Efficient Comfort: Meet the DVAG30N – Your Perfect Natural Gas Wall Heater by Ashley Hearth!

Product Description

Transform your space with the DVAG30N Natural Gas Wall Heater by Ashley Hearth. Experience efficient and quiet heating, designed for comfort and convenience.

Product Features

Sealed burn system for clean and gentle heat
Adjustable thermostat for customized comfort
Safety pilot with built-in pressure regulator
Easy Piezo lighting for quick starts
Approved for use in mobile or modular homes

Product Specifications

Efficiency: 70
Heating Capacity (BTU): 25,000
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Material: Steel
Color/Finish: Beige
Area Heated (ft²): 825
Ignition Source: Piezo

Width: 32.28 inches
Depth: 8.74 inches
Height: 26.30 inches

Installation Options

Wall-mounted design for space-saving efficiency

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Vent assembly adjusts for walls from 4-1/2 inches to 10 inches thick


1 Year Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your home heating experience with the DVAG30N by Ashley Hearth. This natural gas wall heater combines efficiency and comfort, boasting a sealed burn system for clean, gentle heat. With an adjustable thermostat, safety pilot, and easy Piezo lighting, it offers a hassle-free solution to keep your space warm. Approved for mobile or modular homes, this wall-mounted heater is designed for convenience and style.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Ashley Hearth Overview:
As a leading brand, Ashley Hearth is dedicated to crafting innovative heating solutions since its inception. Designed and engineered in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, Ashley Hearth products, including the DVAG30N, blend quality, affordability, and value. With a rich history dating back to 1869, Ashley Hearth continues to keep homes warm, making comfort and style accessible to everyone.


Q: Will the DVAG30N heat my entire living room efficiently?
A: Yes, the DVAG30N is designed to heat up to 825 square feet, providing efficient warmth.

Q: Can I install the DVAG30N in a mobile home?
A: Absolutely! The DVAG30N is approved for use in both mobile and modular homes.

Q: Is the venting system complicated to install?
A: Not at all! The DVAG30N comes with a complete kit, including a vent pipe, air intake pipe, and all necessary components for easy installation.

Q: Does the heater have an automatic shut-off feature?
A: Yes, the DVAG30N is equipped with an automatic shut-off for added safety.

Q: What fuel type does the DVAG30N use?
A: The DVAG30N operates on natural gas for efficient and reliable heating.

Q: How long is the warranty for the DVAG30N?
A: The DVAG30N comes with a 1-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

Q: Can I adjust the heat output with the thermostat?
A: Certainly! The DVAG30N features an adjustable thermostat for customized comfort.

Q: Is the ignition process quick and easy?
A: Absolutely, thanks to the Matchless Piezo lighting, ensuring quick starts every time.

Q: What safety features does the DVAG30N have?
A: The DVAG30N includes a safety pilot with a built-in pressure regulator to stop gas flow in case of pilot extinguishment.

Q: Can I use the DVAG30N in bedrooms or living spaces?
A: Yes, the sealed burn system makes it perfect for bedrooms and living spaces, ensuring clean and gentle heat.

Q: Are there any color options available?
A: The DVAG30N comes in a stylish beige color, blending seamlessly with various home decors.

Q: What is the efficiency rating of the DVAG30N?
A: The DVAG30N boasts an efficiency rating of 70, ensuring optimal performance.

Q: Does the DVAG30N require electricity to operate?
A: No, the DVAG30N operates without electricity, providing reliable heating even during power outages.

Q: Can I purchase additional accessories for the DVAG30N?
A: The DVAG30N comes with a complete kit, including all necessary accessories for installation.

Q: What is the ignition source for the DVAG30N?
A: The DVAG30N features Piezo ignition for a reliable and quick start.

Q: What clearances are required for installation?
A: The vent assembly adjusts to fit walls from 4-1/2 inches to 10 inches thick, providing flexibility in installation.

Q: Is the DVAG30N compliant with California Proposition 65?
A: Yes, the DVAG30N includes a warning for chemicals, such as Carbon Monoxide, as per California Proposition 65 requirements.

Q: Can I install the DVAG30N in an outdoor setting?
A: The DVAG30N is designed for indoor use only.

Q: Does the DVAG30N come with a wall mounting plate?
A: Yes, the DVAG30N includes a wall mounting plate and hardware for easy installation.

Q: How long does it take for the DVAG30N to heat up a room?
A: The DVAG30N provides quick and efficient heating, allowing you to feel the warmth in a short amount of time.