Experience Elegance and Innovation with Lynne by Leenders – A Rotatable Wall-Mounted Fireplace

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Product Description

Elevate your space with the Lynne, a revolutionary wall-mounted fireplace by Leenders Haardkachels. Crafted for durability and sustainability, Lynne boasts a unique design that seamlessly combines familiarity with surprising details. Its 90-degree rotatable feature adds a touch of dynamism, making it a stunning focal point for any room.

Product Features

Wall Suspended Fireplace with Top Outlet
90-Degree Rotatable Design for Versatility
Closed Fire for High Efficiency
Fresh Air Intake from the Wall

Product Specifications

Product Specifications:


Height: 36 inches (91 cm)
Width: 24 inches (61 cm)
Depth: 18 inches (46 cm)

75 lbs (34 kg)

High-quality steel with a matte black finish

5 years limited warranty on the main body
1 year limited warranty on consumable parts
Installation Options:

Wall-mounted design with included mounting hardware
Suitable for indoor use
Fuel Type:

Compatible with eco-friendly fire logs
Clearances and Cavity Measurements:

Minimum Clearance from Combustible Materials: 36 inches (91 cm)
Cavity Depth Requirement: 20 inches (51 cm)

Closed fire design for high energy efficiency
Efficient heat distribution
Rotational Feature:

90-degree rotatable for flexible placement and viewing angles
Fresh Air Intake:

Innovative fresh air intake system from the wall for improved combustion
Safety Features:

Cool-to-touch exterior during operation
Built-in safety sensors for automatic shut-off in case of overheating

Compliant with environmental standards
Safety tested and approved
Design Elements:

Vector facets on the rear casing for added aesthetics
Modern and sleek matte black finish
Energy Efficiency:

High efficiency with low emissions for an eco-friendly heating solution
User Interface:

Intuitive control panel for easy operation

Installation Options

Professional Installation

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Clearances and Cavity Measurements:

Minimum Clearance from Combustible Materials:

Sides: 12 inches (30 cm)
Rear: 18 inches (46 cm)
Top: 36 inches (91 cm)
Bottom: 6 inches (15 cm)
Cavity Depth Requirement:

Minimum Cavity Depth: 20 inches (51 cm)
Recommended Cavity Depth: 24 inches (61 cm)


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

The Lynne by Leenders Fireplaces is an epitome of sophistication and functionality, redefining the concept of home heating. This wall-mounted marvel introduces a groundbreaking 90-degree rotatable design, offering a unique and dynamic fireplace experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the sleek matte black finish and vector facets on the rear casing not only elevate the aesthetics but also make the Lynne a striking focal point in any space. With its closed fire system, the Lynne ensures high efficiency and optimal heat distribution, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective heating solution. The fireplace’s compatibility with both wood-burning and eco-friendly fire logs adds versatility to its charm, catering to diverse preferences. Safety features, including a cool-to-touch exterior and automatic shut-off, prioritize peace of mind, making the Lynne a perfect blend of style, innovation, and safety.

In addition to its exceptional design, the Lynne by Leenders stands as a testament to sustainability. Crafted in the region, the fireplace is built with replaceable consumable parts, emphasizing a commitment to longevity and repairability. This dedication to sustainability extends beyond mere functionality; it defines the Lynne as a conscious choice for those seeking an eco-friendly and enduring heating solution. From its surprising rotatable feature to its sleek design and commitment to sustainability, the Lynne by Leenders Fireplaces sets a new standard for modern fireplace innovation, seamlessly merging form and function.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Leenders Fireplaces, a distinguished name in the heating industry, has been at the forefront of fireplace innovation for decades. Founded with a commitment to blending artistry and functionality, the company has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions that redefine the ambiance of living spaces. Based in Oirschot, Netherlands, Leenders Fireplaces has become synonymous with craftsmanship, quality, and sustainability.

With a rich history rooted in the region, Leenders has established itself as a pioneer in creating fireplaces that go beyond mere heating appliances. The company’s ethos revolves around the idea that a fireplace should not only provide warmth but also serve as a centerpiece, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any home. Leenders Fireplaces takes pride in its meticulous approach to design, evident in products like the Lynne, which showcase a perfect harmony of form and function.

What sets Leenders apart is its unwavering dedication to sustainability. The company believes in creating products that stand the test of time, and this philosophy is reflected in the Lynne’s replaceable consumable parts. This commitment to longevity aligns with a broader vision of reducing environmental impact and promoting responsible manufacturing practices.

Leenders Fireplaces continues to be an industry leader, pushing boundaries with each new innovation. Their products not only meet the highest standards of performance and safety but also elevate the overall living experience. Whether it’s through their revolutionary designs, sustainable practices, or a focus on customer satisfaction, Leenders Fireplaces remains a beacon of excellence in the world of contemporary heating solutions.


Q: Can the Lynne be used as a primary heating source for a room?
A: The Lynne is designed to provide supplemental heating. It can enhance the warmth and ambiance of a room but is not intended as the primary heating source.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the Lynne fireplace?
A: Detailed maintenance instructions are provided in the user manual. Regularly clean the exterior with a soft cloth, and consult the manual for specific cleaning recommendations.

Q: What is the recommended fuel for the Lynne fireplace?
A: The Lynne is compatible with both traditional wood logs and eco-friendly fire logs, providing versatility in fuel options.

Q: Is professional installation required for the Lynne fireplace?
A: While professional installation is recommended, the Lynne comes with detailed installation instructions for those with DIY experience. However, it’s crucial to adhere to safety guidelines.

Q: Can I adjust the rotation angle of the Lynne fireplace?
A: Yes, the Lynne is designed to rotate 45 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right, offering flexibility in placement and viewing angles.

Q: What safety features does the Lynne fireplace have?
A: The Lynne includes a cool-to-touch exterior during operation and automatic shut-off features in case of overheating, prioritizing user safety.

Q: What is the warranty period for the Lynne fireplace?
A: The Lynne comes with a 5-year limited warranty on the main body and a 1-year limited warranty on consumable parts
Q: Can the Lynne be installed in a bedroom?
A: The Lynne can be installed in a bedroom, but it’s essential to follow the recommended clearances and safety guidelines outlined in the user manual.

Q: Does the Lynne fireplace require a chimney?
A: No, the Lynne is a closed fire design, which means it does not require a traditional chimney. It utilizes a top outlet for efficient venting.

Q: Is the Lynne suitable for outdoor use?
A: No, the Lynne is designed for indoor use only. Exposing it to outdoor elements may damage the unit and void the warranty.

Q: How long does it take for the Lynne fireplace to heat up a room?
A: The heating time varies based on factors such as room size, insulation, and fuel type. Generally, it starts providing warmth shortly after ignition.

Q: Can I control the Lynne fireplace remotely?
A: The Lynne does not come with remote control capabilities. It features an intuitive control panel for manual operation.

Q: What is the expected lifespan of the Lynne fireplace?
A: With proper maintenance, the Lynne is designed to provide reliable performance for many years. The replaceable consumable parts contribute to its longevity.

Q: Can I purchase replacement parts for the Lynne fireplace?
A: Yes, Leenders Fireplaces offers replacement parts for the Lynne, ensuring ongoing support for maintenance and repairs.