Residential and Commercial Fireplace and Garage Door Installation and Repair Serving Broomall, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Dreifuss Fireplaces and Garage Doors, your premier choice for top-tier residential and commercial fireplace and garage door services in Broomall, PA.

Since 1876, we have established a legacy of excellence by offering a wide range of contemporary and classic gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplaces, alongside high-quality garage doors.

Our committed team caters to homeowners, architects, builders, and businesses throughout Broomall and the neighboring regions, guaranteeing exceptional products and impeccable service.


    Residential Fireplace Services

    In the vibrant heart of Delaware County, Broomall stands out with its suburban charm and diverse architectural styles.

    Dreifuss Fireplaces has tapped into this unique locale to offer residential fireplace services that not only cater to the local aesthetic but significantly enhance the warmth and ambiance of any home.

    At Dreifuss Fireplaces, customers can expect a wide range of products from quality manufacturers, ensuring there’s something for every style and requirement.

    Whether you’re drawn to the cutting-edge appeal of linear gas fireplaces, the traditional charm of wood-burning stoves, or the modern simplicity of electric models, our selection is designed to meet your specific design preferences.

    Furthermore, we prioritize energy efficiency, helping homeowners manage their heating costs more effectively.

    We invite you to visit our showroom in Broomall, where you can explore our diverse selection and find the perfect fireplace to complement your home.

    Commercial Fireplace Services

    Expanding its reach beyond residential spaces, Dreifuss Fireplaces offers comprehensive commercial fireplace services in Broomall.

    We cater to a wide array of commercial clients, including hotels and resorts, shopping centers, university campuses, corporate offices, entertainment centers, and upscale residential complexes.

    Our offerings are designed to enhance the ambiance of any space, making it more inviting and comfortable.

    For our commercial clients, we provide industrial-grade products that come with UL or CSA approvals, ensuring safety and reliability.

    Our range includes advanced commercial electric fireplaces equipped with smart technology, traditional and contemporary gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces for an authentic ambiance, and unique fire features that can be integrated into both indoor and outdoor spaces.

    The  outdoor fireplaces, in particular, are perfect for transforming any commercial space into a cozy gathering area, adding value and appeal to the property.

    Residential Garage Door Services

    In Broomall, our team specializes in providing top-tier residential garage door services, offering everything from installation to repair, maintenance, upgrades, remodeling, and a wide range of accessories.

    We pride ourselves on installing premium garage doors that align with your home’s aesthetics and your personal tastes, customizing each door to meet your specifications, whether you prefer electric, classic, or wood designs.

    Our skilled professionals are also ready to swiftly address any issues you might face with your garage door or provide consistent maintenance to ensure it operates efficiently and securely.

    If you’re looking to enhance or remodel your existing garage door, we offer various customization options to reflect your individual style.

    Additionally, our selection of garage door accessories, including advanced openers, remotes, and panels, is designed to improve convenience and usability.

    Commercial Garage Door Services

    For commercial clients in Broomall, we extend our expertise to include the installation of commercial-grade garage doors suitable for various industries, including hospitality, retail, and corporate sectors, ensuring each installation meets your specific needs.

    Our team is adept at performing repairs and ongoing maintenance to guarantee the reliable and safe operation of commercial garage doors.

    We also provide custom garage door designs to boost the aesthetic appeal and atmosphere of your business, making it more welcoming for your clientele.

    Our services extend to outdoor garage doors and features, ideal for enhancing the charm of restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues, making them more inviting for guests.

    Why Choose Dreifuss in Broomall?

    At Dreifuss, we excel due to our deep expertise and wealth of experience, making us leaders in our field.

    We ensure the use of only high-quality products, guaranteeing that every installation or repair meets the highest quality standards.

    Our team of highly skilled technicians is not just talented in their work but also committed to delivering total customer satisfaction.

    Moreover, our comprehensive licensing and insurance offer assurance that every project is executed with utmost professionalism and strict adherence to safety protocols.

    Looking to upgrade your home or business in Broomall with a stylish and efficient fireplace or garage door?

    Get in touch with Dreifuss today for a personalized consultation.

    Our welcoming staff will walk you through the process of installing or repairing your fireplace or garage door, providing a smooth and hassle-free service.

    Let us bring warmth and style to your Broomall property with Dreifuss’s professional installation services.