Experience Unparalleled Luxury with the LUXURIA 62: Your Ultimate Linear Gas Fireplace

Product Description

The LUXURIA 62 gas fireplace by Napoleon Fireplaces offers a stunning combination of modern design, advanced technology, and exceptional performance. With its sleek linear profile, this luxurious fireplace adds a touch of elegance to any living space. It provides a captivating focal point while delivering efficient warmth and ambiance.

Product Features

Linear Design: The LUXURIA 62 features a sleek and contemporary linear design, perfect for modern homes and upscale aesthetics.
Direct Vent Technology: This fireplace utilizes direct vent technology, allowing for efficient and safe venting of combustion by-products.
Glass Guard Assembly: The included glass guard assembly ensures enhanced safety and protects the flames from drafts.
Powerful Heat Output: With a maximum BTU rating of 44,000, the LUXURIA 62 provides ample warmth to keep your space cozy and comfortable.
Viewing Area: The generous viewing area offers a captivating display of realistic flames, creating a mesmerizing ambiance.
Versatile Installation: This fireplace can be installed as a single-sided or see-through unit, offering flexibility in placement and design options.
Easy Operation: The LUXURIA 62 features user-friendly controls, allowing for effortless operation and convenient adjustment of heat and flame settings.
Optional Accessories: Enhance your fireplace experience with optional accessories such as decorative media, remote control, and more.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: Width: 77 5/16″, Height: 77 13/16″, Depth: 41 3/16″
BTU Output: 44,000
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane (LP)
Framing Dimensions: Actual Framing Width: 91 17 11/16″, Actual Framing Height: 18″, Actual Framing Depth: 66 1/8″ X 18 5/8″

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Ensure proper installation by following the provided clearances and cavity measurements. Refer to the installation manual for detailed instructions.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Highlights

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and style with the LUXURIA 62 gas fireplace by Napoleon Fireplaces. This exquisite fireplace is designed to captivate and elevate your living space with its sleek linear profile and modern aesthetics. With its powerful heat output of up to 44,000 BTUs, the LUXURIA 62 ensures a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for you and your loved ones to enjoy. The glass guard assembly not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides enhanced safety and protection for the dancing flames. With the option for single-sided or see-through installation, this fireplace offers versatility in design and placement, allowing you to create a stunning focal point in any room. The LUXURIA 62 is thoughtfully designed for easy operation, ensuring effortless control over heat and flame settings. Elevate your home with the LUXURIA 62 gas fireplace and indulge in the perfect blend of beauty, warmth, and sophistication..

Company Overview for Manufacturer

NNapoleon Fireplaces is a renowned and trusted name in the heating and fireplace industry. With a rich history spanning several decades, the company has established itself as a leader in innovation, design, and quality craftsmanship. Founded on a commitment to providing exceptional products and unparalleled customer service, NNapoleon Fireplaces has earned a reputation for excellence.

The company offers a diverse range of fireplace solutions, including gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, and outdoor fireplaces. Each product is meticulously crafted with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency, ensuring they not only enhance the ambiance of any space but also provide efficient heating solutions.

NNapoleon Fireplaces takes pride in its dedication to technological advancement. The company continuously pushes the boundaries of fireplace design, incorporating cutting-edge features and technologies to deliver optimal performance, convenience, and ease of use. Whether it’s the latest in flame technology, smart home integration, or advanced heat management systems, NNapoleon Fireplaces stays at the forefront of innovation.

With a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, NNapoleon Fireplaces also offers a range of eco-friendly fireplace options. These products prioritize energy efficiency, reducing emissions, and minimizing environmental impact, allowing customers to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fireplace while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Backed by a team of skilled professionals and a robust network of authorized dealers, NNapoleon Fireplaces provides exceptional support to customers throughout their fireplace journey. From product selection and installation to ongoing maintenance and service, the company ensures a seamless and satisfying experience.

In summary, NNapoleon Fireplaces stands as a leading provider of innovative, stylish, and energy-efficient fireplace solutions. With a commitment to quality, design, and customer satisfaction, the company continues to redefine the art of fireplace craftsmanship, bringing warmth, beauty, and comfort to homes around the world.


Q: What is the LUXURIA 62 by NNapoleon Fireplaces?
A: The LUXURIA 62 is a premium direct vent linear gas fireplace offered by NNapoleon Fireplaces.

Q: What is the BTU rating of the LUXURIA 62?
A: The LUXURIA 62 has a BTU rating of 44,000.

Q: What are the dimensions of the LUXURIA 62?
A: The LUXURIA 62 has a width of 77 5/16″, height of 77 13/16″, and depth of 41 3/16″.

Q: Is the LUXURIA 62 a single-sided or see-thru fireplace?
A: The LUXURIA 62 is available in both single-sided and see-thru configurations.

Q: What are the minimum framing dimensions required for the LUXURIA 62?
A: The minimum framing dimensions for the LUXURIA 62 are 91″ in height, 66 1/8″ in width, and 18 5/8″ in depth.

Q: Does the LUXURIA 62 require a glass guard assembly?
A: Yes, the LUXURIA 62 requires a glass guard assembly.

Q: What type of venting does the LUXURIA 62 use?
A: The LUXURIA 62 utilizes a direct venting system.

Q: Are there any clearance requirements for the LUXURIA 62?
A: Yes, specific clearances to combustible materials must be maintained according to the installation manual.

Q: Can the LUXURIA 62 be installed in any type of home?
A: The LUXURIA 62 can be installed in a variety of home types, including single-family homes, condos, and apartments, as long as the necessary installation requirements are met.

Q: What fuel type does the LUXURIA 62 use?
A: The LUXURIA 62 operates on natural gas or propane, depending on the chosen configuration.

Q: Can the LUXURIA 62 be controlled remotely?
A: Yes, the LUXURIA 62 can be controlled remotely using compatible remote control options.

Q: Does the LUXURIA 62 come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the LUXURIA 62 comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to the warranty information for specific details.

Q: Can the LUXURIA 62 be used as a primary heat source?
A: The LUXURIA 62 can provide supplemental heat to a room, but it is not intended to be a primary heat source.

Q: Can the LUXURIA 62 be installed in a bathroom or other wet locations?
A: No, the LUXURIA 62 should not be installed in wet locations or areas with high humidity.

Q: Can the LUXURIA 62 be customized with different finishing materials?
A: Yes, the LUXURIA 62 offers customization options for finishing materials such as mantels and surrounds. Please refer to the installation manual for specific guidelines.

Q: Is professional installation required for the LUXURIA 62?
A: It is highly recommended to have the LUXURIA 62 installed by a professional technician to ensure proper installation and safety.

Q: Can the LUXURIA 62 be used during power outages?
A: No, the LUXURIA 62 requires electricity to operate and will not function during power outages.

Q: Can the LUXURIA 62 be converted to a different fuel type?
A: The LUXURIA 62 can be converted to a different fuel type with the appropriate conversion kit and by a qualified technician.

Q: Can the LUXURIA 62 be installed in a mobile home?
A: No, the LUXURIA 62 is not approved for installation in mobile homes or recreational vehicles.

Q: How can I clean and maintain the LUXURIA 62?
A: Regular cleaning of the glass, logs, and interior components is recommended. Please refer to the maintenance section of the user manual for detailed instructions on cleaning and maintenance procedures.