7 Benefits of a Corner Gas Fireplace

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Did you know that 55% of buyers believe that a fireplace is essential in their home?

There are plenty of fireplace options on the market, but you should add a corner gas fireplace to your home if you want to boost your interior design. Corner gas fireplaces change the aesthetic of any room while still giving their familiar coziness.

Owning a gas fireplace has plenty of benefits like saving you money on your electric bill. It is a great amenity to add to your home whether you have a large or small family.

If you’re interested in learning seven benefits of having a corner gas fireplace, then keep reading!

1. It’s Dependable

Living in an area that’s prone to heavy rain or snowfall means that power outages are common. People without fireplaces have to wrap themselves in multiple blankets just to stay warm.

But luckily, gas fireplaces don’t stop working during power outages. You’ll be able to stay warm while waiting for the lights to turn back on.

Having a corner gas fireplace helps you stay independent from energy companies and provides a safety net when an emergency occurs.

2. Changing the Mood

The main reason homeowners buy a gas fireplace is because of its ability to change the mood of the room. A fireplace can make a room feel cozy and warm. And it’ll also help up your romantic game.

A corner gas fireplace is great for people who work from home or spend a lot of time at home. You’ll be able to make your at-home life interesting with a corner gas fireplace.

3. Interior Design

Though fireplaces help give a romantic and cozy setting, they’re also great for interior design. When you enter any room in your house, there’s usually a focal point that the rest of the room revolves around.

If you feel that your living room is plain or boring, adding a corner gas fireplace will help add a focal point to bring the room together.

And installing a fireplace means that you’ll have to move your furniture to make it fit. This could be an opportunity for a new look or even for new furniture.

4. Energy Efficiency

Gas fireplaces are more eco-friendly than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. There are different types of fireplaces to choose from that range from the worst to the best choices for the environment. But you can tailor your choice based on your own research.

Corner gas fireplaces can be turned on and off with a switch and use less fossil fuel in order to create heat.

And installing a fireplace helps lower your electric bill. You won’t need to use your traditional heating system if you have a gas fireplace.

5. Targeted Heat

There is some appeal to the old-fashioned way of heating a room because of targeted heating. Just like sitting outside next to a bonfire on a cold night, the heat from your fireplace will give off a ton of heat in the space it’s in.

As time goes on, the remaining heat will dissipate within the surrounding area.

A corner gas fireplace is a great solution for homes with pockets of colder temperatures. Even traditional heating systems cannot heat an entire home perfectly.

Having a warm room in the house also helps bring the family together. There is nothing like having a warm drink and sitting by a fireplace during the cold winter months.

Since your family members will be inclined to spend time in the room with a fireplace, this leaves an opportunity for playing games and other bonding activities.

6. Low Maintenance

Owning a corner gas fireplace requires little to no maintenance. Since there are no embers, you won’t need to shovel out ashes.

Between uses, it’s recommended to clean your fireplace regularly. The cleaning process involves using a small broom, vacuum, and cloth to wipe away dust and dirt.

It’s important to maintain your gas fireplace to prevent serious issues such as gas leaks. If you’re buying a house with a corner gas fireplace already installed, make sure to call a technician to inspect it before use.

The best way to keep your fireplace clean and healthy for longer periods of time is to clean it regularly. Cleaning only takes up to 30 minutes and it will leave you worry-free.

7. No Smoke or Embers

As mentioned before, gas fireplaces don’t use wood. This means that there are no embers or ash left over after every use.

Not only does this leave less work for you, but it is also a safer option if you have pets or children in the home. No embers mean no sparks, fumes, or smoke.

If you’ve ever had the wind shift the smoke of a bonfire to blow directly in your face, then you’ll know that it’s not a pleasant experience. With a gas fireplace, you won’t have to worry about that.

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Your Corner Gas Fireplace

A corner gas fireplace is an important addition to your home because of its ability to bring people together. Whether it’s your romantic partner or your children, you’ll be able to spend more time with the people you love when you have a fireplace.

A gas fireplace is a safe and energy-efficient option for your home. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it’ll save you time since it’s so easy to maintain.

If you’re interested in installing a fireplace, contact us so that we can help you!


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