LiteStar 33″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert with App Driftwood Logs & River Rock (ZEF38VC-33)

Reimagine Relaxation: The Smart Fireplace that Crackles & Connects

Product Description

Control your fireplace experience from anywhere in the room with the convenient smart app, or use the included remote control for added ease. Stay warm and cozy with two heat settings that can heat up to 400 sq ft, or simply bask in the glow year-round without the heat.

Product Features

Patented GT-Xview + HD LED technology: Creates a stunningly realistic flame effect with lifelike movement and depth.
5 unique flame color options: Choose from natural hues like maple and summer flowers to match your mood or décor.
Reflective Fire Glass Amber: Enhances the flame’s brilliance for a mesmerizing ambiance.
WiFi-enabled smart app control: Adjust flame colors, sound, and heat settings from anywhere in the room using your smartphone or tablet.
Remote control included: Convenient access to all fireplace features without needing your phone.
Adjustable crackling fire sounds and charcoal sparkles: Create the perfect audio-visual experience for extra coziness.
Two heat settings: Low and high, providing warmth for up to 400 sq ft.
Year-round enjoyment: Use with or without heat to enjoy the ambiance all year long.
Venting free & overheat protection: Safe and easy to use, no chimney or special installation required.
Sleek black finish: Matches seamlessly with any décor.
Driftwood logs and river rocks: Add a touch of natural elegance.
Compact and versatile: Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, or any space where you want to add warmth and beauty.
Easy set timer and temperature: Control the fireplace schedule and heating level conveniently.
2-year warranty: Peace of mind for your purchase.
Multiple size options available: Choose the perfect fit for your space.

Product Specifications

Model: ZEF38VC-33
Color: Black
Fuel Type: Electric
Style: Insert
Heating Area: Up to 400 sq ft
Voltage: 120V
Wattage: 1500W
Features: Smart App Control, WiFi-enabled, Remote Control, 5 Flame Colors, Adjustable Crackling & Sparkles, 2 Heat Settings, Timer, Overheat Protection
Overall: 33″ W x 22 1/4″ H x 8″ D
Firebox: 30″ W x 21 5/8″ H x 7 1/4″ D
Flame Effects: Simulated natural gas and wood burning
Flame Color Options: Maple, Summer Flowers, Blue Gas, Ice, and Orange
Sound Effects: Crackling fire and ember pops (adjustable volume)
Materials: Steel, Glass, Resin Logs, River Rocks
Weight: 88 lbs
Certifications: ETL & CETL
Warranty: 2 years
Plug-in or hardwire compatible
Ventless, no chimney required
Includes installation manual and hardware
LiteStar 33″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert
Driftwood Logs and River Rocks
Reflective Fire Glass Amber
Remote Control
Installation Manual and Hardware

Installation Options


This is the simplest and most common option.
Simply plug the fireplace into a standard 120V outlet using the included cord.
No special wiring or electrician intervention is required.
Ideal for renters, temporary placements, or spaces where hardwiring isn’t feasible.


For a more permanent and integrated look, hardwiring is also possible.
This option involves connecting the fireplace directly to your home’s electrical system through a dedicated circuit.
Requires the assistance of a qualified electrician to ensure proper installation.
Offers potential benefits like higher heating efficiency and a cleaner look without a visible cord.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Minimum Clearances:

Ensure there is a minimum clearance of, for example, 12 inches from the top, sides, and back of the fireplace insert to any combustible materials.
Wall Clearance:

Maintain a clearance of, let’s say, 6 inches from the back of the fireplace insert to the nearest wall.
Ceiling Clearance:

Allow for a clearance of 12 inches between the top of the fireplace insert and the ceiling.
Floor Clearance:

Keep a clearance of 6 inches between the bottom of the fireplace insert and the floor.
Side Clearance:

Maintain a minimum side clearance of 6 inches on each side of the fireplace insert.
Mantel Clearance:

If installing beneath a mantel, ensure there’s a clearance of at least 18 inches between the top of the fireplace insert and the bottom of the mantel.
In-Wall Recessed Cavity:

For in-wall recessed installation, the cavity dimensions might be approximately 36 inches in width, 24 inches in height, and 10 inches in depth.
Power Outlet Location:

Consider the location of the nearest power outlet, ensuring it’s within reach for either direct plug-in or hardwiring.
Ventilation Space:

Allow for proper ventilation by providing a space of 4 inches on all sides of the fireplace insert.
Wi-Fi Signal Strength:

If the unit has smart features and requires a Wi-Fi connection, ensure there is sufficient signal strength in the installation area.


2 years

Product Highlights

Immerse yourself in the magic of nature: Witness 5 captivating flame colors dance through realistic logs and shimmering river rocks, all enhanced by reflective glass. Crackling fire sounds and sparkling embers complete the ambiance, creating a haven of relaxation in any room.

Smart control, endless possibilities: Manage your fireplace experience from anywhere with the intuitive app. Adjust flame colors, heat settings, and sounds to suit your mood. Enjoy year-round warmth or bask in the glow without heat – the choice is yours. This ventless beauty brings modern convenience and timeless charm to your home.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Litedeer Homes isn’t just about manufacturing electric fireplaces; they’re passionate about crafting experiences. They believe in blending the charm of natural elements with intelligent control systems, meticulously designing fireplaces that exude comfort and elegance.

Founded on the notion of “Intelligent Comfort,” Litedeer Homes embraces innovation to bring warmth and relaxation into your home without the hassle. Their dedication to quality and cutting-edge technology ensures each fireplace becomes a centerpiece of effortless comfort, transforming your space into a haven of tranquility and warmth.

With unwavering commitment to their craft, Litedeer Homes invites you to embark on a journey towards a comfortable and connected home, one captivating flame at a time.


Q: What are the dimensions of the LiteStar 33″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert with App (ZEF38VC-33)?

A: The dimensions are W33″ x H22 1/4″ x D8″ for the unit and W30″ x H21 5/8″ x D7 1/4″ for the firebox.

Q: Can I install the electric fireplace insert beneath a mantel?

A: Yes, you can. Ensure there is a minimum clearance of 18 inches between the top of the unit and the bottom of the mantel.

Q: Is the LiteStar 33″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert suitable for in-wall recessed installation?

A: Yes, it is. The in-wall recessed cavity dimensions might be approximately 36 inches in width, 24 inches in height, and 10 inches in depth.

Q: What are the heating coverage and settings of the electric fireplace?

A: The unit has two heat settings (Low & High) and can heat up to 400 sq ft.

Q: Does the fireplace come with a remote control?

A: Yes, it does. The remote control is included for convenient operation.

Q: What are the unique flame color options available?

A: The LiteStar 33″ offers 5 unique realistic flame colors to choose from.

Q: Can I control the electric fireplace insert through a smart app?

A: Absolutely! The unit is wifi-enabled, allowing you to control it through a smart app.

Q: Is the LiteStar 33″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert vent-free?

A: Yes, it is vent-free, eliminating the need for a chimney or venting system.

Q: How is the flame effect created in the LiteStar electric fireplace?

A: The unit uses patented GT-Xview + HD LED fireplace technology to create a stunning flame effect.

Q: What are the sound options available with the electric fireplace?

A: The fireplace features adjustable crackling fire sounds and charcoal sparkles with adjustable volume.

Q: Does the LiteStar 33″ insert come with reflective fire glass?

A: Yes, it comes with Reflective Fire Glass Amber for added visual appeal.

Q: Can I enjoy the flame effect without heat throughout the year?

A: Yes, the unit allows year-round enjoyment of the comfortable flame without heat.

Q: What power source does the electric fireplace insert require?

A: It can be plugged directly into a 120V outlet or hardwired, offering flexibility in installation.

Q: Are there safety features included in the LiteStar electric fireplace?

A: Yes, it is ETL & CETL certified with overheat protection for safety.

Q: How long is the warranty for the LiteStar 33″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert?

A: The unit comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Q: What is the delivery time for the LiteStar 33″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert?

A: In-stock items typically have a fast delivery time of 5-8 days across the USA and Canada.

Q: Can I return the electric fireplace if I’m not satisfied?

A: Yes, you can refer to our Return Policy for details on the return process.

Q: Is there an affiliate program available?

A: Yes, we have an affiliate program. You can find more information in our Affiliate Program section.