Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts (VFPC)

Experience Cozy Elegance with Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts by White Mountain Hearth

Product Description

Transform your existing wood-burning fireplace with the Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts, offering a perfect blend of tradition and modern convenience. Hand-painted ceramic fiber logs, a unique Slope Glaze Burner, and customizable heat options create a charming and efficient heating solution

Product Features

Banded Brick Liners for a traditional fireplace aesthetic
Variable-flame burner with natural flickering flames
Optional thermostat, wireless wall thermostat, remote control, or thermostat remote control
Lights at the flick of a switch for consistent, reliable heat

Product Specifications

Dimensions: Available in two sizes (20,000 BTUs and 28,000 BTUs

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

refer to manual


limited warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your home with Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts from White Mountain Hearth. Enjoy the charm of traditional fireplaces with hand-painted logs and the unique Slope Glaze Burner. The convenience of a switch-operated start, optional thermostats, and a bundled blower make these inserts a perfect blend of elegance and efficiency.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

White Mountain Hearth Fireplaces, a subsidiary of Empire Comfort Systems, Inc., has been a trusted name in heating solutions since 2016. Committed to innovation and quality, they bring you products like the Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts, designed to enhance your home with warmth and style.


Q: Are Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts available in different sizes?
A: Yes, they are available in two sizes: 20,000 BTUs and 28,000 BTUs.

Q: Can I control the flame and heat settings?
A: Absolutely! The inserts feature a variable-flame burner, and you can add optional thermostats or remote controls for personalized control.

Q: Is professional installation required?
A: Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper setup and compliance with safety standards.

Q: What fuel type do these inserts use?
A: Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts operate on vent-free fuel, providing a convenient and clean heating solution.

Q: Do they come with a warranty?
A: Yes, each Innsbrook Vent-Free Insert is backed by a warranty. Check the specific terms with your product.

Q: Can I use these inserts during a power outage?
A: Yes, the Innsbrook Insert lights at the flick of a switch, ensuring consistent heat even when electric power fails.

Q: Do I need to purchase additional accessories?
A: The inserts come with a blower and fine mesh barrier screen. Optional accessories like thermostats or remote controls are available for added convenience.

Q: Are the ceramic fiber logs durable?
A: Yes, the hand-painted ceramic fiber logs are designed for durability and a realistic appearance.

Q: How long does it take for the inserts to heat up?
A: The Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts provide quick and efficient heating, with the ability to enjoy warmth shortly after starting.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the fireplace?
A: While the inserts come with hand-painted logs and a traditional aesthetic, additional customization options may be available. Check with your dealer for details.

Q: Are there any special maintenance requirements?
A: Regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended to ensure optimal performance. Refer to the product manual for specific guidelines.

Q: Can I install these inserts in any existing wood-burning fireplace?
A: Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts are designed to fit most existing wood-burning fireplaces. However, it’s essential to check the dimensions and clearances to ensure a proper fit.

Q: Are these inserts environmentally friendly?
A: Vent-Free inserts are known for their high efficiency, utilizing nearly all of the heat generated. They are considered an eco-friendly heating option.

Q: Can I use these inserts as a primary heat source?
A: Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts can serve as an excellent supplemental heat source, providing warmth and ambiance to your living space.

Q: Do the inserts come with a safety barrier?
A: Yes, each insert includes a fine mesh barrier screen to enhance safety and prevent direct contact with the flames.

Q: Are there any restrictions on where I can install these inserts?
A: Follow the installation guidelines and clearances specified in the product manual to ensure safe and proper placement.

Q: Do I need a chimney for Vent-Free inserts?
A: Vent-Free inserts do not require a chimney, making them a versatile and easy-to-install heating solution.

Q: Can I use these inserts in an outdoor fireplace?
A: Innsbrook Vent-Free Inserts are designed for indoor use only. Consider White Mountain Hearth’s outdoor fireplace options for exterior spaces.

Q: What is the lifespan of the ceramic fiber logs?
A: With proper care and usage, the ceramic fiber logs have a long lifespan, providing years of realistic and reliable performance.

Q: How do I find a dealer near me?
A: Visit the “Find Your Dealer” section on the White Mountain Hearth website or contact customer support for assistance in locating a dealer near you.