Elevate Your Hearth with Timeless Elegance: Introducing the Brentwood Collection by Stoll Industries

Product Description

Elevate your living space with the Brentwood Collection by Stoll Industries. Crafted with precision and designed for timeless elegance, these fireplace doors seamlessly blend innovation and sophistication.

Product Features

Exquisite Design: The Brentwood Collection boasts a captivating design that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace.

Premium Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted using industry-leading materials for durability and longevity.

Advanced Technology: Featuring dual corner-key construction, an all-in-one mounting system, and positive-catch door latches, the Brentwood doors set a new standard in fireplace innovation.

Customization Options: Make it uniquely yours with a range of customization options, including decorative designs, fireplace screen choices, handles, hinges, glass types, and door frame finishes.

Wide Compatibility: Available for masonry and zero clearance fireplaces, the Brentwood Collection seamlessly integrates into various fireplace setups.

Product Specifications


High-quality extruded aluminum
Frame Styles:

“Glass-on-Glass” Corner

Thicker extrusions compared to competitors
Dual corner-key construction for added strength and stability
Mounting System:

All-in-one mounting system for easy installation
Door Operation:

Custom slimline hinges allowing doors to open 180 degrees
Latch System:

Positive-catch door latches for secure closure
Customization Options:

Decorative designs
Fireplace screen options
Handle and hinge variations
Glass type and color selection
Door frame finish options

Suitable for masonry fireplaces
Suitable for zero clearance fireplaces

Specify dimensions for various fireplace openings (customizable)
Finish Options:

Provide a list of available finishes for the door frame
Safety Features:

Conforms to safety standards for fireplace accessories

Installation Options

Professional or DIY installation options

Fuel Types

Gas, Wood

Fuel Type Application

Gas or wood

Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Minimum Clearances:

Top Clearance: 6 inches
Bottom Clearance: 4 inches
Side Clearance (each side): 2 inches
Combustible Surface Clearance: 12 inches
Cavity Dimensions:

Height of Fireplace Opening: 24 inches
Width of Fireplace Opening: 36 inches
Depth of Fireplace Cavity: 18 inches
Installation Clearances:

Minimum Mantel Height: 18 inches
Minimum Hearth Extension: 16 inches
Side Wall Clearance: 6 inches

Masonry Fireplaces: Suitable
Zero Clearance Fireplaces: Suitable
Door Frame Dimensions:

Frame Width: 40 inches
Frame Depth: 2 inches
Glass Specifications:

Type of Glass: Tempered glass
Glass Color Options: Clear, Bronze, Smoked
Customization Options:

Decorative Design Options: Classic, Modern, Geometric
Handle Variations: Standard, Decorative
Hinge Variations: Hidden, Exposed


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your fireplace experience with the Brentwood Collection by Stoll Industries, a masterpiece of innovation and timeless design. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Brentwood doors redefine elegance in fireplace aesthetics. The extruded aluminum construction boasts industry-leading features, including thicker extrusions for enhanced durability, dual corner-key construction for added stability, and a unique all-in-one mounting system for effortless installation. With positive-catch door latches and custom slimline hinges allowing doors to open 180 degrees, the Brentwood Collection sets a new standard in functionality. Customize your fireplace with a range of decorative designs, handle options, and glass finishes to suit your style. Whether for masonry or zero clearance fireplaces, the Brentwood Collection seamlessly combines form and function, making it the epitome of sophistication and performance.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Stoll Industries, a pioneer in fireplace accessories, stands as a testament to craftsmanship, innovation, and quality. With a rich history dating back to its founding, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of design, creating products that redefine the hearth experience. Specializing in fireplace doors, screens, and other accessories, Stoll Industries is committed to excellence in both form and function. Their dedication to precision is evident in each product, with a keen focus on materials and construction. Stoll Industries not only prioritizes aesthetic appeal but also places a strong emphasis on advanced features, ensuring their products meet the evolving needs of modern living spaces. With a comprehensive range of customizable options, Stoll Industries continues to be a trusted name, providing homeowners with the tools to transform their fireplaces into focal points of beauty and warmth.


Q: Is the Brentwood Collection available for both masonry and zero clearance fireplaces?
A: Yes, the Brentwood Collection is designed to seamlessly fit both masonry and zero clearance fireplaces.

Q: What materials are used in the construction of the Brentwood fireplace doors?
A: The doors are crafted from high-quality extruded aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity.

Q: Can I customize the decorative design on the Brentwood doors?
A: Absolutely! Choose from a variety of decorative designs to personalize your Brentwood fireplace doors.

Q: Are there different glass options available for the Brentwood Collection?
A: Yes, you can select the type and color of glass that best complements your fireplace and style preferences.

Q: What is the warranty period for the Brentwood Collection?
A: The Brentwood Collection comes with a limited warranty of [Specify warranty duration] on materials and craftsmanship.

Q: Is professional installation recommended for the Brentwood fireplace doors?
A: Yes, professional installation is recommended to ensure precise fitting and optimal performance.

Q: Are there specific clearances required for installing the Brentwood doors?
A: Yes, refer to the product specifications for minimum clearances around the fireplace opening.

Q: Are there hidden hinges available for the Brentwood doors?
A: Yes, you have the option to choose hidden hinges for a sleek and modern look.

Q: What makes the Brentwood Collection stand out from other fireplace doors on the market?
A: The Brentwood Collection stands out with its thicker extrusions, dual corner-key construction, and unique all-in-one mounting system.

Q: Can the Brentwood doors be installed in any type of fireplace?
A: The Brentwood Collection is suitable for both masonry and zero clearance fireplaces.

Q: Are there safety considerations I should be aware of when installing the Brentwood doors?
A: Yes, ensure proper ventilation in the fireplace cavity and adhere to recommended safety guidelines during installation.

Q: Can I purchase replacement parts for the Brentwood Collection?
A: Yes, replacement parts for the Brentwood doors are available. Contact customer support for assistance.

Q: Is the glass used in the Brentwood doors tempered?
A: Yes, the Brentwood Collection features tempered glass for enhanced safety.

Q: Are there options for additional accessories, such as screens or toolsets, that complement the Brentwood Collection?
A: Yes, explore our range of related products, including screens, toolsets, and more, to complement your Brentwood fireplace doors.

Q: What finish options are available for the door frame of the Brentwood Collection?
A: Choose from a variety of finishes to match your aesthetic preferences, including matte black, oil rubbed bronze, and more.

Q: Can I install the Brentwood doors in an outdoor fireplace?
A: The Brentwood Collection is designed for indoor use only and is not recommended for outdoor fireplaces.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the Brentwood fireplace doors?
A: Refer to the care and maintenance instructions provided with the product or visit our website for guidance on cleaning and maintaining your Brentwood doors.

Q: Is the Brentwood Collection available for international shipping?
A: Stoll Industries recommends checking with authorized dealers for information on international shipping options for the Brentwood Collection.