Flex Left Corner Fireplaces

Transform Your Space with Elegance: Explore the Flex Left Corner Fireplaces by EcoSmart Fire

Product Description

Elevate your space with the Flex Left Corner Fireplace by EcoSmart Fire. Designed for sophistication and functionality, this fireplace seamlessly integrates into your interior or exterior, providing a captivating flame view from two open sides

Product Features

All-flame configuration for a harmonious blend of traditional style and contemporary design.
XL700 burner with a 7L capacity for up to 12 hours of heat.
Zero clearance construction for flexible installation.
Rust-proof zinc-sealed steel construction in a timeless black finish

Flex Left Corner Fireplaces

Product Specifications

Construction: Mild Steel & Toughened Glass
Weight: 63.30kg
Dimensions: W 1206mm x D 365mm x H 807mm
Viewing Area: W 1106mm x D 340mm x H 502mm

Installation Options

Suitable for indoor or outdoor single-room application.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application



Limited warranty

Product Highlights

EcoSmart Fire’s Flex Left Corner Fireplaces redefine elegance and warmth. With an all-flame configuration, the XL700 burner delivers a mesmerizing linear flame, making it a focal point in any room. The zero clearance construction allows for easy installation, while the rust-proof steel ensures durability both indoors and outdoors. Enjoy the flexibility of ethanol fuel, clean burning with no need for venting, electricity, or gas lines.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

EcoSmart Fire, a part of the MAD Design Group, stands at the forefront of innovative fireplace solutions. Known for merging cutting-edge design with eco-friendly functionality, EcoSmart Fireplaces offer a wide range of stylish, ethanol-fueled fireplaces. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, EcoSmart Fire has become a leading choice for architects, designers, and homeowners seeking versatile and elegant heating solutions.


Q: Can the Flex Left Corner Fireplace be installed outdoors?
A: Yes, the Flex Left Corner Fireplace is suitable for both indoor and outdoor single-room applications.

Q: What is the fuel type for this fireplace?
A: The Flex Left Corner Fireplace uses ethanol as its fuel source.

Q: Are there any clearances required for installation?
A: Refer to the installation manual for specific clearances and cavity measurements.

Q: What is the burn time of the XL700 burner?
A: The XL700 burner provides a burn time of 9-12 hours with a 7L capacity.

Q: Can the fireplace be framed into wood or metal studs?
A: Yes, the zero clearance construction allows framing into wood or metal studs.

Q: Is there a warranty for the Flex Left Corner Fireplace?
A: Please refer to the warranty information provided for details on the product warranty.

Q: Does the fireplace come with included accessories?
A: Yes, the Flex Left Corner Fireplace includes XL Baffles and Black Glass Charcoal as accessories.

Q: Can I turn off the fireplace before the fuel has burnt completely?
A: Yes, the ethanol burner can be turned off at any time, but it is recommended to let it burn until it completely runs out.

Q: Is the Flex Left Corner Fireplace suitable for small rooms?
A: The fireplace can be installed in small spaces, but compliance with clearances and installation instructions is essential.

Q: How large of an area does the Flex Left Corner Fireplace heat?
A: The fireplace comfortably heats between 215 sq feet and 700 sq feet when used indoors.

Q: Can EcoSmart Fireplaces be installed everywhere?
A: EcoSmart Fireplaces cannot be installed into small rooms that are less than our minimum room size. Approval from building authorities may be required for installation in your area.

Q: Is there ongoing maintenance required for ethanol fireplaces?
A: Normal maintenance is necessary. Clean your EcoSmart Fire unit after using 50 liters of fuel or when black deposits are noticed.

Q: Are ethanol fireplace inserts difficult to install?
A: No, ethanol fireplace inserts by EcoSmart Fire require no venting, gas lines, or electricity, simplifying the installation process.

Q: What is the thermal output of the Flex Left Corner Fireplace?
A: The thermal output is 13650 BTU/h, 4 kW, 14.50 MJ/h.

Q: Can the Flex Left Corner Fireplace be used both indoors and outdoors?
A: Yes, the rust-proof construction allows the fireplace to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Q: Is the fuel efficiency affected by the model purchased or the installation environment?
A: Yes, fuel efficiency values are indicative and may vary based on the model, installation environment, and bioethanol composition.

Q: How do I extinguish the ethanol fireplace?
A: You can turn it off at any time, but it is recommended to let it burn until it completely runs out for safety reasons.

Q: Can I install the Flex Left Corner Fireplace into small or unique spaces?
A: Yes, the Flex Fireplace Series has clearances built-in, allowing installation in small and unique spaces.