Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace

Experience Elegance: Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace by Heat & Glo

Product Description

Express your style with the Allusion Platinum modern electric fireplace. This stunning centerpiece adds elegance and warmth to any space, offering a customizable fireside experience that’s sure to impress. From its sleek design to its mesmerizing flame and ember options, this fireplace is the perfect statement piece for your home.

Product Features

Multifunction Remote: Control thermostat, lighting, and on/off functions at your fingertips.
Fully Recessed: Achieve a clean, finished look when recessed into a 2 x 6 wall, and it’s easily relocatable.
Adjustable Heat: Enjoy the ambiance year-round with or without heat.
Flame & Ember Colors: Tailor each fireside experience with four flame and 13 ember-bed color choices.

Product Specifications


Unit Width: 52-5/16″
Unit Depth: 5-5/8″
Unit Height: 20-7/16″
Framing Width: 51″
Framing Depth: 6″
Framing Height: 19-3/4″
BTU/hr Input: 5,000

Viewing Area: 48″ x 15″

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Minimum Cavity Depth: 5-5/8″
Minimum Cavity Height: 20-7/16″
Minimum Cavity Width: 52-5/16″


Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

Elegance Redefined: Elevate your living space with the Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace. Its modern design and sleek frame offer a sophisticated focal point for any room, turning your home into a haven of style and warmth.

Customized Ambiance: With the Allusion Platinum, you have full control. The multifunction remote lets you adjust the thermostat, lighting, and on/off settings with ease. Choose from a wide range of flame and ember-bed colors to set the perfect mood for any occasion.

Year-Round Comfort: Enjoy the cozy ambiance of a fire, no matter the season. This electric fireplace allows you to bask in the beauty of dancing flames with or without the added heat, making it a versatile addition to your home.

Seamless Integration: Designed for convenience, the Allusion Platinum can be fully recessed into a 2 x 6 wall, providing a clean and finished appearance. Plus, it’s removable for easy relocation, ensuring flexibility in your interior design.

Durable and Dependable: Backed by Heat & Glo’s commitment to quality, this electric fireplace is not only a stunning addition to your home but also a reliable source of warmth and ambiance, making it a perfect blend of form and function.

Endless Design Possibilities: Choose from various fire bed materials to match your unique style, from driftwood for a rustic feel to sleek Boyd Build-Out Kits. Express your personality through this customizable masterpiece that’s as much a work of art as it is a heating solution.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Heat & Glo is a renowned and innovative leader in the fireplace industry, dedicated to transforming the way people experience warmth and comfort in their homes. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1975, Heat & Glo has consistently pushed the boundaries of fireplace design and technology, setting new standards for aesthetics, efficiency, and performance.

Key Points:

Innovation at its Core: Heat & Glo has earned a reputation for its unwavering commitment to innovation. Over the years, the company has introduced groundbreaking technologies and designs that have revolutionized the fireplace industry. This includes advancements in electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and wood-burning stoves.

Unparalleled Aesthetics: Heat & Glo understands that a fireplace is not just a source of warmth but also a focal point of the home. Their products are designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering a wide range of styles to match diverse interior aesthetics, from traditional to contemporary.

Energy Efficiency: The company is dedicated to producing energy-efficient fireplaces that not only enhance the ambiance of a space but also help reduce energy consumption and heating costs, aligning with the growing demand for environmentally conscious solutions.

Product Range: Heat & Glo offers a comprehensive range of fireplace products, including gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, wood fireplaces, and stoves. Their diverse product lineup caters to various installation preferences, ensuring that homeowners can find the perfect solution for their needs.

Dealer Network: Heat & Glo has a network of authorized dealers across the United States, allowing customers to explore their products in person, receive expert guidance, and access top-notch installation and servicing.

Customer-Centric Approach: Heat & Glo places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, offering exceptional support and resources to assist customers in selecting, installing, and maintaining their fireplaces.

Industry Recognition: Their dedication to quality and innovation has earned Heat & Glo numerous awards and accolades within the fireplace industry, solidifying their position as a trusted and respected brand.


Q: Is the Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace suitable for both modern and traditional home decor?
A: Yes, the Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace’s sleek design makes it versatile for various interior styles.

Q: Can I control the flame and ember colors of the fireplace?
A: Absolutely! You can customize both the flame and ember-bed colors to match your preferences.

Q: Is the Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace energy-efficient?
A: Yes, it is designed to be energy-efficient, and you can even use it without heat to enjoy the ambiance year-round.

Q: How does the multifunction remote work?
A: The remote allows you to control the thermostat, lighting, and on/off functions with ease.

Q: Can I install the Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace in my bedroom?
A: Yes, it’s safe for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and various other indoor spaces.

Q: Does it require special installation, or can it be a DIY project?
A: While it can be DIY-installed for some, it’s recommended to consult a professional for safe and secure installation, especially if fully recessed.

Q: What are the available fire bed material options?
A: You can choose from various materials, including driftwood and Boyd Build-Out Kits, to complement your style.

Q: Is there a warranty for the Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace?
A: Yes, there is a warranty, and specific details can be obtained from your authorized dealer.

Q: Can I relocate the fireplace after it’s been installed?
A: Yes, the Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace is designed to be removable for easy relocation.

Q: Are there size options available, or is there only one size?
A: You can select from different sizes, including the Allusion Platinum 50, 60, and 72.

Q: Is there a mobile app to control the fireplace remotely?
A: The fireplace can be controlled via the included multifunction remote, but there is no specific mobile app.

Q: Can I use the Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace as the primary heating source for a room?
A: While it can provide supplemental heat, it’s not typically intended to be the primary heating source for larger areas.

Q: What kind of fuel does the Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace use?
A: It uses electricity as its fuel source, making it a convenient and clean option.

Q: Are there any safety features included with the fireplace?
A: Yes, the fireplace is designed with safety in mind and includes various safety features, such as automatic shut-off in case of overheating.

Q: Is professional installation necessary for wall mounting?
A: It’s recommended to have professional installation for wall mounting to ensure safety and proper functionality.

Q: Can I install the Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace in a corner?
A: It’s primarily designed for wall mounting but can be adapted for corner installation with appropriate framing adjustments.

Q: Can I see the fireplace in person before making a purchase?
A: Yes, you can visit a local authorized Heat & Glo dealer to see the product firsthand and discuss specific details.

Q: Are there financing options available for purchasing the fireplace?
A: Financing options may be available through authorized dealers, so it’s advisable to inquire with them.

Q: Can I replace the flame and ember colors later if I change my mind?
A: The flame and ember colors are customizable but may require adjustments by a professional if changed after installation.

Q: Where can I find the owner’s/installation manual for complete product information?
A: You can refer to the owner’s/installation manual provided with the product or obtain it from your local authorized dealer for comprehensive details.