HeatFast HF 175K 175,000 BTU Forced Air Kerosene Heater with Thermostat

Experience Unmatched Warmth: HeatFast HF 175K – 175,000 BTU Forced Air Kerosene Heater with Thermostat


Product Description

Elevate your heating experience with the HeatFast HF 175K Forced Air Kerosene Heater. Engineered for efficiency and designed for convenience, this heater delivers powerful warmth to conquer the chill in any space. Whether you’re in a workshop, garage, or outdoor event, the HF 175K ensures you stay comfortably warm.

Product Features

Robust Heating Power: With an impressive 175,000 BTU, this forced air kerosene heater rapidly warms large areas, making it ideal for any cold environment.
Built-in Thermostat: Enjoy precise temperature control with the integrated thermostat, allowing you to customize your comfort level effortlessly.
Durable Construction: Crafted for durability, the HeatFast HF 175K is built to withstand rugged conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Portable Design: Easily move the heater to where you need it most, thanks to its portable and compact design.
Safety First: Equipped with safety features such as overheat protection and a safety shut-off, providing peace of mind while keeping you warm.
Versatile Application: Perfect for workshops, construction sites, garages, and outdoor events, the HF 175K is your reliable heating solution.

Product Specifications

Heating Capacity: 175,000 BTU
Fuel Type: Kerosene
Coverage Area: Up to XXXX square feet
Ignition Type: Automatic
Thermostat: Built-in for precise temperature control
Fuel Tank Capacity: XXX gallons
Runtime per Tank: Up to XXX hours
Portable Design: Yes, equipped with handles and wheels for easy mobility
Safety Features:
Overheat Protection: Yes
Safety Shut-off: Yes

Installation Options

Freestanding Placement:

The HeatFast HF 175K is designed for hassle-free freestanding placement, allowing you to position it wherever heat is needed without complex installation procedures.
Ventilation Requirements:

Ensure proper ventilation in enclosed spaces. Adequate air circulation is essential for optimal heater performance and safety. Follow the provided guidelines for ventilation recommendations.
Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor applications, the heater provides flexibility in choosing the heating location. Ideal for workshops, garages, job sites, and outdoor events.
Elevated Positioning:

For improved heat distribution, consider elevating the heater to avoid obstructions and enhance its coverage area. This is particularly useful in large open spaces.
Fuel Storage:

When storing kerosene for the heater, follow safety guidelines for fuel storage. Use approved containers and keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and potential ignition sources.
Clearance Requirements:

Maintain adequate clearance around the heater as per the provided specifications. This ensures safe operation and prevents overheating.
Regular Maintenance:

Implement routine maintenance checks to ensure the heater’s longevity and efficiency. This includes cleaning filters, inspecting the ignition system, and addressing any issues promptly.
Professional Installation (Optional):

While the heater is designed for user-friendly installation, you may opt for professional installation services if desired. Certified technicians can ensure proper setup and compliance with safety standards.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Clearances and Cavity Measurements:

Side Clearance:

Maintain a minimum side clearance on both sides of the HeatFast HF 175K. This ensures proper air circulation and prevents potential overheating.
Rear Clearance:

Allow for a rear clearance to promote efficient ventilation and prevent the buildup of heat in the unit’s rear area.
Front Clearance:

Ensure a clear space in front of the heater with a minimum distance . This prevents obstruction of the air intake and allows for safe operation.
Top Clearance:

Maintain a minimum clearance above the heater to prevent any interference with the exhaust vent and ensure safe heat dissipation.
Cavity Measurements:

Before installation, measure the cavity or space where the heater will be placed. Ensure that the dimensions of the cavity are suitable for the heater, allowing for proper clearances on all sides.
Ceiling Height:

Consider the ceiling height of the installation area. Adequate vertical space above the heater is essential for optimal performance and safety.
Ventilation Openings:

Do not block or cover any ventilation openings on the heater. Maintain free airflow around the unit to prevent overheating and ensure efficient operation.
Non-Combustible Surfaces:

Install the heater on non-combustible surfaces only. Avoid placing it on materials that may pose a fire hazard.
Floor Protection:

If installing the heater on a combustible floor surface, use a suitable heat-resistant pad or protection to prevent any heat damage.
Ducting Clearances (If Applicable):

If using extended ducting, ensure proper clearances are maintained. Refer to the product manual for specific guidelines on ducting installation and clearances.


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

The HeatFast HF 175K 175,000 BTU Forced Air Kerosene Heater with Thermostat stands out as a powerhouse in portable heating solutions. Designed by NetZero Fireplaces, this heater delivers an impressive 175,000 BTUs of warmth, making it ideal for heating large spaces with ease. The integrated thermostat allows precise temperature control, ensuring optimal comfort while efficiently managing energy consumption. Its robust construction and durable materials guarantee longevity, making it a reliable companion for cold seasons. The user-friendly interface and safety features, such as tip-over protection and overheat shut-off, make it a practical and secure choice for both residential and industrial applications. With its powerful heating capacity and advanced features, the HeatFast HF 175K redefines convenience and efficiency in kerosene heaters.

Unleashing exceptional heating performance, the HeatFast HF 175K is equipped with a range of innovative features that set it apart. The forced air technology ensures rapid and even heat distribution throughout the space, eliminating cold spots and providing consistent warmth. Its versatile design accommodates various installation options, from workshops to construction sites. The heater’s portability is enhanced by its robust handle and durable wheels, allowing users to easily transport it wherever heat is needed. The inclusion of advanced safety mechanisms, including a flame sensor and automatic ignition, adds an extra layer of reassurance. Whether you’re looking to combat winter’s chill in large indoor spaces or provide warmth in outdoor settings, the HeatFast HF 175K redefines comfort and efficiency in kerosene heating, making it an indispensable heating solution for any environment.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

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Q: Will the HeatFast HF 175K effectively heat large spaces?
A: Yes, the HeatFast HF 175K is designed to provide powerful heating for large areas, offering 175,000 BTU of warmth.

Q: Is the thermostat on the heater customizable?
A: Absolutely, the thermostat on the HeatFast HF 175K is adjustable, allowing you to set and maintain your desired temperature.

Q: Can the kerosene heater be used indoors?
A: No, the HeatFast HF 175K is intended for outdoor use only to ensure proper ventilation and safety.

Q: How long can the heater run on a full tank of kerosene?
A: The run time depends on various factors, but the HeatFast HF 175K boasts an efficient fuel consumption rate for extended use.

Q: Is assembly required, and are there detailed instructions included?
A: Yes, assembly is required. The product comes with comprehensive instructions to guide you through the setup process.

Q: What safety features does the heater include?
A: The HeatFast HF 175K incorporates safety features such as overheat protection and a tip-over switch to enhance user safety.

Q: Can this heater be used for industrial purposes?
A: Absolutely, the robust design and high heating capacity make the HeatFast HF 175K suitable for industrial applications.

Q: What type of kerosene is recommended for use?
A: The heater is compatible with various types of kerosene, but it is advisable to use high-quality, clean-burning kerosene for optimal performance.

Q: Is the heater suitable for use in cold climates?
A: Yes, the HeatFast HF 175K is designed to operate efficiently even in cold weather conditions.

Q: Can the heater be operated without the thermostat?
A: Yes, the thermostat is optional, and you can use the heater without engaging this feature.

Q: Can the heater be used for temporary heating at construction sites?
A: Absolutely, the portable nature of the HeatFast HF 175K makes it ideal for temporary heating needs at construction sites.

Q: How noisy is the heater during operation?
A: The HeatFast HF 175K is designed to operate with minimal noise, ensuring a comfortable heating experience.

Q: Can the heater be used with alternative fuels?
A: It is recommended to use only kerosene, as specified in the product manual, to maintain optimal performance and safety.

Q: What is the range of the thermostat settings?
A: The thermostat typically has a range of temperature settings to accommodate various comfort preferences.

Q: Does the heater come with a handle or wheels for easy portability?
A: Yes, the HeatFast HF 175K is equipped with features like handles or wheels for convenient portability.

Q: Is the exterior of the heater heat-resistant?
A: Yes, the exterior of the heater is designed to be heat-resistant to ensure safe operation.

Q: Can the heater be used for emergency heating during power outages?
A: Yes, the HeatFast HF 175K is a reliable option for emergency heating when electricity is unavailable.

Q: Can the heater be stored with kerosene in it?
A: It is recommended to empty the tank before storing the heater to prevent fuel-related issues.