What to Consider When Choosing a Custom Fireplace Design

custom fireplace

Did you know that the electric fireplace market is worth around $2.1 billion as of 2021? People love adding fireplaces to their homes because they act as great accessories. They are also great for keeping your home warm and cozy. 

But what should you consider when choosing a custom fireplace? There are many more things to consider when choosing a custom fireplace compared to a regular one. Which factors are the most important to consider?

How can you make the right choice? Keep reading and learn more with these great design tips. 

What Kind of Design Style Do You Want?

Before you choose any kind of fireplace design, you need to think about what kind of design style you prefer. There are many options for home decor.

You can go for a rustic look with a lot of wood, stone, and bricks. Or you can go with a more modern look with plenty of sleek metal and minimalist forms. You can also try something that is between these options, such as a transitional design style. 

Some people might prefer more of a farmhouse design, while others might want something more vintage. If you can’t think of what kind of design style might look best, try looking up some inspiration online. There are plenty of pictures you can look through to find the best option.

You should also think about how a fireplace design might contrast with the current design inside your house. If your house is very sleek and modern, a rustic fireplace wouldn’t match very well, or vice versa. 

Starting From Scratch

If your house doesn’t have much decor yet, then you’ll be working with a blank slate. It’ll be easier to choose a style this way. But if your house’s design is already very well thought-out, you’ll have to be more careful about choosing a look for your fireplace. 

You should also think about what kind of materials you want to use for the fireplace. Stone, brick, and wood are all associated with rustic design. They can add to the coziness of the fireplace. 

Metal and glass are more common among minimalist and modern fireplaces. Some fireplaces are made of all glass so that the fire can be seen from all angles. Others prefer to put the fireplace deep into a large and decorative mantel.

There are also more luxurious materials like marble, iron, and so on. 

How Big Can the Fireplace Be?

Sometimes, it isn’t possible to choose the fireplace size that you want. You first have to consider the size of your room and what room you’re putting the fireplace in. Most people put their fireplaces in the living room, where they can be the focal point of the space. 

But others may prefer to put the fireplace in the bedroom, the office, and in other locations. Suppose you want to put a fireplace in your living room, but that room isn’t very large. This will prevent you from choosing a very large fireplace. 

Too large of a fireplace will take up too much of the wall and make the room feel unbalanced. It also won’t be possible to put a very large mantel in that room. You need to instead consider how the size of the fireplace balances against the size of the room. 

What You Should Consider

How much space will be left in the room once you install the fireplace? How will the room look once the fireplace is installed? You don’t want the room to look or feel cramped due to an oversized fireplace. 

But you don’t want to choose a fireplace that’s too small, either. Very small fireplaces might not be as noticeable as you want them to be. Fireplaces are meant to be the focal point of a room. 

It might not be possible to do this if the fireplace is too small and obscured by other decorative factors in the room. You also have to think about the size of the mantel. 

The mantel is an important decorative part of the fireplace. Without it, your fireplace might look bare. Since the mantel is often larger than the fireplace itself, you need to consider how it will fit into the room. 

Does It Fall Within Your Budget?

Some fireplaces are very affordable, while others are very expensive. You need to think about how big your budget should be before you buy anything. Are you thinking about getting a fireplace that’s less than a thousand dollars?

Or are you thinking of getting a fireplace that’s worth several thousand dollars? There will be many big differences between these types. More expensive fireplaces are larger and made of more costly materials like iron and marble. 

More affordable fireplaces are more basic, but this is not always a bad thing. You may not have any need for a very luxurious fireplace. You might want something simple and rustic.

You might want the fireplace more for warmth rather than to make a statement. If you go over your budget when buying a fireplace, you might regret the purchase. But if you stay within your budget, you’ll be pleased with your choice. 

All About Choosing a Custom Fireplace

Choosing a custom fireplace can be hard if you don’t know where to start. You need to consider the design of the fireplace and how it will fit into your home. You also need to consider the size of the fireplace and its mantel. 

Don’t forget about the cost, either. Are you ready to get a new fireplace? Check out the options we have to offer

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