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XL900 Ethanol Burner

Unleash Contemporary Elegance with the XL900 Ethanol Burner – Elevate Your Space with EcoSmart Fire

Product Description

Elevate your living space with the XL900 Ethanol Burner, a sleek and elongated fire feature that combines form and function. Crafted for both indoor and outdoor use, this burner offers a mesmerizing flame, adding a touch of sophistication to any environment.

Product Features

Design Versatility: Easily integrated into bespoke settings, from cabinetry to stone benches.
Myriad Materials: Complements various materials, including concrete, timber, marble, and stainless steel.
Flame Regulation: Purpose-designed baffle inserts allow for flame regulation and stabilization.
Clean Burning: Uses e-NRG bioethanol for a beautiful orange flame without smoke, soot, or ash.
Award-Winning: Recipient of the 2009 Hearth & Home Vesta Award.
Standalone or Integrated: Install as a standalone burner or in conjunction with a Flex Fireplace Insert.

XL900 Ethanol Burner

Product Specifications

Construction: Stainless Steel Grade 304
Weight: 26.23lb (11.90kg)
Dimensions: L 35.7in, W 7.7in, D 4.4in
Application: Indoor & Outdoor
Fuel Capacity: 2.4 Gal (9 L)
Thermal Output: 15,000 BTU/h (4.4 kW)
Burn Time: 8-13 hours

Installation Options

Indoor & Outdoor use

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application

e-NRG Bioethanol


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

EcoSmart Fire’s XL900 Ethanol Burner stands out for its design versatility, allowing seamless integration into various settings. The burner’s clean-burning feature, using e-NRG bioethanol, ensures a beautiful flame without harmful by-products. With an award-winning design, this burner offers both standalone and integrated installation options, making it a versatile and sophisticated choice for contemporary spaces.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

EcoSmart Fireplaces is a leading brand in the fireplace industry, known for innovative and sustainable fire solutions. As a part of MAD Design Group, EcoSmart is committed to creating cutting-edge designs that redefine traditional fireplace aesthetics. With a focus on bioethanol fuel and clean-burning technology, EcoSmart Fireplaces offer environmentally friendly heating solutions without compromising on style.


Q: Is the XL900 suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?
A: Yes, the XL900 Ethanol Burner is designed for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Q: What materials can be used around the XL900?
A: The burner complements a range of materials, including concrete, timber, marble, and stainless steel.

Q: How do I regulate the flame on the XL900?
A: The purpose-designed baffle inserts allow you to regulate and stabilize the flame.

Q: Does the XL900 produce any harmful by-products?
A: No, using e-NRG bioethanol, the XL900 produces a clean flame without smoke, soot, or ash.

Q: Can the XL900 be installed as a standalone unit?
A: Yes, the XL900 can be easily installed as a standalone ethanol burner.

Q: What is the thermal output of the XL900?
A: The XL900 has a thermal output of 15,000 BTU/h (4.4 kW).

Q: How long does the XL900 burn on a full tank?
A: The burn time of the XL900 is approximately 8-13 hours on a 2.4-gallon tank.

Q: Is the XL900 easy to install?
A: Yes, installation is straightforward. Follow the provided guidelines for optimal use.

Q: Can the XL900 be integrated with other EcoSmart products?
A: Yes, the XL900 can be integrated with a Flex Fireplace Insert for added design flexibility.

Q: What is the warranty on the XL900 Ethanol Burner?
A: Warranty information can be found in the product specifications, and it may vary. Please refer to the provided documentation.

Q: What is the fuel capacity of the XL900?
A: The XL900 has a fuel capacity of 2.4 gallons (9 liters).

Q: Can I use the XL900 in small rooms?
A: The XL900 should not be installed in rooms smaller than the recommended minimum size.

Q: How do I clean the XL900 after use?
A: Clean the unit after using 50 liters of fuel or when black deposits are noticed. Use a mild abrasive washing product for cleaning.

Q: Can the XL900 be used in bespoke settings?
A: Yes, the XL900 is designed for easy integration into bespoke settings, including cabinetry, media units, and more.

Q: Is there a recommended clearance for the XL900?
A: Yes, follow the clearance and cavity measurements provided in the installation guidelines for safe use.

Q: Can the XL900 be shipped internationally?
A: Shipping information is available during the checkout process, and international shipping may be available.

Q: Are there any assembly requirements for the XL900?
A: Virtually no assembly is required. The setup process is quick and easy.

Q: What safety features does the XL900 have?
A: The XL900 comes with optional safety accessories, including a Plasma Fire Screen and Twin Feet Fixings.

Q: Is the XL900 approved for installation in my area?
A: Approval from building authorities may be required. Please contact the appropriate parties before installing the XL900.

Q: Does the XL900 come with a Lighting Rod?
A: Lighting Rod is available as a safety accessory for use with ethanol fuel.

Q: Can I use other fuels besides e-NRG bioethanol?
A: The XL900 is designed for use with e-NRG bioethanol only for optimal performance and safety.