a leading name in providing top-tier gas log sets, burners, and related accessories.

Founded on a passion for enhancing the warmth and aesthetic appeal of homes, Grand Canyon Gas Logs prioritizes excellence in every aspect of its offerings. The company’s extensive product line spans a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, catering to diverse preferences and interior designs. Known for pushing the boundaries of fireplace technology, Grand Canyon Gas Logs continually introduces products that seamlessly blend modern innovation with timeless charm.

Committed to customer satisfaction, Grand Canyon Gas Logs places a strong emphasis on safety, reliability, and user-friendly features. Whether it’s creating a cozy ambiance with realistic log sets or incorporating contemporary burners like the Bedrock Contemporary, the company’s dedication to quality craftsmanship ensures that each product becomes a focal point of warmth and beauty in any home. As a trusted industry leader, Grand Canyon Gas Logs continues to redefine the fireplace experience, delivering products that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.


Q: Is the Bedrock Contemporary suitable for indoor use?
A: Yes, the Bedrock Contemporary is designed for indoor use.

Q: What type of fireplace is compatible with the Bedrock Contemporary?
A: The Bedrock Contemporary is compatible with standard wood-burning fireplaces.

Q: Can the Bedrock Contemporary be used in an outdoor setting?
A: No, the Bedrock Contemporary is specifically designed for indoor installations.

Q: What is the primary material used in the construction of the Bedrock Contemporary?
A: The Bedrock Contemporary features high-quality materials, including durable metal components.

Q: Does the Bedrock Contemporary come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the Bedrock Contemporary comes with a warranty. Please refer to the product documentation for details.

Q: Is professional installation required for the Bedrock Contemporary?
A: Yes, professional installation by a licensed technician is recommended for the Bedrock Contemporary.

Q: What type of fuel does the Bedrock Contemporary use?
A: The Bedrock Contemporary operates on natural gas.

Q: Can the Bedrock Contemporary be converted to use propane?
A: Yes, the Bedrock Contemporary can be converted to propane with a compatible conversion kit.

Q: Does the Bedrock Contemporary come with a remote control?
A: Yes, the Bedrock Contemporary includes a multifunction remote control for convenient operation.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Bedrock Contemporary burner?
A: The dimensions vary based on the chosen size; refer to the product specifications for detailed information.

Q: Is the Bedrock Contemporary compatible with smart home systems?
A: Yes, the Bedrock Contemporary can be integrated with compatible smart home systems using the available Wi-Fi app.

Q: Can I use the Bedrock Contemporary without the remote control?
A: Yes, the Bedrock Contemporary can be operated manually using a wall switch.

Q: What safety features does the Bedrock Contemporary include?
A: The Bedrock Contemporary is equipped with safety features such as a lockout state to prevent potential hazards.

Q: Can the Bedrock Contemporary be installed in a bedroom?
A: The Bedrock Contemporary should not be installed in sleeping quarters, as it is not designed for bedroom use.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the Bedrock Contemporary?
A: Refer to the maintenance section in the installation manual for detailed instructions on cleaning and maintenance.

Q: What is the expected lifespan of the Bedrock Contemporary burner?
A: The Bedrock Contemporary is built to last, and its lifespan depends on usage and proper maintenance.