Stellar Enlight Bay Three Sided Gas Fireplace

Elevate Your Space with the Stellar Enlight Bay Three-Sided Gas Fireplace – A Fusion of Style and Warmth!

Product Description

Experience the pinnacle of modern heating with the Stellar Enlight Bay Three-Sided Gas Fireplace by Hearth & Home Technologies. This stunning centerpiece combines cutting-edge technology with captivating design, delivering unparalleled warmth and ambiance to your home. With its three-sided view, it transforms any space into a haven of comfort and sophistication

Product Features

Three-Sided Panoramic View:
Immerse yourself in the enchanting flames from every angle with the Stellar Enlight Bay’s three-sided glass design, creating a captivating focal point in any room.

Powerful Heating Performance:
Experience the perfect blend of ambiance and warmth. This gas fireplace combines efficiency with high heat output, ensuring a cozy environment while maximizing energy savings.

Smart Control Technology:
Take command of your comfort. The advanced control system allows easy adjustment of temperature and flame settings, putting the power of customization at your fingertips.

Effortless Installation:
Enjoy a hassle-free setup process. The Stellar Enlight Bay is designed for easy installation, ensuring a seamless integration into your home without the need for complicated procedures.

Safety Assurance:
Relax with peace of mind. Built-in safety features prioritize your well-being, providing a secure and worry-free environment for you and your loved ones.

Customizable Style Options:
Tailor your fireplace to suit your taste and décor. Choose from a variety of finishes and accessories to personalize the Stellar Enlight Bay and complement your unique style.

Hearth & Home Reliability:
Invest in enduring quality. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, this fireplace reflects the commitment of Hearth & Home Technologies to delivering products of exceptional craftsmanship and reliability.

Product Specifications

Model: Stellar Enlight Bay Three-Sided Gas Fireplace

Fuel Type: Natural Gas / Propane

Ignition System: Electronic Ignition

Venting Type: Direct Vent

Control Type:

Remote Control (Included)

Flame Options:

Realistic Ember Bed
Adjustable Flame Height

Safety Features:

Safety Shut-Off
Child Lock

Installation Options

1. Fireplace Opening:

Ensure the fireplace opening meets the minimum dimensions specified in the product manual.
Prepare the framing to accommodate the fireplace unit securely.

2. Venting:

Determine the venting route according to the direct venting specifications.
Install the vent pipe, making sure to follow the guidelines for vertical and horizontal runs.

3. Gas Connection:

Connect the fireplace to the gas supply line, adhering to local codes and regulations.
Perform a leak test to ensure the gas connections are secure.

4. Electrical Connection:

Connect the fireplace to a dedicated electrical circuit as per the electrical requirements.
Ensure that the electrical supply meets the specifications mentioned in the manual.

5. Finishing Touches:

Complete the installation by adding the selected trim pieces according to the layout diagram in the product manual.
Test the fireplace to ensure proper ignition, flame control, and heating function.

6. Optional Smart Home Integration:

If integrating with a smart home system, follow the provided instructions for connecting the fireplace to your home automation.

7. Professional Assistance:

If you encounter any challenges during the installation process, or if you prefer professional assistance, consult with a licensed technician or contractor.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

1. Clearances:

Side Wall Clearances: Maintain a minimum distance from the sides of the fireplace to adjacent walls, ensuring proper ventilation.
Combustible Material Clearance: Keep all combustible materials, such as curtains, furniture, and decorations, at a safe distance from the fireplace.
Mantel Clearance: If installing a mantel, follow the specified clearance requirements to prevent heat damage.
2. Cavity Measurements:

Fireplace Opening Dimensions: Ensure the fireplace opening dimensions meet the requirements outlined in the product manual.
Framing Dimensions: Frame the cavity accurately to accommodate the fireplace unit securely.
Ceiling Height Clearance: Maintain the recommended ceiling height clearance for optimal performance.
3. Venting Clearances:

Vertical and Horizontal Venting: Adhere to the specified clearances for both vertical and horizontal venting components.
Termination Cap Clearance: Maintain the required clearance between the termination cap and any obstructions to prevent backdraft.


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

The Stellar Enlight Bay Three-Sided Gas Fireplace by Hearth & Home Technologies introduces a new dimension of sophistication to your living space. With its meticulously crafted design, this fireplace is a marriage of form and function, combining modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. The three-sided panoramic view creates a stunning focal point, allowing the mesmerizing flames to be admired from various angles. The customizable LED lighting adds a touch of versatility, enabling users to set the ambiance with a spectrum of colors. Effortless control over heat output and flame height further enhances the personalized experience, making this fireplace a seamless addition to both contemporary and traditional settings.

Designed to be a centerpiece in any room, the Stellar Enlight Bay not only elevates the visual appeal of your home but also ensures efficient heating performance. Its ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse environments makes it a versatile choice, while the attention to detail in design makes it a statement piece. Immerse yourself in the warmth and beauty of the Stellar Enlight Bay, where the dance of flames meets the pinnacle of home heating elegance, offering an extraordinary fireplace experience that balances style and functionality.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) stands as a leading innovator and manufacturer in the realm of hearth products, dedicated to transforming the way people experience and interact with fire. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1927, HHT has evolved into a powerhouse within the industry, consistently setting new standards for quality, design, and technological advancement. Headquartered in Lakeville, Minnesota, HHT operates under the renowned umbrella of the Hearth & Home Technologies family, which encompasses several well-known brands, each contributing to the company’s diverse and comprehensive product portfolio.

Committed to pushing the boundaries of fireplace and heating solutions, HHT embraces a customer-centric approach, focusing on creating products that not only meet but exceed expectations. Their extensive range includes gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplaces, stoves, inserts, and related accessories, all designed to enhance the ambiance and warmth of homes. With a steadfast dedication to sustainability, HHT incorporates eco-friendly technologies, ensuring that their products not only deliver exceptional performance but also contribute to environmental responsibility. As a result, Hearth & Home Technologies stands as a trusted name, synonymous with reliability, innovation, and a passion for enhancing the hearth experience for homeowners worldwide.


Q: Is the STELLAR ENLIGHT BAY THREE SIDED GAS FIREPLACE suitable for both contemporary and traditional home settings?
A: Yes, the versatile design of the fireplace makes it a perfect fit for both contemporary and traditional decor.

Q: What are the primary fuel options for the fireplace?
A: The STELLAR ENLIGHT BAY fireplace is designed for efficient use with natural gas.

Q: Can the fireplace be customized to match specific room aesthetics?
A: Absolutely, the customizable features allow for various design options to align with your room’s aesthetics.

Q: Is professional installation required for the STELLAR ENLIGHT BAY THREE SIDED GAS FIREPLACE?
A: Yes, professional installation is recommended to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Q: What safety features are integrated into the fireplace design?
A: The fireplace includes advanced safety features, such as a safety shutdown system and tempered glass.

Q: Can the fireplace be operated with a remote control?
A: Yes, the fireplace comes equipped with a remote control for convenient operation.

Q: Is it possible to adjust the flame height and intensity?
A: Yes, the fireplace offers flame height and intensity adjustment for a customized experience.

Q: What is the heating capacity of the STELLAR ENLIGHT BAY fireplace?
A: The fireplace is designed to efficiently heat a specific square footage area, detailed in the product specifications.

Q: Does the fireplace come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the fireplace is backed by Hearth & Home Technologies’ limited lifetime warranty.

Q: Can the flame color be changed in the STELLAR ENLIGHT BAY fireplace?
A: Yes, the fireplace features customizable flame color options to suit your preference.

Q: What maintenance is required for the fireplace?
A: Regular maintenance includes cleaning the glass, checking gas connections, and scheduling professional inspections.

Q: Is the fireplace suitable for use in bedrooms?
A: It depends on local building codes; however, the fireplace is often suitable for bedrooms.

Q: Can the fireplace be used during a power outage?
A: No, the fireplace requires electricity to operate, and it won’t function during a power outage.

Q: What venting options are available for the STELLAR ENLIGHT BAY fireplace?
A: The fireplace offers versatile venting options, including direct vent and natural vent.

Q: Can the fireplace be installed in a multi-story building?
A: Installation in multi-story buildings is possible, but it’s essential to follow specific guidelines and consult with a professional.

Q: Is the glass on the fireplace hot to touch during operation?
A: The glass is designed to remain cool to the touch, ensuring safety, especially in homes with children and pets.

Q: Can the fireplace be integrated into a smart home system?
A: Yes, depending on the model, the fireplace may offer compatibility with smart home systems for enhanced control.

Q: Does the fireplace come with a fan for distributing heat?
A: Yes, the fireplace is equipped with a fan for efficient heat distribution throughout the room.