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Ian Zankman

NFI Certified Master Hearth Professional

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Meet Ian Zankman: The Fireplace Whisperer

Bringing Warmth to Homes and Hearts for 30 Years

Linear gas fireplace for master bedroom suite

Imagine your space transformed by the glow of a perfect fire.

That’s where Ian Zankman shines.

With three decades of experience under his belt, Ian isn’t just an expert.

He’s a connoisseur of comfort, blending the art and science of fireplace engineering to create the perfect ambiance for your home or business.

A Master at Work

Some call him the “Rainman” of Fireplaces

From the first sketch to the final installation, Ian works magic.

He’s not just installing a fireplace; he’s crafting an experience, ensuring each project is a testament to his dedication to excellence.

Brick Fireplace Burning

Whether it’s a cozy residential nook or an elegant commercial space, Ian’s touch brings spaces to life with warmth and beauty.

The Heart of Collaboration

Teamwork Is Everything


Ian believes in the power of teamwork.

Working hand-in-hand with architects, builders, and designers, he turns visions into reality.


His knack for marrying form and function, paired with a deep respect for safety and standards, makes him the go-to advisor for those looking to make a statement with their space.

Innovation Through Experience

“You just gotta do it. Everyday.” – Ian Zankman

With an impressive international reputation, Ian’s expertise goes beyond the basics. 

Delving into the complexities of fire theory, heat management, and innovative design, he stays at the forefront of fireplace technology. 

Brick Fireplace Burning

His collaboration with manufacturers ensures that the latest advancements in fireplace features and safety are always at his—and your—fingertips.

Committed to Excellence

Ian’s pursuit of knowledge is relentless. Certified as a Master Hearth Professional by The National Fireplace Institute® (NFI), he’s a triple threat, specializing in gas, woodburning, and pellet fireplaces.

Ian’s comprehensive understanding of fuel types and venting solutions allows him to tailor each project to the specific needs and desires of his clients. This ensures a safe, efficient, and beautiful outcome every time.

Ready to add a touch of warmth to your space?

Ian Zankman is here to guide you through every step, from choosing the right fireplace to watching the first flames flicker to life in your newly transformed space.

Contact Ian for a consultation and ignite the potential of your project with the expertise of a true master.