Fireside Grand Oak Log Set

Experience the Magic of True-to-Life Flames with Fireside Grand Oak Log Set

Product Description

Transform your outdoor space with the Fireside Grand Oak Log Set. Experience the warmth and beauty of a real wood fire without the mess and hassle. This log set offers true-to-life flames, glowing embers, and the inviting look of oak logs. Bring the charm of a wood fireplace to your outdoor gatherings.

Product Features

24″ Size: Fits most standard fireplaces with our most popular log size.
Refractory Cement Technology: Provides life-like realism with exquisite detail for an inviting fireside experience.
Tiered Burner System: Creates a multi-level fire with a state-of-the-art tiered burner configuration.

Product Specifications

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Installation Options

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Clearances and Cavity Measurements

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Product Highlights

The Fireside Grand Oak Log Set is the epitome of outdoor elegance and warmth. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this log set redefines the concept of a cozy, wood-burning ambiance without the inconveniences. Measuring at 24 inches, it’s designed to effortlessly fit into most standard fireplaces, making it a versatile addition to any outdoor space. What sets it apart is the use of refractory cement technology, which creates a breathtakingly lifelike fire experience. With bold, live flames dancing above true-to-life oak logs and radiant glowing embers, every evening becomes a picturesque outdoor gathering. The tiered burner system adds depth to the fire, creating a captivating multi-level flame display.

Not only does the Fireside Grand Oak Log Set provide stunning aesthetics, but it’s also remarkably practical. Say goodbye to the mess and maintenance of traditional wood-burning fires, as this log set offers the same charm with none of the hassle. It’s compatible with both natural gas and propane (LP), giving you flexibility in choosing your preferred fuel type. Plus, it meets safety standards with minimum clearances to combustibles, ensuring peace of mind during use. Elevate your outdoor space and make every gathering memorable with the Fireside Grand Oak Log Set—where beauty, realism, and convenience unite to create the perfect outdoor fire experience.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

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Q: Is the Fireside Grand Oak Log Set suitable for indoor use?
A: No, it’s designed specifically for outdoor use.

Q: Can I choose between natural gas and propane as a fuel source?
A: Yes, the Fireside Grand Oak Log Set is compatible with both natural gas and propane (LP).

Q: What is the size of the Fireside Grand Oak Log Set?
A: It measures 24 inches, fitting most standard fireplaces.

Q: How realistic are the flames and logs?
A: The log set uses refractory cement technology to provide a true-to-life, realistic fire experience.

Q: Does the log set come with a warranty?
A: Yes, there is a warranty. Specific warranty details should be checked with the dealer or manufacturer.

Q: What are the clearances required for installation?
A: Minimum clearances to combustibles are important for safety; these details are provided in the installation manual.

Q: Is professional installation required?
A: Professional installation is recommended to ensure safety and proper functionality.

Q: Can I use this log set in a wood-burning fireplace?
A: No, this log set is designed for use in gas fireplaces.

Q: Are replacement parts readily available?
A: Heat & Glo provides service parts; consult the service parts manual for details.

Q: How long does the log set take to install?
A: Installation time can vary based on factors such as the fireplace type and location; a professional installer can provide a more accurate estimate.

Q: Can I control the flame height?
A: The tiered burner system creates a multi-level fire, but specific flame height control may vary based on the installation and gas supply.

Q: Are there different log set sizes available?
A: The Fireside Grand Oak Log Set comes in a 24-inch size, which fits most standard fireplaces.

Q: Is this log set suitable for high-wind areas?
A: The log set is designed for outdoor use; consult with a professional installer for recommendations in windy conditions.

Q: Do I need a chimney for this log set?
A: Gas log sets typically do not require a traditional chimney, but proper venting is necessary; consult the installation manual.

Q: Can I add more logs to the set?
A: The log set is designed to provide a specific appearance and flame pattern; altering it may affect performance.

Q: Is this log set compatible with a remote control?
A: Many gas log sets can be operated with a remote control; check with the manufacturer for compatibility.

Q: What is the average lifespan of the log set?
A: The lifespan can vary depending on usage and maintenance; regular maintenance can extend its life.

Q: Can I convert the log set from natural gas to propane or vice versa?
A: Conversion kits may be available; consult with a professional installer for guidance.

Q: Can I use this log set in a screened-in porch or patio?
A: Outdoor use is recommended, but consult with a professional installer for specific outdoor space recommendations.

Q: How do I find a local authorized dealer for this log set?
A: You can connect with a Heat & Glo dealer near you through their website or by contacting Heat & Glo directly.