Raynor StyleView

Elevate Your Home’s Elegance with Raynor StyleView: Stunning Aluminum Garage Doors for Modern Living

Product Description

Discover the perfect blend of architectural beauty and functionality with Raynor StyleView. These aluminum garage doors offer unmatched durability, customizable designs, and a maintenance-free solution to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Product Features

  • Architecturally Stunning Designs
  • Maximum Visibility with Glass Options
  • Extreme Durability with Aluminum Construction
  • Custom Profile, Wide Profile, and Narrow Profile Models Available
  • Anodized Finish Options, Elegant Finish Woodtones™, and ArmorBrite™ Powder Coat System
  • Versatile Window Configurations for Added Style
  • Suitable for Modern and Traditional Homes

Product Specifications


  • Aluminum construction for durability and resistance to corrosion.


  • Elegant Finish Woodtones with high-definition woodgrain patterns.
    Available in various wood tones, including Aged Dark Oak, American Douglas, American Maple, Cherry with Flame, Cherry Colony, Dark Walnut, European Cherry, Golden Oak, Knotty Pine, National Walnut, Oak, Oregon Douglas, Table Cherry, and Teak.

Weather Resistance:

  • Weatherproof and humidity-resistant to withstand various environmental conditions.

UV Resistance:

  • High UV resistance to protect against color fading and deterioration due to sunlight exposure.

Scratch Resistance:

  • High scratch resistance to maintain the appearance and finish integrity.


  • Requires no regular maintenance, providing a low-maintenance solution.

Dimension and Design:

  • Available in a range of dimensions to suit different garage door sizes.
    Designed with aesthetic woodgrain patterns to replicate the look of natural wood.


  • Does not swell, rot, or warp, ensuring long-term stability and performance.

Insect and Termite Resistance:

  • Termite and insect-proof construction for added durability.

Installation Options

  • Custom Profile Carriage House
  • Custom Mixed Panel
  • Wide Profile
  • Narrow Profile

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements



5-Year Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

The Raynor StyleView™ Collection by Raynor Garage Doors stands out as a pinnacle of sophistication and functionality in residential garage doors. Architecturally stunning, these aluminum doors offer a perfect blend of contemporary aesthetics and enduring durability. The collection features three distinct models – Custom Profile, Wide Profile, and Narrow Profile – each designed to cater to various architectural styles. With an array of finishes, including anodized options, Elegant Finish Woodtones™, and the innovative ArmorBrite™ Powder Coat System, homeowners can seamlessly customize their garage doors to complement the unique flair of their homes.

The StyleView series prioritizes maximum visibility, allowing homeowners to showcase their property while enjoying the benefits of an aluminum construction that ensures extreme durability and a maintenance-free experience. Whether you’re aiming for a modern look or enhancing the design of an older residence, Raynor StyleView provides unparalleled flexibility. The product highlights extend to the versatility in window configurations, offering true and simulated divided windows with various pane options.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Raynor StyleView collection comes with robust warranties, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners. With a focus on quality, the doors are backed by comprehensive warranties covering door sections, hardware, springs, and specialized coatings like ArmorBrite™. Elevate the curb appeal of your home and experience the perfect union of form and function with Raynor StyleView garage doors.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Raynor Garage Doors, a prominent player in the garage door industry, has been synonymous with quality, innovation, and reliability for over seven decades. Established in 1944, the company has consistently demonstrated a commitment to producing top-notch residential and commercial garage doors, setting high industry standards.

Raynor’s headquarters is located in Dixon, Illinois, USA, and the company has gained a reputation for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and cutting-edge technologies. The company’s dedication to excellence is evident in its diverse product offerings, ranging from traditional steel doors to contemporary aluminum options, all designed to meet the evolving needs of homeowners, architects, and businesses.

With a rich history and a deep understanding of the garage door market, Raynor has become a trusted name in the industry. The company emphasizes a customer-centric approach, providing not only superior products but also comprehensive support services. Raynor is known for its network of authorized dealers, ensuring customers have access to expert guidance, professional installations, and reliable maintenance services.

Raynor Garage Doors has played a pivotal role in shaping the garage door landscape, and its commitment to quality is reflected in its adherence to rigorous manufacturing standards and compliance with industry regulations. As a forward-thinking company, Raynor continues to explore new technologies, materials, and design concepts to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of residential and commercial spaces.

Throughout its history, Raynor has maintained a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company’s dedication to producing durable and energy-efficient garage doors aligns with its commitment to reducing its ecological footprint.

With a strong foundation built on quality craftsmanship, technological innovation, and customer satisfaction, Raynor Garage Doors remains a leader in the industry, providing homeowners, architects, and businesses with garage door solutions that combine style, durability, and


Q: What makes Raynor StyleView garage doors stand out?
A: Raynor StyleView stands out for its architectural elegance, maximum visibility, and extreme durability in maintenance-free aluminum construction.

Q: Can I customize the design of my Raynor StyleView garage door?
A: Absolutely! Raynor StyleView offers customization options, including various finishes, Elegant Finish Woodtones™, and the innovative ArmorBrite™ Powder Coat System.

Q: What models are available in the Raynor StyleView collection?
A: The collection includes Custom Profile, Wide Profile, and Narrow Profile models, each catering to different architectural styles.

Q: Are there window options for Raynor StyleView garage doors?
A: Yes, the collection provides versatile window configurations, including true and simulated divided windows with various pane options.

Q: How long is the warranty for Raynor StyleView door sections?
A: For single-family residential use, door sections are covered for a lifetime, and for other residential applications, the warranty is three years.

Q: What warranty coverage is provided for hardware and springs?
A: EnduraCote™ hardware has a lifetime warranty for single-family residential use, while galvanized hardware has warranties ranging from one to six years.

Q: Is there a warranty for doors equipped with ArmorBrite™ powder coat?
A: Yes, doors with ArmorBrite™ powder coat carry a warranty against cracking or peeling for five years (single-family residential) and three years (other residential).

Q: What is the Elegant Finish Woodtones™ warranty?
A: Elegant Finish Woodtones™ is covered by a 5-Year Limited Warranty, ensuring the appearance of aluminum sections for a specified period.

Q: Can I install Raynor StyleView garage doors on rental properties?
A: Yes, Raynor provides warranties for installations on rental properties and homes owned by common condominium associations.

Q: Is the warranty transferable to subsequent homeowners?
A: No, the limited warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.

Q: Are there specific dimensions available for Raynor StyleView garage doors?
A: Yes, the collection offers various sizes, providing flexibility to meet different residential requirements.

Q: Does the warranty cover damage caused by pressure washers or neglect?
A: No, damage caused by abuse, negligence, pressure washers, or missing components is not covered by the warranty.