8 Reasons To Have a Fireplace in the Bedroom

fireplace in the bedroom

Did you know that a fireplace can raise your home value? That’s right, even in the 2020s, people still want fireplaces. If you’ve been considering getting a fireplace in your home, now might be the time to do it.

Most people put fireplaces in their living rooms or dining rooms, but why not put a fireplace in the bedroom? It will add some serious ambiance!

Not sure if that’s right for you? Let’s talk about it. Read on to learn all about the benefits of adding a fireplace to your bedroom.

1. Unmatched Interior Lighting

There’s nothing quite like the ambient lighting provided by a fireplace

Your entire room will look whimsical and charming by the light of your new bedroom fireplace. Even relatively plain interior decor will look elevated when the fire is blazing.

Firelight is perfect for relaxing in bed, reading a book, or getting dressed in the morning when you’re not yet ready for bright artificial lights. 

Many people try to replicate the appearance of the light of a fire with warm and soft fairy lights or lightbulbs, but nothing quite matches up. Don’t settle for a cheap copy. Get the real thing by installing a new fireplace in your room. 

2. You’ll Stay Warm and Cozy

As the weather cools off, you’re likely always looking for new ways to stay warm. What better way is there than installing a fireplace?

A fireplace can fill the entire bedroom with heat. It’s lovely to light the fireplace when you first start getting ready for bed, let it run for an hour or so, and then put the fire out when the room is warm and cozy just in time for you to fall asleep.

It’s also great for providing direct heat when you need it. When your toes and fingers get cold, placing them near the fire will warm them right up without the need to add extra layers of clothing or turn up the heat.

3. Cost-Effective Heating Solution

Speaking of turning up the heat, fireplaces are a cost-effective heating solution.

Are you tired of your heating bills being sky-high? You want to keep your home warm, but you’re tired of spending so much money on your energy bill every month. How can you get your room warmer without using more power?

A wood-burning fireplace is a great solution. You won’t be using any power and you’ll still get the warm and cozy bedroom that you want.

Even if you choose to use gas or electric fireplaces, they may end up using less energy than your standard heating system. 

4. A Great Decorative Feature

One of the best things about fireplaces is that they look fantastic. They add a unique ambiance to your home that can’t be replicated.

There’s a fireplace for every interior design style. Do you want something sleek and smooth that’s flush with your wall? What about something more traditional with a mantle that you can decorate?

Either way, there’s a fireplace option for you.

A fireplace becomes a statement piece in your bedroom. You now have a great focal point to decorate around. If you’ve been struggling to decorate your bedroom, adding a fireplace can help.

5. Reliable During a Power Outage

A power outage can be terrible on a cold winter night. If you have a wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace, you don’t have to worry. You can still keep your room warm and bright with a fireplace. 

Don’t worry about finding candles, lanterns, and blankets. Just bundle up close to your fireplace and wait until the power comes back on. 

6. Adds Value to Your Home

So what if this isn’t your “forever” home? Is it still worth putting a new fireplace in your bedroom?

As we mentioned, a fireplace is a selling point for a lot of people. As long as the fireplace is functional, it becomes a fun and helpful feature that may make buyers willing to pay a bit more.

Bedroom fireplaces are unique in modern homes, so you may have the only home in your area that has one. If a buyer is looking specifically for a home with a fireplace, yours will be at the top of their list. 

7. A Unique Atmosphere

A fireplace is visually unique in and of itself, but it also creates a complete atmosphere in your bedroom. 

First, the appearance. A fireplace makes a room look cozier by default. It creates an air of elegance that you can’t replicate with other bedroom features.

Fireplaces also have a unique smell. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a burning fire. Sure, you can get candles and sprays that come close to mimicking that scent, but it will never be quite the same.

There’s also the soothing sound of a crackling fire. What’s cozier than that? 

8. Easy Installation

Many people never get fireplaces installed because they think it will be too complicated. That’s no longer the case. A bedroom fireplace installation is easier than ever when you work with a qualified installation company. 

They can help you find the perfect fireplace for your aesthetic and get it in place before you know it. 

It’s Time to Install a Fireplace in the Bedroom

Installing a fireplace in the bedroom is the perfect way to elevate your interior design and stay warm and cozy while you’re at it. You’ll improve your room’s ambiance, increase the value of your home, and so much more. 

Are you ready to add a new fireplace to your bedroom? 

At Dreifuss Fireplaces, we want to help. Contact us to get started today. 

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