Features to Consider When Buying a Linear Fireplace

Linear fireplace incorporated into interior design to include furniture placement

Would you like to buy a fireplace that will make the room you put it in look a lot more modern than it does now? There are a few types of fireplaces that will do the trick.

But your best bet is almost always going to be a linear fireplace. This kind of option will have a bunch of fireplace features that will give any room an ultra-modern appearance.

Before you go ahead and invest in a linear fireplace for either a home or business, though, there will be several features you’ll need to consider. They’ll help guide you in the right direction as you set out to locate a fireplace that will have all the best features for your residential or commercial setting.

Here are the factors to keep in the back of your mind as you shop for a linear fireplace.


There are a handful of different types of linear fireplaces that you can buy for a home or business. You’ll be able to get your hands on a:

  • Electric fireplace
  • Gas fireplace
  • Wood-burning fireplace

Most people choose to go with either an electric or gas linear fireplace since they’re the most cost-effective and eco-friendly option. But if you already have a wood-burning fireplace and simply want to replace it, a wood-burning linear fireplace could also be an option.

Whatever the case, picking the type of fireplace, you want should be the first thing you do. It’ll help to dictate some of the other decisions you’ll need to make when you buy a fireplace.


Where you would like to put the linear fireplace that you’re going to buy for your home or business? This is another question you should try to answer sooner rather than later.

The location of your new fireplace will impact everything from where you’ll need to run gas or electricity to how large of a fireplace you can pick out. You might even want to select a spot where you’ll be able to create a double-sided fireplace.

As you can see, the location of a fireplace will play a big part in which type of fireplace you’ll be able to buy in the first place. It’s why you should make this decision early on in the process of trying to pick one out.


As we just alluded to, a big part of the reason why you’ll want to pick out a location for a linear fireplace is so that you can determine its size. The place where you’ll put it may limit how large it can be.

It might also make it possible for you to install a bigger fireplace than you may have originally anticipated. You may even want to go as far as to have a custom fireplace installed that is whichever size will work best for the location you pick in your home or business.


The design of your new linear fireplace is going to be the most important aspect of it. You’ll be able to use its design to set the tone for the entire rest of the room.

While designing a fireplace, you can choose which materials you’d like it to be made out of, and you can also pick out which color you would like it to be. You’re free to let your imagination run wild as you set out to design a fireplace that’ll check all the right boxes for your home or business.


Prior to shopping around for a linear fireplace, it would be worth establishing a budget for it. Fireplaces come in a wide range of prices these days depending on the type of fireplace you buy, the size of a fireplace, and more.

By coming up with a budget from the beginning, you’ll be able to narrow down your fireplace options from the start. You’ll also be able to gauge how much freedom you’ll have when customizing a fireplace design based on your budget.


The maintenance associated with gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplaces will all be different. Generally speaking, gas and electric fireplaces will be easier to maintain than wood-burning ones.

With this in mind, you’ll want to educate yourself on how different fireplaces will need to be maintained. It’ll help you figure out which kind of linear fireplace you would like to buy based on the maintenance that’ll be associated with it.

The last thing you want to do is wait until you already have a fireplace installed to find out what will need to be done to maintain it. It’ll obviously be too late at that point to change your mind about a fireplace because of the maintenance that you’ll have to do to take care of it.


No matter which kind of linear fireplace you decide to have installed, you aren’t going to want to handle putting it into place yourself. Instead, you’ll want to call on an experienced fireplace company to provide you with a high-quality fireplace and get it all set up.

You can count on a company like Dreifuss Fireplaces to get the job done. We have a variety of linear fireplaces for you to choose from, and we also have the expertise it takes to install the one you want in the right way.

Consider These Factors When Purchasing a Linear Fireplace

The linear fireplace you install in your home or business is going to stay put for years and even decades to come. So you shouldn’t just buy the first fireplace you can find and hope for the best.

You should consider each and every factor listed here as you shop for the perfect fireplace for your home. You should also allow Dreifuss Fireplaces to show you some great fireplaces and handle installing one for you.

Contact us today to start shopping for a linear fireplace that you’ll absolutely love.

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