Easyline 90/90/35

Experience the Perfect Balance of Style and Warmth with the Easyline 90/90/35 by Swiss Fire Cube!


Product Description

The Easyline 90/90/35 by Swiss Fire Cube is a stylish and efficient fireplace that combines functionality with contemporary design. This fireplace is perfect for those seeking a statement piece that brings both warmth and elegance to any space. With its sleek lines and modern aesthetics, the Easyline 90/90/35 becomes the focal point of any room, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Easyline 90/90/35.

Product Features

– Sleek Design: The Easyline 90/90/35 features a sleek and modern design that complements various interior styles, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.
– Efficient Heating: Equipped with advanced heating technology, this fireplace efficiently distributes warmth, creating a comfortable environment.
– Adjustable Flames: Customize the ambiance with adjustable flames, allowing you to set the mood according to your preference.
– User-Friendly Controls: The Easyline 90/90/35 offers intuitive controls for easy operation, making it simple to adjust heat settings and flame intensity.
– Remote Control: Included remote control allows you to conveniently operate the fireplace from anywhere in the room.
– Safety Features: Built-in safety features like overheating protection and a child lock ensure peace of mind during use.

Product Specifications

– Height: 350 mm
– Depth: 900 mm
– Broad: 900 mm
– Weight: 95kg
– Finishes: Stainless steel and rust look

Installation Options

The Easyline 90/90/35 offers flexible installation options to suit your needs:

1. Wall Mount: Mount the fireplace directly on a sturdy wall surface using the provided mounting brackets and hardware.

2. Recessed Installation: For a seamless and integrated look, the Easyline 90/90/35 can be recessed into the wall.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application

The Easyline 90/90/35 operates on electricity and requires no additional fuel.

Clearances and Cavity Measurements

– Height: 350 mm
– Depth: 900 mm
– Broad: 900 mm


The Easyline 90/90/35 comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Product Highlights

The Easyline 90/90/35 by Swiss Fire Cube offers an array of impressive product highlights that make it a standout fireplace in terms of both functionality and design. Its sleek and modern aesthetics effortlessly enhance any interior space, becoming a focal point that exudes elegance and style. This fireplace is not only visually appealing but also highly efficient, providing effective heating to create a cozy and comfortable environment. The adjustable flames allow you to customize the ambiance, whether you desire a gentle flicker or a more intense flame. With user-friendly controls and the convenience of a remote control, operating the Easyline 90/90/35 is a breeze. Safety is a top priority, as this fireplace comes equipped with essential features like overheating protection and a child lock. The Easyline 90/90/35 by Swiss Fire Cube truly embodies the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, making it a remarkable choice for those seeking both style and warmth in their living spaces.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Swiss Fire Cube is a renowned company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality fireplaces and heating solutions. With a reputation built on Swiss craftsmanship and innovation, Swiss Fire Cube has become a trusted brand in the industry, known for its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

At Swiss Fire Cube, the focus is on creating fireplaces that not only provide efficient heating but also elevate the aesthetics of any space. Each fireplace is meticulously designed, blending modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional performance and style. Whether it’s a contemporary or traditional design, Swiss Fire Cube offers a diverse range of fireplace options to suit different architectural styles and personal preferences.

With a strong emphasis on quality, Swiss Fire Cube sources the finest materials and employs skilled artisans to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship. The result is fireplaces that are not only functional but also exquisite works of art, incorporating innovative features and advanced heating technology.

Sustainability is a core value for Swiss Fire Cube. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact by integrating energy-efficient technologies and eco-friendly materials into their products. By prioritizing sustainability, Swiss Fire Cube aims to contribute to a greener future while providing customers with eco-conscious heating solutions.

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Swiss Fire Cube. The company understands the importance of delivering exceptional service and support throughout the entire customer journey. From initial consultation to installation and after-sales support, Swiss Fire Cube’s dedicated team ensures that customers receive expert guidance, timely assistance, and a seamless experience.

Swiss Fire Cube’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer-centric approach has earned them a global presence. Their fireplaces can be found in homes, hotels, restaurants, and various commercial spaces worldwide, bringing warmth, style, and ambiance to countless environments.

In summary, Swiss Fire Cube is a reputable company known for its exceptional fireplaces and heating solutions. With a focus on craftsmanship, innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Swiss Fire Cube continues to set industry standards, providing heating solutions that combine functionality, style, and environmental responsibility.


Q: What is the 90/90/35 by Swiss Fire Cube?
A: The 90/90/35 by Swiss Fire Cube is a unique and innovative product designed for outdoor cooking and heating.
Q: What does the name “90/90/35” signify?
A: The name refers to the product’s specific dimensions: 90 cm in width, 90 cm in height, and 35 cm in depth.
Q: What materials is the Swiss Fire Cube made from?
A: The Swiss Fire Cube is crafted from high-quality, durable materials such as stainless steel, ensuring longevity and performance.
Q: How does the 90/90/35 function as a cooking device?
A: The Swiss Fire Cube serves as a versatile outdoor cooker, providing a platform for grilling, cooking, and even baking.
Q: Can the Swiss Fire Cube be used for heating as well?
A: Yes, besides cooking, the 90/90/35 can be used as a heating source, making it ideal for outdoor gatherings in colder weather.
Q: Is the Swiss Fire Cube easy to assemble?
A: Absolutely! The product is designed with user-friendly assembly in mind, and it comes with clear instructions to make setup a breeze.
Q: What type of fuel does the Swiss Fire Cube use?
A: The 90/90/35 is designed to be used with charcoal, providing an efficient and flavorful cooking experience.
Q: Is the Swiss Fire Cube portable?
A: Yes, it is. The compact design and manageable weight make it easy to transport the Swiss Fire Cube to different outdoor locations.
Q: Can the Swiss Fire Cube be used in various outdoor settings?
A: Certainly! Whether you’re camping, picnicking, or hosting a backyard barbecue, the Swiss Fire Cube is versatile enough for different outdoor environments.
Q: Does the product come with any accessories?
A: The 90/90/35 can be complemented with various accessories, such as grilling racks and covers, enhancing its functionality.
Q: What safety features does the Swiss Fire Cube have?
A: Safety is a priority. The Swiss Fire Cube includes features like heat-resistant handles and stable construction to ensure a secure outdoor cooking experience.
Q: Is the Swiss Fire Cube suitable for large gatherings?
A: Yes, its ample cooking space makes it ideal for catering to larger groups, making it a perfect choice for events and gatherings.
Q: Can the Swiss Fire Cube be used for both direct and indirect grilling?
A: Absolutely! The product is designed to support both direct and indirect grilling methods, providing flexibility in cooking styles.
Q: How do I clean the Swiss Fire Cube?
A: Cleaning is easy; the removable parts make for convenient maintenance, and the materials used are resistant to rust and corrosion.
Q: Is the Swiss Fire Cube environmentally friendly?
A: Yes, it is. The use of charcoal as fuel is an eco-friendly choice, and the product is designed with sustainability in mind.
Q: Can the Swiss Fire Cube be customized?
A: While it comes with a standard design, there are customization options available, allowing users to personalize their Swiss Fire Cube to some extent.
Q: Is the Swiss Fire Cube suitable for beginners in outdoor cooking?
A: Absolutely! The user-friendly design and simple operation make it an excellent choice for beginners looking to explore outdoor cooking.
Q: What is the warranty on the Swiss Fire Cube?
A: The product comes with a standard warranty. Specific details can be found in the product documentation.
Q: Where can I purchase the 90/90/35 by Swiss Fire Cube?
A: The Swiss Fire Cube is available for purchase, Contact us for details.