Monessen Lo-rider Gas Firebox

Elevate Your Space with the Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox – Where Style Meets Warmth!

Product Description

Transform your living space with the Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox, a perfect fusion of modern design and cozy warmth. The Lo-Rider’s flush-hearth, louver-less design, and tall opening create the illusion of a real wood-burning fireplace, bringing elegance and comfort to any room. This vent-free firebox offers versatility and style, allowing you to customize your fireplace experience according to your unique taste and space requirements. Experience the beauty of a mesmerizing flame without the hassle of a traditional fireplace.

Product Features

Flush-Hearth Design: Mimics the look of a true wood-burning fireplace.
Louver-Less Aesthetics: Clean design with hideaway screens for an unobstructed view.
Versatile Sizing: Available in 32″, 36″, and 42″ models to fit various spaces.
Customization Options: Choose from a variety of interior panels and add-ons to match your decor.
Optimal Heat Distribution: Angled firebox and unique air channels maximize heat output.
Zero-Clearance Installation: Allows placement against combustible surfaces for added flexibility.
Unique Add-Ons: Optional mesh operable doors available for 36″ and 42″ models.

Product Specifications

Model Variants:

Lo-Rider LCUF 32
Lo-Rider LCUF 36
Lo-Rider LCUF 42

Width: 38″
Height: 37-1/2″
Depth: 22-3/4″
Width: 42″
Height: 37-1/2″
Depth: 22-3/4″
Width: 48″
Height: 37-1/2″
Depth: 22-3/4″
Hearth Dimensions (for all sizes):

Front Width: Varies by size (29-3/4″ – 39-3/4″)
Front Height: 29-3/4″
Depth: 15-1/4″
Rear Width: Varies by size (21-5/8″ – 31-5/8″)
Rear Height: 28-1/4″
Viewing Area (for all sizes):

Width: Varies by size (32″ – 42″)
Height: 30-3/4″
Design Features:

Flush-hearth design
Clean, louver-less design
Screens tuck away into hidden pockets
Angled firebox for optimal heat distribution
Customization Options:

Choice of interior panels (Multitonal Gray, Multitonal Brown, Reflective Black Glass)
Optional mesh operable doors (available for 36″ and 42″ models)
Various add-on options for a personalized look

Zero-clearance design
Gas knock out on left and right sides of units
Can be installed flush against combustible surfaces like drywall or wood
Venting Type:

Fuel Type:


CSA design certified (fits most 18″, 24″, and 30″ vent-free log sets)
Optional Accessories:

Outside air kit (AKD)
Blower (GFK-160VF)
Trim Kit for Lo-Rider and Attribute
Operable Mesh Doors for Lo-Rider and Attribute
Optional Interior Panel Variants:

Multitonal Gray Herringbone
Multitonal Brown Traditional
Reflective Black Glass
Optional Log Sets (Sold Separately):

Various log set options available, such as Beachcomber, Mojo, Highland Oak, etc.
Standard Features (for all models):

Curtain mesh screen
Junction box for electrical hookup
Dimensions (Model LCUF32CR-C for reference):

Fire Viewing Area: 32″ W x 30-3/4″ H
Framing Dimensions: 38-1/2″ W x 34-1/2″ H x 22-3/4″ D
Hearth Dimensions: 28-7/8″ FW x 20-3/8″ RW x 28-1/2″ FH x 22-5/8″ RH x 15″ D

Installation Options

Zero-Clearance Installation:

The Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox is designed for zero-clearance installation, allowing it to be installed flush against combustible surfaces like drywall or wood.
This feature provides flexibility in choosing the placement of the firebox in your home, including installation against interior or exterior walls.
Vent-Free Design:

As a vent-free gas firebox, the Lo-Rider eliminates the need for a chimney, flue, or vent.
This design enables you to place the firebox almost anywhere in your home, making it suitable for spaces where installing a vented fireplace would be challenging or cost-prohibitive.
Gas Line Connection:

The firebox requires a connection to a gas line for operation.
Ensure that the gas line is properly installed and connected according to local codes and regulations.
Convertible Wood-Burning Fireplace:

While the Monessen Lo-Rider can be used with existing approved wood-burning fireplaces (converted with a gas line), it is also an ideal solution for homes without an existing fireplace.
The vent-free firebox provides an economical way to add a fireplace to your home, offering both aesthetics and heating benefits.
Flexible Sizing:

The Lo-Rider series is available in three sizes (32″, 36″, and 42″), allowing you to choose the dimensions that best fit your space.
Consider the dimensions of the installation area and select the appropriate size to achieve the desired look and heating efficiency.
Optional Mesh Operable Doors:

Optional mesh operable doors are available for the 36″ and 42″ models, providing an additional customization option and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace.
Add-On Options:

The Lo-Rider Gas Firebox offers a range of add-on options, allowing you to customize the look of your fireplace. This includes a choice of interior panels, log sets, and other accessories.
Angled Firebox and Air Channels:

The angled firebox and uniquely engineered air channels contribute to maximizing heat distribution into the room, ensuring efficient heating.
Optional Blower:

An optional blower (GFK-160VF) is available for the Lo-Rider Gas Firebox, enhancing the heat circulation in the room.
Outside Air Kit:

An outside air kit (AKD) is an optional accessory that can be used to provide fresh air for combustion, contributing to the efficiency and performance of the fireplace.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements


a. Combustible Surface Clearance:

The Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox is designed for zero-clearance installation against combustible surfaces such as drywall or wood.
Follow the specific clearance requirements outlined in the product manual for safe installation.
b. Non-Combustible Surface Clearance:

While the firebox can be installed against combustible surfaces, it’s essential to adhere to any recommended clearances from non-combustible materials to ensure proper ventilation and safety.
c. Side Clearance:

Maintain recommended side clearances to ensure safe operation and proper ventilation.
Consult the product manual for specific side clearance requirements.
d. Top Clearance:

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for top clearance to prevent any potential heat-related issues.
Adequate top clearance is crucial for proper ventilation and to avoid any damage to surrounding materials.
Cavity Measurements:

a. Framing Dimensions:

The framing dimensions depend on the specific model and size of the Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox.
Example (Model LCUF32CR-C):
Width: 38-1/2″
Height: 34-1/2″
Depth: 22-3/4″
b. Hearth Dimensions:

The hearth dimensions include the front width (FW), rear width (RW), front height (FH), rear height (RH), and depth.
Example (Model LCUF32CR-C):
Front Width: 28-7/8″
Rear Width: 20-3/8″
Front Height: 28-1/2″
Rear Height: 22-5/8″
Depth: 15″
c. Fire Viewing Area:

The fire viewing area dimensions represent the visible opening of the firebox.
Example (Model LCUF32CR-C): 32″ W x 30-3/4″ H
d. Framing Depth:

Framing depth is the distance from the front to the back of the framed opening, accounting for the depth of the firebox.
Ensure that the framing depth meets the specified requirements for the chosen model.
e. Hearth Depth:

The hearth depth is the distance from the front to the back of the hearth area.
Example (Model LCUF32CR-C): 15″
f. Hearth Rear Width and Height:

The hearth rear width and height dimensions are essential for understanding the space available for installation.
Example (Model LCUF32CR-C): RW 20-3/8″, RH 22-5/8″


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your living space with the Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox, a stunning addition to the Hearth & Home Technologies collection. Boasting a flush-hearth design, the Lo-Rider captures the essence of a genuine wood-burning fireplace without the hassle of traditional venting. Its clean, louver-less aesthetic provides a modern touch, creating an unobstructed view of the mesmerizing flames that dance within. With sizes ranging from 32″ to 42″, this gas firebox is tailored to fit any room, offering a versatile solution for various interior designs.

Designed for zero-clearance installation against combustible surfaces, the Monessen Lo-Rider ensures flexibility in placement, allowing you to bring warmth and ambiance to spaces where traditional fireplaces might be impractical. The hideaway screens add an element of sophistication, seamlessly tucked into hidden pockets to reveal expansive views of the vibrant fire. The option for mesh operable doors, available for 36″ and 42″ models, further enhances the customization possibilities, providing an extra layer of elegance and personalization to your fireplace experience.

A key highlight of the Lo-Rider series lies in its choice of interior panels, allowing you to tailor the firebox to your décor preferences. From Multitonal Gray Herringbone to Reflective Black Glass, the available options cater to both classic and contemporary styles. The angled firebox and uniquely engineered air channels work harmoniously to maximize heat distribution into the room, ensuring not only a visually striking focal point but also an efficient heating solution for your home.

Versatility meets innovation with the Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox. The option to add your preferred vent-free log set, available separately, allows you to further customize your fireplace, creating a unique look and feel that aligns with your vision. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy corner retreat or a statement piece in a spacious living area, the Lo-Rider series delivers an unparalleled combination of style, warmth, and flexibility. Redefine your home’s ambiance with this modern gas firebox that seamlessly blends form and function.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hearth products, providing innovative solutions that redefine the way people experience and enjoy their living spaces. As a subsidiary of HNI Corporation, HHT has established itself as a prominent player in the fireplace and heating industry. With a commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and cutting-edge technology, the company has earned a reputation for delivering a diverse range of hearth products that cater to various styles and preferences.

Headquartered in Lakeville, Minnesota, Hearth & Home Technologies operates multiple manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across North America. The company’s extensive product portfolio includes gas and wood fireplaces, inserts, stoves, mantels, surrounds, and outdoor heating solutions. HHT brands, such as Heat & Glo, Heatilator, Quadra-Fire, and Harman, are well-known for their innovation, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Driven by a passion for creating inviting and comfortable spaces, Hearth & Home Technologies combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design trends to offer customers a wide array of options to enhance their homes. The company is dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility, incorporating eco-friendly technologies into their products to minimize their ecological footprint.

HHT’s commitment extends beyond manufacturing exceptional products; they also focus on providing outstanding customer service. With a network of dealers and distributors, the company ensures that customers receive expert guidance, support, and installation services. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements, Hearth & Home Technologies continues to shape the future of residential heating solutions.


Q1: What is a vent-free gas firebox?
A1: A vent-free gas firebox, like the Monessen Lo-Rider, is a fireplace unit that operates without the need for a chimney or vent. It efficiently burns gas, providing warmth and ambiance, making it a flexible and cost-effective solution for heating spaces.

Q2: Can the Monessen Lo-Rider be installed against any wall in my home?
A2: Yes, the Lo-Rider is designed for zero-clearance installation, allowing it to be placed against combustible surfaces like drywall or wood. This flexibility makes it suitable for various locations within your home.

Q3: Are there different sizes available for the Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox?
A3: Yes, the Lo-Rider series is available in three sizes: 32″, 36″, and 42″. These size options provide versatility, allowing you to choose the dimensions that best fit your living space.

Q4: What customization options are available for the Monessen Lo-Rider?
A4: The Lo-Rider offers various customization options, including a choice of interior panels (Multitonal Gray, Multitonal Brown, Reflective Black Glass), optional mesh operable doors for certain models, and a range of vent-free log sets (sold separately).

Q5: Is professional installation required for the Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox?
A5: While some homeowners may choose to install the firebox themselves, professional installation is recommended to ensure safety, compliance with local codes, and optimal performance. Always refer to the product manual and consult with a qualified installer.

Q6: Where can I find Monessen products?
A6: Monessen products, including the Lo-Rider Gas Firebox, are available through authorized dealers and distributors. You can locate a dealer near you through the official Hearth & Home Technologies website or by contacting their customer service.

Q7: Can the Monessen Lo-Rider be converted to a wood-burning fireplace later on?
A7: No, the Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox is specifically designed for use with a vent-free gas log set. It is not convertible to a wood-burning fireplace. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications for the intended use of the product.

Q8: Are there safety features built into the Monessen Lo-Rider Gas Firebox?
A8: Yes, the Lo-Rider includes safety features such as a curtain mesh screen and a zero-clearance design, ensuring that the firebox can be installed against combustible surfaces without compromising safety. It’s crucial to follow all safety instructions provided in the product manual.

Q9: What is the advantage of a vent-free firebox?
A9: A vent-free firebox, like the Monessen Lo-Rider, is an economical way to add a fireplace to your home without the need for a chimney or vent. It efficiently utilizes gas for heating, making it a cost-effective and versatile option for spaces where traditional vented fireplaces may be impractical.

Q10: Can I use the Monessen Lo-Rider with an existing wood-burning fireplace?
A10: Yes, the Monessen Lo-Rider can be used with existing approved wood-burning fireplaces, provided they have been converted with a gas line. This offers a convenient solution for upgrading your fireplace without the need for extensive renovations.