Designing Your Home around a Traditional Fireplace

traditional fireplace

A recent survey found that 95% of homeowners are planning a major home improvement project. One of the key points of focus in these home improvement projects is fireplace design. The reason behind this is that their original fireplaces don’t reflect their design tastes and preferences.

If you’re considering this home improvement project, a traditional fireplace can add a timeless appeal to your home. With logs burning gently in the hearth, it creates a cozy interior while adding warmth to your living room.

Even though the designs of traditional fireplaces continue to evolve, their purpose is still the same. We discuss the top vintage fireplace ideas in this guide. Read on to find out more:

Channel Victorian Fireplace Ideas

Tiles were critical in the design of several types of fireplaces in the Victorian era. With different types of tiling available, they offer a wide range of decor ideas to experiment with.

You may flank either side of the fireplace with ornate tile ideas. Laying them in the hearth to add a pop of color can also help you create a Victorian theme. Either way, the tiles become the center of attraction whether you light the fire or not.

For a Victorian-themed fireplace, your tile options include ceramic and porcelain. Other options include natural stones, marble, and glass.
Each of these tiles has its unique selling points.

For instance, you may go with porcelain or natural stones if you want a material that naturally absorbs heat. Whichever the choice, use a heat-resistant grout and adhesive that can cope with high temperatures.

Balance Modern Styles with Traditional Design

If you currently have a modern fireplace in your home, you can accentuate it with traditional design elements. You can also build the fireplace around traditional designs and add bits of a modern style.

One way to bridge the gap between these two designs is by adding a matte black traditional fire surround. Pair the fire surround with an ornate-tiled hearth to create a Victorian theme.

Another way to go about it is by giving the mantel a fresh, clean slate that reflects the season. For instance, you can add springtime decorative elements during Easter and St. Patrick’s Day. Framing printables that reflect the holiday can also work.

You can line the mantel with earthy-smelling pinecone fire starters. This way, you can grab one of the pinecone fire starters and start the fire to impress your guests.

Draw Inspiration from the Regency Era

During the Regency era, eclectic pieces and rich colors were staples. Designers in this era also used luxurious materials such as silk, fur, velvet, and polished stone. They also added glossy and metallic accents and lacquered surfaces to their pieces.

You can take inspiration from this era to ensure your traditional fireplace makes a bold statement. In this case, build a larger mantelpiece that can hold display items like carriage clocks.

Keep the design of the mantle simple to balance it with the existing decor. Instead of stone, you can use steel slips and white marble.

Steel slips and white marble make the fireplace look elegant. You can complement them by using ethereal steel slips and delicately carved, lightly colored marbles.

Tap into Classical Designs

Classical architectural designs have their roots in ancient Rome and Greece. They featured rectangular windows, marble, columns, and symmetry.

Since classical designs focused on making a statement, they featured a number of design elements. Modest households had wooden fireplaces painted white. On the other hand, wealthy homes chose marble designs.

During the classical era, fireplace designs focused on affluence and elegance. As such, hand-carved marble mantels were common.

Your traditional fireplace design can feature these intricate details to reflect the classical era. A hand-carved marble fireplace can instantly uplift your living room when paired with neutral-colored interiors.

Paint the Traditional Fireplace

Paint your traditional fireplace and walls the same shade. This way, the paint will complement the architecture of your fireplace surround. It will help it blend into the color scheme and add a touch of elegance.

The goal here is to create a custom fireplace that doesn’t draw attention away from other interior design elements. You can add a minimalist hearth to it to achieve this effect.

Choosing a bold paint color for the chimney breast can also work. Doing this will change the perception of the dimensions of your living room. The bold color will make the chimney breast appear larger.

You can also use a darker color to paint the fireplace to make the room appear longer. And if one of the walls is short, paint it with a strong color for the room to have a uniform square shape.

Choose a Carved Wooden Fireplace

Natural wood has an unmatched warmth and richness to it. When you use reclaimed wood as the mantel, the fireplace will draw attention to the room. It will also add warmth and depth to the living space.

Carved wooden fireplaces are perfect for rooms designed for group gatherings. They add a touch of classical style to a home without overwhelming other interior design elements.

Reclaimed wood mantels boast timeless beauty and old-world looks. You can add them to the design of your vintage fireplace to make it appear different and unique.

If you want to go with a rustic-themed fireplace, carved reclaimed wood is the perfect choice for the mantel. It still has the nail holes and saw marks of its original use, which give it an authentic rustic appearance. As such, it will dominate the space with interest and character.

Opt for a Beautifully Colored Mantel

The color and shade of the mantel can affect the entire appeal of your fireplace. You can choose a cool blue color to complement the hearth and slate slip. The color may also contrast with the warmer colors used on the trim and ochre wall.

A cool-colored mantel can serve as the base for cachepots, antique porcelain, and antique mirrors. It can also feature some of your favorite trinkets and sculptures. That is if you are a collector.

Whichever way you design the mantel, ensure that it adds some personality to the space. It should feature an artful mix of practical pieces and decorations.

Looking for Stylish Fireplace Solutions?

Whether neutral or bold, there is a decorating idea for every traditional fireplace. Find a style or design that works and stick to it.

And if you are looking for innovative fireplace solutions, Dreifuss Fireplaces is here to help. Check out our traditional fireplace options today and see what works for you.

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