T-Lite 8 Designer Fireplace

Illuminate Your Space with Elegance: T-Lite 8 Designer Fireplace by EcoSmart Fire

Product Description

Bring a glowing ambience to any occasion with the T-Lite 8 Designer Fireplace. This elegant tealight candle-inspired portable fire is perfect for indoor and outdoor rooms, designed for gatherings and entertaining.

Product Features

Trans-seasonal enjoyment with weather-resistant materials
Simple style, dramatic drawcard for both indoor and outdoor environments
Hypnotic dancing flame elevated above the base
Runs on clean-burning e-NRG bioethanol
Easy operation with on/off functionality

T-Lite 8 Designer Fireplace

Product Specifications

Dimensions: W 16.9in [428mm], H 21.2in [539mm]
Weight: 40.12lb [18.20kg]
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Fuel Capacity: 2.1 Gal / 8 L
Heats on Average: 646ft2 / 60m2
Burn Time: 7 – 11 hours]

Installation Options

The T-Lite 8 can be easily relocated for use indoors or outdoors. Refer to the included C&I Manual for clearances and installation instructions

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application

Runs on e-NRG bioethanol, a natural, clean-burning fuel without smoke or soo

Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Refer to the Technical Specifications section and the C&I Manual for specific clearances and measurements


Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

EcoSmart Fire’s T-Lite 8 Designer Fireplace brings trans-seasonal enjoyment with its elegant and weather-resistant design. Crafted from top-quality materials, this portable glass fireplace enhances indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a mesmerizing, bewitching fire that draws people in. With a dancing flame, clean-burning e-NRG bioethanol fuel, and easy operation, the T-Lite 8 is the perfect complement to any vision.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

EcoSmart Fireplaces stands as a flagship brand within the MAD Design Group, renowned for its pioneering, chic, and environmentally conscious heating solutions. The company is dedicated to delivering outstanding products, emphasizing renewable energy sources, avant-garde design concepts, and meticulous testing protocols to guarantee safety and optimal performance. By prioritizing sustainability and innovation, EcoSmart Fireplaces has positioned itself as a leading player in the industry, attracting consumers who value both functionality and aesthetic allure in their heating solutions.

At the core of EcoSmart Fireplaces’ ethos is a steadfast commitment to renewable energy. By incorporating cutting-edge design elements, the brand seamlessly merges form and function, creating fireplaces that not only provide warmth but also serve as stylish focal points in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Rigorous testing processes further underline EcoSmart’s dedication to delivering products that meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency. This emphasis on sustainability, innovation, and quality assurance has solidified EcoSmart Fireplaces as a preferred choice for individuals seeking heating solutions that align with their values and lifestyle preferences.

With a diverse array of indoor and outdoor fireplace options, EcoSmart caters to a broad spectrum of consumer needs. The brand’s product range reflects a harmonious blend of practicality and visual appeal, making it a go-to choice for those who prioritize both functionality and design in their living spaces. Whether it’s a contemporary indoor fireplace to enhance the ambiance of a living room or an outdoor fire feature to create an inviting atmosphere in a garden or patio, EcoSmart Fireplaces provides solutions that elevate the overall experience of warmth and aesthetics in any environment.


Q: Can the T-Lite 8 Designer Fireplace be used indoors and outdoors?
A: Yes, it’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The tray with a special bung allows for indoor use, and it can be removed for outdoor settings.

Q: What fuel does the T-Lite 8 use?
A: The T-Lite 8 runs on e-NRG bioethanol, a natural and clean-burning fuel without smoke or soot.

Q: How do I extinguish the flame?
A: The flame can be easily turned on and off using the accompanying lid once the T-Lite 8 is in position.

Q: What is the warranty for the T-Lite 8 Designer Fireplace?
A: EcoSmart Fire offers a Limited warranty for the T-Lite 8.

Q: What are the dimensions of the T-Lite 8?
A: The dimensions are W 16.9in [428mm] x H 21.2in [539mm].

Q: Can I purchase additional accessories for the T-Lite 8?
A: Yes, additional accessories like the T-Lite 8 Cover are available for purchase.

Q: Is the T-Lite 8 easy to install?
A: Yes, the installation process is detailed in the included C&I Manual. Refer to it for clearances and installation instructions.

Q: How long does the T-Lite 8 burn on a full tank?
A: The burn time is approximately 7-11 hours with a 2.1-gallon fuel capacity.

Q: Is the flame visible from all sides?
A: Yes, the flame is elevated above the base and surrounded by glass, making it visible from all sides.

Q: Can I choose different finishes for the T-Lite 8?
A: Yes, you can choose between Stainless Steel and Black finishes.

Q: What is the shipping time for the T-Lite 8?
A: The T-Lite 8 is ready to ship in 3 days, with low stock availability.

Q: Can I use the T-Lite 8 in a covered outdoor space?
A: Yes, the T-Lite 8 can be used in both covered and open outdoor spaces.

Q: Does the T-Lite 8 come with a protective cover?
A: The T-Lite 8 Cover is an optional accessory available for purchase.

Q: What makes the T-Lite 8 suitable for trans-seasonal use?
A: It is crafted from weather-resistant materials and can be used year-round, indoors or outdoors.

Q: How does the T-Lite 8 enhance the ambience of a space?
A: The T-Lite 8 features an elegant and simply proportioned design that creates a mesmerizing, bewitching fire.

Q: Can I purchase e-NRG bioethanol along with the T-Lite 8?
A: Yes, you can add e-NRG bioethanol to your order during the purchase process.

Q: Is the T-Lite 8 safe for indoor use?
A: Yes, it is O-TL Listed in accordance with UL 1370 standards for indoor use in the USA.

Q: How much does the T-Lite 8 weigh?
A: The T-Lite 8 weighs 40.12lb [18.20kg].

Q: Can I use the T-Lite 8 in commercial spaces?
A: Yes, EcoSmart Fire’s collection, including the T-Lite 8, has been thoroughly tested against global standards for commercial use.

Q: Is the T-Lite 8 easy to operate?
A: Yes, it can be easily turned on and off using the accompanying lid.