6000 Series

Experience Unmatched Elegance: The 6000 Series by Heat & Glo Fireplaces

Product Description

Elevate your home with the 6000 Series Indoor Gas Fireplace by Heat & Glo. This stunning gas fireplace combines luxury aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to bring warmth and style to your living space.

Product Features

Direct Vent Technology: Efficiently removes fumes and combustion exhaust from your home.
IntelliFire Touch®: Control your fireplace with a touchscreen remote or wireless wall switch.
Battery Backup: Ensures warmth even during winter power outages.

Product Specifications

Framing Width: 42 inches
Framing Depth: 22 inches
Framing Height: 40-1/8 inches
Viewing Area: 32 x 21-1/2 inches
BTU/hr Input: 30,000
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

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Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

The 6000 Series by Heat & Glo Fireplaces is a pinnacle of sophistication and innovation in the realm of indoor gas fireplaces. Crafted to offer the charm of a luxury fireplace without the extravagant price tag, this series is a perfect marriage of style and function. Its cutting-edge Direct Vent Technology ensures the efficient removal of fumes and combustion exhaust, making it an environmentally conscious choice for any home. With the IntelliFire Touch® system, you can effortlessly control the fireplace using a touchscreen remote or wireless wall switch, adapting it to your lifestyle. Moreover, the inclusion of a Battery Backup guarantees uninterrupted warmth, even during power outages in the coldest of winters. Elevate your living space with the 6000 Series, where beauty meets performance and luxury becomes a daily indulgence.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Founded on a passion for innovation and a commitment to enhancing the comfort and style of homes, Heat & Glo has been a leading name in the fireplace industry for decades. Since its inception, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of fireplace design and technology, setting new standards for warmth, aesthetics, and efficiency.

Heat & Glo’s diverse range of products caters to various needs and preferences, from traditional to contemporary designs, and includes gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplaces. Their dedication to environmentally responsible heating solutions is evident in features like Direct Vent Technology, which ensures safe and efficient heat distribution while minimizing environmental impact.

As a company deeply rooted in craftsmanship, Heat & Glo takes pride in the meticulous construction of their fireplaces. Every product is designed to deliver not just warmth but also a sense of luxury and style. Their fireplaces have become synonymous with comfort, providing families with a gathering point and a focal piece of decor.

Heat & Glo’s commitment extends beyond their products; they are dedicated to customer satisfaction, offering exceptional support and resources for homeowners and professionals alike. Whether you’re seeking a heating solution for your home or working on a design project, Heat & Glo’s dedication to excellence shines through, making them a trusted and respected name in the world of fireplaces.


Q: Is the 6000 Series gas fireplace available in different sizes?
A: The 6000 Series is available in one size, with specific dimensions mentioned on the product page.

Q: Can I use natural gas or propane with the 6000 Series fireplace?
A: Yes, you have the option to use either natural gas or propane with this fireplace.

Q: How does the IntelliFire Touch® system work?
A: The IntelliFire Touch® system allows you to control the fireplace with a touchscreen remote or wireless wall switch, providing convenient and user-friendly operation.

Q: Does the 6000 Series fireplace require electricity to operate?
A: Yes, this fireplace requires electricity for ignition and operation. It also includes a Battery Backup for use during power outages.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the 6000 Series fireplace?
A: Absolutely! You can personalize your fireplace with various fronts, doors, interior panels, and mantel shelving options.

Q: What is the warranty for the 6000 Series fireplace?
A: Warranty information can be found in the product specifications. Please check the product page for specific warranty details.

Q: Are there heat management options available for the 6000 Series?
A: Yes, you can explore various solutions to control the heat output and direct warmth where you want it.

Q: Can I view the 6000 Series fireplace in person before making a purchase?
A: To see the product firsthand and inquire about pricing and details, you can visit a local authorized Heat & Glo dealer.

Q: What type of venting does the 6000 Series fireplace require?
A: The 6000 Series uses Direct Vent Technology for efficient and safe venting.

Q: How do I choose the right finishing options for the fireplace?
A: Your local dealer can provide samples and help you select the perfect finishing touches to complement your decor.

Q: Is the 6000 Series gas fireplace suitable for use in small spaces?
A: The product specifications provide information on clearances and cavity measurements, helping you determine if it’s suitable for your space.

Q: Can I control the 6000 Series fireplace remotely using a smartphone?
A: The fireplace can be controlled using the IntelliFire App with the optional Wi-Fi Module. Check with your dealer for details.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required for the 6000 Series fireplace?
A: Regular maintenance is essential to keep your fireplace running smoothly. Refer to the owner’s/installation manual for maintenance guidelines.

Q: Are there safety precautions I should be aware of when using the fireplace?
A: Yes, it’s important to follow safety guidelines outlined in the owner’s/installation manual to ensure safe operation.

Q: Is the 6000 Series fireplace energy-efficient?
A: The efficiency of the fireplace can vary based on factors like installation and usage. Consult your local dealer for more information.

Q: Can I install the 6000 Series fireplace myself?
A: Proper installation is crucial for safety and performance. It’s recommended to have the fireplace installed by a professional.

Q: Is the 6000 Series fireplace suitable for both residential and commercial spaces?
A: This fireplace is primarily designed for residential use. For commercial applications, consult with Heat & Glo professionals.

Q: Can I add a blower fan to the 6000 Series fireplace for better heat distribution?
A: Yes, you can enhance heat distribution by adding an optional fan kit. Your dealer can provide details.

Q: What types of fuel bed options are available for this fireplace?
A: The product features a range of fuel bed options, including natural logs and more. Check with your dealer for choices available for your model.

Q: How do I find a local authorized Heat & Glo dealer?
A: You can locate a nearby dealer on the Heat & Glo website or contact Heat & Glo directly for assistance in finding a dealer near you.