Common Signs You Need Fireplace Repair

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Fireplaces developed when medieval houses and castles started building chimneys to carry the smoke away from the living quarters. From there, fireplaces have evolved, and there are a variety of types to choose from.

But with all household features, you need to repair damage continuously to ensure it keeps working as intended.

Gas, wood, and electric fireplaces can have different warning signs, so keep the type of fireplace you have in mind.

When it comes to a broken fireplace, you can never be too cautious. So, keep reading to find out more about the common signs that you need to schedule a fireplace repair.

Your Home Gets Smoky When the Fire Is On

Not only does smoke cause your house to get dirty much quicker, but it can also be extremely dangerous.

When it comes to house fires, the fire itself isn’t the biggest killer. Smoke inhalation is the leading factor when it comes to the cause of death from a fire. So if you start noticing smoke in your home due to your fireplace, you need to act quickly.

As soon as you notice the room is getting smoky, you need to open all your windows and kill the fire. If you have an electric or gas fire, you simply need to switch it off, but you might need to dampen the fire first before the smoke stops.

For electric and gas fireplaces, you should immediately call a professional repair technician, as you might need a new fireplace. Continuing to use electric and gas fireplaces that produce smoke can be incredibly dangerous and hazardous to your health.

With a wood fireplace, you can try to use drier wood and make the fire more to the back of the fireplace. If neither of these suggestions helps, you’ll also need to get a repair technician to come and take a look.

You Can Smell Gas

If you can smell gas from your gas fireplace, you might have a big problem. The smell can indicate that you have a gas leak. A gas leak can be a hazardous problem, so you should call a professional immediately.

While you’re waiting for help to arrive, don’t use any electrical appliances or items that could cause a spark or flames. If you do have a gas leak, you don’t know how far the gas has spread. When it comes to gas leaks, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Damaged Chimney

The main function of your chimney is to direct smoke out of your house. If your chimney is damaged, it will not only struggle to direct the smoke, but it can also lead to severe moisture problems for your roof.

Chimneys prevent dangerous gases like carbon monoxide from seeping into your home. So if your chimney is damaged or cracked, it can create a passageway for these gases to enter your home.

Your Fireplace Is Cracked

Regular fireplace maintenance is needed if you want to ensure cracks don’t pop up. This will also see you some hefty repair or replacement fees.

Your fireplace was built to withstand extremely high temperatures, but if the masonry starts to crack, you might have a bigger issue on your hands.

Fireplaces are built to spread heat throughout the room, but once the bricks crack, the heat starts to leak into the structural materials of your home. This can cause the materials to degrade much faster than expected.

A cracked fireplace also runs the risk of causing a fire or carbon monoxide intrusion.

If the cracks are highly visible, then some damage has already been done. If you keep using your fireplace while it is cracked, the damage will spread, and the masonry will crumble.

There Are White Stains on Your Fireplace

The materials used to build fireplaces absorbs moisture. If the moisture level is too high, the moisture in the bricks can freeze and thaw with the weather. This can cause the surface of the brick to snap off or become damaged.

Other than cracks in the bricks and damaged masonry, if you see white stains on the bricks of your fireplace, you need to schedule fireplace repairs. The white stains are the salt within the masonry being pushed out due to the moisture.

A leak will usually be the culprit of the added moisture, so that will need to be repaired before you can continue using your fireplace.

There Is Visible Rust

If your fireplace has numerous metal pieces attached to it, you need to be on the lookout for rust. Moisture in the air and the humidity in your home can all contribute to rust forming on your fireplace.

If you don’t get the rust fixed, it will continue to corrode. This will weaken the metal to the point where holes begin to form. The metal pieces will be useless, and you’ll have a much higher repair bill.

Know When You Need to Consider a Fireplace Repair

When it comes to the warning signs that you need to consider a fireplace repair, you need to act quickly. A damaged fireplace is a safety hazard that could lead to housefires and costly repairs. Rather get someone to come and take a look before it is too late.

If you think it might be time to schedule a fireplace repair, feel free to contact us today. Dreifuss Fireplaces has been the top provider of high-quality fireplace installation in PA since 1876.

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