Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey

Experience Timeless Elegance with Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey Mantels by Lexington Hearth

Product Description

Elevate your space with the rustic charm of the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel by Lexington Hearth. Crafted to perfection, this mantel captures the authentic beauty of aged barn timber, featuring hand-hewn tool marks, deep checking, knots, and growth rings.

Product Features

Intricate details on all exposed edges
Retains the natural beauty of wood without the splinters
Non-combustible cast concrete mix
Includes mounting bracket and fasteners
Available in 60” or 72” lengths
Individually hand-painted
Made in the USA

Product Specifications

Product Specifications:


Available Lengths: 60 inches or 72 inches

Approximately 80 lbs for 60 inches, 95 lbs for 72 inches

Non-combustible cast concrete mix

Nature’s seasoning of untreated wood exposed to the elements
Pale bluish-grey base with patches of honey tones, charcoal grey shadows, and hints of pale green and cream highlights
Installation Requirements:

Suitable for indoor installation
Mounting bracket and fasteners included

2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects

Installation Options

Suitable for indoor installation
Mounting bracket and fasteners included

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements


Combustible Materials: Maintain a minimum clearance of 12 inches from any combustible materials, such as wood, drywall, or fabric.
Ceiling Clearance: Allow for a minimum clearance of 18 inches from the top of the mantel to the ceiling.
Cavity Measurements:

Firebox Opening: Ensure the firebox opening is at least 6 inches wider than the mantel width for a balanced aesthetic.
Height Above Firebox: Place the bottom of the mantel at least 12 inches above the top of the firebox opening.
Installation Recommendations:

Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper anchoring and alignment.
Use the provided mounting bracket and fasteners for secure attachment to the wall.
If installing above a fireplace, adhere to the fireplace manufacturer’s clearances and installation guidelines.
For installations in seismic zones, additional safety measures may be required.


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your living space with the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel by Lexington Hearth Mantels, a testament to timeless craftsmanship and rustic allure. This handcrafted mantel is meticulously molded from a 7.5” x 7.5” barn timber, capturing the rich character of aged wood with hand-hewn tool marks, deep checking, knots, and growth rings visible on the ends. The Weathered Grey finish, showcasing nature’s seasoning on untreated wood, presents a captivating palette of pale bluish-grey tones adorned with patches of honey, charcoal grey shadows, and delicate hints of pale green and cream highlights. The result is a non-combustible cast concrete masterpiece that effortlessly blends authenticity and safety, providing the charm of natural wood without the worry of splinters.

Intricately detailed on all exposed edges, the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel is a testament to individuality, with each piece being uniquely hand-painted in the USA. Available in both 60” and 72” lengths, this mantel offers versatile design options for various spaces. Whether mounted above a fireplace or as a standalone focal point, this mantel invites warmth and character into your home. Add a touch of rustic elegance to your living space with Lexington Hearth’s Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel—a harmonious blend of heritage-inspired aesthetics and contemporary safety.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Lexington Hearth Mantels stands at the forefront of artisanal craftsmanship, specializing in the creation of exquisite mantels that redefine the aesthetic appeal of living spaces. Founded with a commitment to blending heritage-inspired designs with modern safety standards, the company has become a beacon of excellence in the realm of fireplace mantels. Situated in Lexington, Kentucky, the heart of American craftsmanship, Lexington Hearth Mantels takes pride in producing mantels that resonate with authenticity, warmth, and enduring quality.

The hallmark of Lexington Hearth Mantels lies in their dedication to preserving the beauty of natural materials while prioritizing safety. Each mantel, including the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey, is meticulously crafted using non-combustible cast concrete, ensuring both the charm of aged wood and peace of mind. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their USA-made products, with a focus on eco-friendly practices throughout the manufacturing process.

Lexington Hearth Mantels not only provides visually captivating mantels but also prioritizes customer satisfaction. From hand-painted finishes to customizable options, the company offers a range of choices to suit diverse design preferences. With a strong emphasis on quality, safety, and artistic excellence, Lexington Hearth Mantels continues to shape the landscape of interior design, offering mantels that stand as timeless statements of craftsmanship and style.


Q: Will the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel fit my existing fireplace?
A: The mantel is designed for easy installation and can be adapted to fit most standard fireplaces. However, specific measurements and guidelines are recommended for optimal compatibility.

Q: Is the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel suitable for outdoor use?
A: No, the mantel is designed for indoor use only. Exposure to outdoor elements may compromise its finish and structural integrity.

Q: Can I customize the color of the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel?
A: Currently, the mantel is offered in the Weathered Grey finish. Custom color options are not available.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel?
A: The mantel is available in two lengths: 60 inches and 72 inches. Please choose the size that best fits your space.

Q: How much does the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel weigh?
A: The approximate weight is 80 lbs for the 60-inch mantel and 95 lbs for the 72-inch mantel.

Q: Is the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel made from real wood?
A: No, the mantel is crafted from a non-combustible cast concrete mix that replicates the appearance of aged barn timber.

Q: Can I install the mantel myself, or do I need professional help?
A: While DIY installation is possible, we recommend professional installation for optimal safety and secure attachment.

Q: What kind of maintenance does the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel require?
A: Regular maintenance involves wiping with a damp cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners or solvents to preserve the finish.

Q: Does the mantel come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel comes with a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Q: Can I use the mantel with both gas and electric fireplaces?
A: Yes, the mantel is suitable for use with approved gas or electric fireplaces.

Q: Are there any specific clearances required for the installation of the Tobacco Barn-Weathered Grey mantel?
A: Yes, maintain a minimum clearance of 12 inches from combustible materials. Refer to the installation manual for detailed clearance guidelines.