Fireplace Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

fireplace design ideas

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Having the right fireplace can add value to the price of your home by as much as $12,000. It also makes your living space more inviting so you can relax during the colder days and nights. They also provide a cost-effective solution to heating any commercial or residential space. 

Fireplaces make excellent centerpieces and make a stylish statement in any space. They have been integrated into homes for centuries as a place to gather and spend time with loved ones.

But how do you choose fireplace design ideas? There are so many styles to choose from it may seem overwhelming. You want something that stands out, but also works well in your existing living space.

This article gives you some great fireplace trends to choose from for your new fireplace. We suggest different styles to suit a range of interiors, so there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look!

Modern and Minimal

Minimal and modern is one of the hottest fireplace trends. These fireplaces often feature clean white surfaces, with beautiful glass finishes.

Advanced power venting technology is now available. This makes gas fireplaces perfect for a modern look.

The slim venting system means you can install them in almost any space throughout the house. It also means that you can conceal the vents with ease, which helps with a minimal look. 

If you have tall ceilings then you can elongate the chimney breast to make it a focal point in a room. You could clad this with slate or other natural stone for a beautiful modern look.

Adding concealed LED strips along the chimney breast and mantel also looks fantastic. This creates diffused light and draws attention to your living room’s best feature!

Another gorgeous look is creating a fireplace from negative space. By carving the fireplace out from the wall, you can create the impression of an indoor firepit. This idea is great for minimal living spaces or to draw attention to other features in their space.

As the design of these fireplaces is very open, it makes it easier to keep them clean. Make sure to pay special attention to a glass fireplace, to keep the surface from tarnishing by smoke. 

Scandinavian Inspired

Scandinavian design is one of the hottest trends for living room fireplaces. This style focuses on clean, minimalistic spaces that don’t compromise functionality. They combine elements from the natural world, especially wood and earthy colors. 

One key element of Scandinavian design is the idea of “Hygge“. This means a sense of coziness and comfort. It also embraces the idea of togetherness and sharing quality time with your loved ones. 

Wood-burning stoves are perfect for capturing the essence of Hygge. Many Scandinavian spaces feature a wood-burning fire, as it is a great place to gather with family.

The Scandinavian style works well with both a modern and traditional style fireplace. You could use stonework around the exterior of the stove to give a lovely natural feel. 

You could also include wooden elements, such as wooden paneling or mantle. A beautiful rich oak or pine wood is a great choice for rustic appeal. 

Another way to integrate wood into your fireplace design is to build custom wood storage. You could build it as a surround, or raise your fireplace up and have the storage underneath.

Vertical wood storage next to the fireplace is also a great Scandinavian design. If you want something more practical and less visible, you could add a draw into the fireplace to hide the wood.

Style with Tiles

An underrated way to elevate your fireplace design is to use tiles. They are available in so many colors, patterns, and finishes. So you are sure to find something that works with your aesthetic. 

They are also easy to maintain, as they only need an occasional wipe-down. Also depending on the material, the color won’t fade easily with heat or time. 

If you are looking for a modern look, then using large format tiles will achieve that. You could opt for a subtle marble-toned tile or a sleek gray slate. This will give you a luxurious look, especially if you pair it with a minimal electric firebox. 

If you prefer a more quirky and unique look, then you could try using mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles allow you to play with color and with texture as well. If you have a color theme, mosaic tiles will integrate splashes of color into a fireplace design. 

Subway tiles are also a great tile choice. Paired with a glass fireplace, this gives a fresh look, ideal for any contemporary home. Choosing a glossy tile finish to add brightness, and make your space feel bigger. 

Don’t forget grouting if you choose a tiled fireplace. If you go for white grouting, then you will need to be more vigilant about keeping it clean so it remains bright. You could go for darker grouting, as this will be more forgiving with any ash and dirt from the fire. 

You can also use tiles on the floor around your fireplace. If you want to make more of a statement, you can choose a different style of tile for the flooring. Darker tiles are better for the floor tiles, as this doesn’t show up ash and dirt as much. 

Floating Fireplace

Looking for a showstopping centerpiece for your home? Then a floating fireplace is a great option.

 A hanging, ceiling-mounted fireplace is perfect for any contemporary living space. You could also design a fire pit-style base, with a floating chimney.

You could also choose a variation of this design, and a free-standing fireplace in the center of the room. You can position different seating areas around it. So you can admire the fire from all angles and keep your guests warm!

If a completely floating fireplace isn’t your style, you could opt for a floating mantle. These are perfect for self-contained or closed fireplaces without their own mantel. 

Floating mantels act as a beautiful accent for your fireplace, helping it to stand out. They also provide space to display personal items or decor. You could try painting it a contrasting color to the rest of your fireplace to make it more of a focal point.

You could choose to use wood for the mantel, or you could go for something more minimal like concrete or stone. You could even choose something ultra-modern like stainless steel. This would look perfect for an industrial interior design. 

Accent Wall

An accent wall is a great way to draw attention to your fireplace. It will make your fireplace a focal point in your living space, showing it off as a key feature. 

There are several ways that you can achieve this trend. First, you can add a striking mantle to the fireplace. You can choose a material such as marble or something more ornate and traditional. You could also add an intricate fireguard, integrated, or as a standalone accessory.

You could also add building custom furniture around the fireplace. This is a good-looking yet practical storage solution. This way you can display personal items and decorations as well as being able to store other items.

A statement wallpaper is a great way to enhance your fireplace design. Bold prints help draw attention to your fireplace, adding personality to any room. 

Color is another eye-catching way to create an accent wall. You could use contrasting or complementary colors. Choose which one suits your style better depending on the theme of your living space. 

One of the coolest trends of 2022 is using natural colors with bright pops. For example, you could use a neutral beige for the main color. Then add flashes of periwinkle blue or palm green for an artistic flair.

This can get used in combination with accessories, like statement statues, or vases. This gives a fun, and contemporary look that livens up your space. 

The Best Fireplace Design Ideas

There are so many different fireplace design ideas to elevate your space. If you want a modern design, or something cozier, there are fireplace styles for everyone.

Make sure to consider the practical aspects of your fireplace. Maintenance and cleaning are as important as visuals. 

If you are looking for innovative and stylish fireplace solutions, choose Dreifuss Fireplaces. We serve customers throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We have over 100 years of experience, with a passion for creating custom fireplaces. 

The quality of our products is unbeatable,  both in residential and commercial spaces. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you!

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