Elevate Your Space with Elegance: Discover the VECTOR™ 62 Linear Gas Fireplace by Napoleon

Product Description

Elevate your living space with the sleek and contemporary VECTOR™ 62 Linear Gas Fireplace from Napoleon. Designed to be the focal point of any room, this fireplace combines modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, delivering both warmth and style. The VECTOR™ 62 features the Divinity™ flame pattern, radiant LED lights, and the convenience of electronic ignition, all encompassed within a clear glass ember bed. With customizable media kits and the NIGHT LIGHT™ system, you can create the perfect ambiance for every occasion.

Product Features

Divinity™ Flame Pattern for a mesmerizing visual experience.
Radiant LED Lights enhance the glow of the clear glass ember bed.
Electronic Ignition offers effortless starting with the push of a button.
NIGHT LIGHT™ System provides a gentle, ambient glow even when the fire is not in use.
Multiple media kits available for customization, including Nickel Stix, Mineral Rock Kit, and more.
eFIRE Bluetooth App Included for convenient control from your mobile device.
Safe to display TVs and artwork above the fireplace.
MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels for added visual appeal.
Optional end panel kit for a tailored installation.
Premium Stainless Steel Safety Barrier included.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: Viewing Area – 64.75 x 18.62 in
Framing Width: 77.81 in
Framing Height: 91 in
Framing Depth: 20.13 in
Width: 77.31 in
Height: 41.19 in
Depth: 19.89 in
Heat Output (Max.): 42,000 BTU
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Warranty: President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Refer to Manual


President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Highlights

Introducing the VECTOR™ 62 Linear Gas Fireplace by Napoleon Fireplaces – a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and cutting-edge functionality. Elevate your living space with its captivating Divinity™ flame pattern, casting a radiant glow that dances across the clear glass ember bed. With up to 42,000 BTU of heat output, this fireplace not only offers a stunning visual experience but also provides ample warmth for cozy gatherings. The included NIGHT LIGHT™ system bathes your room in a gentle, ambient glow, and the eFIRE Bluetooth App puts control at your fingertips, allowing you to tailor the atmosphere to your mood. Safety is paramount, as the fireplace is designed to display TVs and artwork above with confidence. The MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels further enhance the aesthetic appeal, making the VECTOR™ 62 a true masterpiece. With customizable media kits like Nickel Stix, Mineral Rock Kit, and more, and the option to add a personal touch with the end panel kit, this fireplace becomes an artistic expression that transforms your space. Backed by Napoleon’s President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, the VECTOR™ 62 is more than a fireplace – it’s a work of art that brings warmth, style, and innovation to your home.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Napoleon Fireplaces stands as a leading innovator in the heating and home comfort industry, known for its exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to creating unforgettable living spaces. Established with a commitment to quality and innovation in 1976, Napoleon has since evolved into a global brand that designs and manufactures an extensive range of fireplaces, grills, and heating/cooling products.

Headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Napoleon Fireplaces boasts a rich history of delivering innovative solutions that combine aesthetic appeal with superior performance. The company’s product lineup spans gas, electric, and wood fireplaces, offering an array of designs to suit diverse tastes and interior styles. Napoleon’s relentless pursuit of excellence has resulted in the creation of fireplaces that serve as both functional heating sources and breathtaking focal points within homes.

Napoleon’s dedication to technological advancement is evident in its incorporation of features like electronic ignition, customizable media options, and the integration of smartphone apps for remote control. With a focus on user convenience, safety, and energy efficiency, Napoleon Fireplaces has set industry standards that resonate with consumers seeking premium home comfort solutions.

The company’s commitment to sustainability is underscored by its adherence to rigorous environmental standards and regulations in manufacturing processes. Napoleon Fireplaces continuously explores ways to minimize its carbon footprint and contribute positively to the communities it serves.

Beyond the confines of a traditional fireplace, Napoleon’s product portfolio extends to outdoor living with an array of grills, fire pits, and patio heaters designed to enhance outdoor spaces and create memorable experiences.

Backed by a President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, Napoleon Fireplaces exudes a sense of trust, reliability, and durability that has earned the loyalty of homeowners, professionals, and partners worldwide. As it continues to push boundaries and redefine the art of home comfort, Napoleon Fireplaces remains committed to delivering warmth, style, and innovation to every home it touches.


Q: Will there be 20 questions?
A: Yes! There will be 20 questions.

Q: What is the VECTOR™ 62 Linear Gas Fireplace?
A: The VECTOR™ 62 is a contemporary linear gas fireplace offered by Napoleon Fireplaces.

Q: What is the heat output of the VECTOR™ 62 fireplace?
A: The VECTOR™ 62 fireplace has a maximum heat output of up to 42,000 BTU.

Q: What is the Divinity™ flame pattern?
A: The Divinity™ flame pattern is a unique visual effect that enhances the fireplace’s aesthetics with radiant peaks and valleys.

Q: Can I control the fireplace remotely?
A: Yes, the VECTOR™ 62 comes with the eFIRE Bluetooth App, allowing you to control the fireplace from your mobile device.

Q: What is the NIGHT LIGHT™ system?
A: The NIGHT LIGHT™ system provides a soft ambient glow beneath the ember bed, even when the fire is not in use.

Q: Are there customizable media options?
A: Yes, you can choose from various media kits, including Nickel Stix, Mineral Rock Kit, and more, to personalize your fireplace’s appearance.

Q: Is it safe to display TVs and artwork above the fireplace?
A: Yes, the VECTOR™ 62 is designed with safety in mind and can accommodate displays and artwork above it.

Q: What is the MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels?
A: These panels enhance the fireplace’s visual appeal by reflecting the flames and adding depth to the appearance.

Q: Can I adjust the flame height?
A: Yes, you can control the flame height and other settings using the eFIRE Bluetooth App.

Q: What is the warranty for the VECTOR™ 62 fireplace?
A: The VECTOR™ 62 comes with Napoleon’s President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Q: Can I install the fireplace with natural gas?
A: Yes, the VECTOR™ 62 operates with natural gas as its fuel source.

Q: Are there specific clearances and cavity measurements required for installation?
A: Yes, please refer to the installation manual for the proper clearances and framing dimensions.

Q: Is the VECTOR™ 62 suitable for both heating and decorative purposes?
A: Yes, the fireplace provides both warmth and aesthetic appeal, making it ideal for both purposes.

Q: Is the fireplace energy-efficient?
A: The VECTOR™ 62 is designed with energy efficiency in mind, providing effective heating while minimizing energy consumption.

Q: Can I customize the fireplace’s appearance further?
A: Absolutely, in addition to media kits, you can use the optional end panel kit to create a personalized installation.

Q: Can I use the eFIRE Bluetooth App with any mobile device?
A: The eFIRE app is compatible with most mobile devices, allowing for convenient control.

Q: Can I install the fireplace myself?
A: For safety and optimal performance, it’s recommended to have a professional installer handle the installation.

Q: Is the VECTOR™ 62 suitable for outdoor use?
A: No, the VECTOR™ 62 is designed for indoor use only.

Q: Can I find the VECTOR™ 62 at local dealers?
A: Yes, you can use our dealer locator to find authorized dealers offering the VECTOR™ 62 fireplace.