Superior Commercial Fireplace Solutions & Services

Commercial fireplaces add a touch of elegance and charm to any commercial space. At Dreifuss Fireplaces, with an established history since 1876, we blend this ambient charm with premium quality, transforming spaces, and delivering outstanding client satisfaction through our commercial-grade contemporary and traditional fireplaces.

As Pennsylvania’s preferred partner for fireplace solutions, we provide an array of commercial wood, gas, and electric fireplaces tailored to bring warmth, allure, and comfort to varied commercial spaces, surpassing the standard Delaware Valley’s Fireplace services.

Delaware Valley's Commercial Source for Modern and Traditional Fireplaces


The Dreifuss Fireplaces Advantage – Beyond The Ordinary

We walk an extra mile to ensure hassle-free customer experiences with comprehensive support from distinct planning stages to fireplace selection, installation, and after-sales service. Partnering with us offers clients unparalleled flexibility and certainty of fireplaces that guarantee aesthetic appeal, durability, and most importantly, unparalleled safety.

Extensive Applications of Our Commercial Fireplaces – Providing warmth and elegance to a variety of spaces

We present a vast range of fireplace applications sufficing varied needs of:

  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Country Clubs, Golf Courses, and Wineries
  • Office Buildings & High-end Apartment Buildings
  • Entertainment Venues, Retreats, and Spas
  • Shopping Malls & Resorts
  • Residential Hubs like Housing Developments and Multi-family Homes
  • Educational Initiatives like University Complexes
  • Recreational Outlets such as Entertainment Venues and Pool Houses
  • High-rise Building Lobbies


Adding sophisticate fireplaces create a warm, intimate ambiance in multiple commercial settings, and experience an elite, high standard atmosphere.

Innovative Fireplace Solutions – Meeting commercial needs with evolving technology

We have adapted to the dynamic fireplace industry, introducing smart home features including wifi, Bluetooth integrated electric fireplaces, and accessories. The Dreifuss Fireplaces portfolio offers extensive fireplace genres:

Commercial Electric Fireplaces

Commercial Electric Fireplaces: Embrace the evolving industry with our range of electric fireplaces that bundle elegance and efficient controls.

See our Commercial Electric Fireplace page.

Commercial Electric Fireplace in lobby with setting sun in background

Commercial Gas Fireplaces

Commercial Gas Fireplaces: We bring you the traditional fireplace used in commercial spaces over the years, with a promise of top-tier brands assuring a cozy, warm space.

See our Commercial Gas Fireplace page.

Commercial Wood Fireplaces

Commercial Wood Fireplaces: Indulge in the lavish wood-burning fireplace experience with our wide range fireplaces, introducing a rustic, welcoming charm into your space.

See our Commercial Wood Fireplace page.

Specialty Services of Dreifuss Fireplaces

Along with our core services, we offer a range of specialty services including:

  • Fire Features: Our fire features have gained massive popularity over the past decade for adding a unique, luxurious touch to high-end establishments and 5-star experiences.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces: Convert your outdoor spaces into a cozy gathering spot with our distinctive option in transforming open spaces.

Fire Features

Gaining massive appeal in the last decade, fire features are becoming a necessity to destination locations, high-end establishments and 5-star experiences. 

Rounded Vent Free Gas Log Fireplace in luxury high rise.

Outdoor Fireplaces

The ultimate in transforming any outdoor space into a place for people to gather and enjoy the night.

Experience the Dreifuss Fireplaces Signature Services

As a one-stop-shop for all your fireplace needs, our services cross the boundaries of standard commercial fireplace offerings. From contemporary gas fireplaces meeting the highest industry standards with UL or CSA approvals to eclectic electric fireplaces, indulge in the expansive line-up of products we offer, satisfying all local or national building codes.

Contact us today at 215-924-3500 and gain unmatched fireplace solutions that stand testimony to our historical expertise, design sophistication and superior understanding of your needs. With Dreifuss Fireplaces, you can always expect warmth and hospitality, not just from our fireplaces, but also from our dedicated team of professional experts ready to turn your vision into reality.

Elevate Your Space with Our Commercial Grade Fireplaces

Investing in commercial grade fireplaces reveals a refined taste for aesthetic excellence, safety, and superior functionality. Reflecting the pinnacle of industry standards, our exquisite collection of commercial fireplaces transcends regular expectations, providing structure integrity and the grandeur of stylish design.

Complying scrupulously with UL or CSA approvals, and custom-fitted to adhere to all local and national building codes, our fireplaces testify our undeviating adherence to safety and quality. Whether you draw towards the rustic charm of wood-burning fireplaces, the practical utility of gas fireplaces, or the cutting-edge technology of electric variants, we assure uncompromising standards across all categories.

Our commercial grade fireplaces encompass more than just functional heating providers. As prominent architectural features within your premises, they elevate the environment, enhancing the overall customer experience and thus, augmenting your business reputation.

Elevate your commercial spaces with our commercial fireplaces, call us at 215-924-3500, and experience the Dreifuss Fireplaces’ legacy of warmth, sophistication, and impeccable customer service.