13″ Grate Kit

Elevate Your Ethanol Fireplace Experience with the 13″ Grate Kit

Product Description

The 13″ Grate Kit by The Bio Flame Fireplaces is a versatile and easy-to-use insert that can be used to convert any existing wood-burning fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace. The kit includes a 13″ stainless steel grate, a fuel tray, and a set of fire logs.

Product Features

Converts any existing wood-burning fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace
Easy to install and use
Made from high-quality stainless steel
Includes a fuel tray and a set of fire logs

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 13″ W x 13″ D x 1″ H
Weight: 5 lbs

Installation Options

Can be installed in any existing wood-burning fireplace
Can be wall-mounted or freestanding

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Minimum clearance to combustible materials: 12″
No minimum cavity depth required


1 year warranty

Product Highlights

The 13″ Grate Kit by The Bio Flame Fireplaces is a must-have accessory to enhance your ethanol fireplace experience. This meticulously designed grate elevates the appearance and functionality of your fireplace, allowing you to enjoy the soothing warmth and captivating flames in style. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the grate not only ensures even and efficient fuel consumption but also provides support for decorative fire glass or ceramic logs, enhancing the visual appeal of your fireplace. Installation is a breeze, and the grate is compatible with various fireplace models, making it a versatile addition to your indoor or outdoor ethanol fireplace. Elevate your ambiance and create a stunning focal point with the 13″ Grate Kit, combining functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony.

The Bio Flame Fireplaces is a forward-thinking company that has reshaped the world of fireplaces by marrying cutting-edge technology with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. The company is dedicated to revolutionizing how people experience and interact with fire in their living spaces.

At the core of The Bio Flame Fireplaces’ philosophy is its innovative use of bioethanol technology. The company specializes in crafting ventless fireplaces that operate exclusively on clean-burning bioethanol fuel. This innovative approach eliminates the need for traditional venting systems, gas lines, or electrical connections, giving users unmatched design flexibility and ease of installation.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

The Bio Flame Fireplaces prides itself on offering extensive customization options. Its fireplaces are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and finishes, allowing customers to tailor their fireplace to their unique preferences and interior decor. The company also offers a variety of optional accessories, such as decorative stones and ceramic logs, to further personalize the fireplace experience.

Sustainability is a fundamental tenet of The Bio Flame Fireplaces. The company is committed to using renewable and eco-friendly materials in its manufacturing processes, ensuring that its products have a minimal environmental impact. By providing clean-burning ethanol fireplaces, The Bio Flame Fireplaces not only enhances the ambiance of living spaces but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

Installation and operation of The Bio Flame Fireplaces’ products are user-friendly, making them suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Their fireplaces provide not only warmth and visual appeal but also maintain excellent indoor air quality due to the clean-burning nature of bioethanol fuel.

In summary, The Bio Flame Fireplaces is a forward-thinking company committed to reimagining fireplaces for the modern era. With its focus on bioethanol technology, extensive customization options, and unwavering dedication to sustainability, the company offers a diverse range of heating solutions that elevate the aesthetics and comfort of living and working spaces while promoting environmental responsibility.


Q: What is the 13″ Grate Kit by The Bio Flame Fireplaces?
A: The 13″ Grate Kit is an accessory designed to enhance the performance and appearance of your ethanol fireplace.

Q: How does the 13″ Grate Kit improve my ethanol fireplace experience?
A: The grate kit improves fuel efficiency, ensures even burning, and provides support for decorative elements like fire glass or ceramic logs.

Q: Is the 13″ Grate Kit compatible with all ethanol fireplace models?
A: Compatibility may vary. It’s best to check the product specifications and consult with the manufacturer to ensure it fits your specific model.

Q: Does the 13″ Grate Kit come with installation instructions?
A: Yes, it typically includes installation instructions to make setup straightforward.

Q: Can the 13″ Grate Kit be used in both indoor and outdoor ethanol fireplaces?
A: The suitability for indoor or outdoor use depends on the specific model of the grate kit and your fireplace. Check the product details for guidance.

Q: Does the 13″ Grate Kit require professional installation?
A: Professional installation is not usually necessary, but it’s recommended to ensure proper setup.

Q: What materials are used in the construction of the 13″ Grate Kit?
A: The materials used may vary by model, but they are typically designed for durability and heat resistance.

Q: Can I use the 13″ Grate Kit with bioethanol fuel from any manufacturer?
A: While it’s designed for use with bioethanol fuel, compatibility with specific fuel brands may vary. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for fuel recommendations.

Q: Does the 13″ Grate Kit come with a warranty?
A: The presence of a warranty may vary by model and manufacturer. Check the product details for warranty information.

Q: Can I purchase the 13″ Grate Kit separately, or does it come with a fireplace?
A: The availability of the grate kit as a standalone purchase or included with a fireplace may vary. Check with the manufacturer or retailer for options.

Q: Is the 13″ Grate Kit easy to clean and maintain?
A: Maintenance requirements may vary, but it is typically designed for easy cleaning. Refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

Q: Can the 13″ Grate Kit be customized to fit my fireplace’s dimensions?
A: Grate kits may come in various sizes, but customization options may be limited. Ensure the kit’s dimensions align with your fireplace’s specifications.

Q: Does the 13″ Grate Kit have adjustable flame settings?
A: No, the grate kit itself does not typically have adjustable flame settings. Flame adjustments are usually made using the fireplace’s controls.

Q: Is the 13″ Grate Kit suitable for use with both contemporary and traditional fireplace designs?
A: The suitability of the grate kit for different design styles depends on its specific design. Some grate kits are versatile and can complement various styles.

Q: Does the 13″ Grate Kit require any additional safety precautions?
A: Safety precautions, such as using appropriate fuel and maintaining safe distances from flammable materials, should be followed as recommended by the manufacturer.

Q: Can I use the 13″ Grate Kit in a small room?
A: The suitability for small rooms depends on the specific model and fireplace size. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine if it’s suitable for your space.

Q: Can the 13″ Grate Kit be used in conjunction with other fireplace accessories?
A: Yes, it can often be used alongside other accessories like fire glass, ceramic logs, or protective barriers for added customization and safety.

Q: Are there any installation restrictions for the 13″ Grate Kit?
A: Installation requirements may vary, but it’s important to ensure the kit is properly secured and meets safety standards.

Q: Can the 13″ Grate Kit be used with ethanol fireplaces from other manufacturers?
A: Compatibility with fireplaces from other manufacturers may vary. Check with the manufacturer or retailer for compatibility information.