How Much Does an Electric Fireplace Cost?

Electric Fireplace in Hotel Lobby

Over 40 percent of single-family houses had a fireplace in 2018.

While some might think fireplaces are relics from the past, electric fireplaces provide all the same comforts with a modern twist.

But how much does an electric fireplace cost? What affects electric fireplace prices?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how much a fireplace costs in 2024.

What Is an Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace is a device that generates heat like a traditional fireplace without any actual fire.

It provides warmth without producing any soot or needing any exhaust pipes.

An electric fireplace radiates heat and a fake LED flame provides the illusion of fire.

These units can be plugged into wall or hardwired to an electrical panel.

Electric fireplaces provide warmth comparable to a traditional fireplace without any of the upkeep associated with it.

Which means you won’t have to clean up after using it and you don’t need a constant supply of wood.


Electric Fireplace Cost Across All Ranges

Depending on quality, an electric fireplace costs between $600 and $20,000 before installation.

This wide range of pricing is based on the available options, customization, and size of each electric fireplace.

The price is also heavily dependent on the grade of the fireplace. Commercial Grade Electric Fireplaces are generally 2-3.5x the price of a Residential Grade Electric Fireplace.

Based on consumer behavior, many manufacturers are discontinuing residential grade electric fireplaces.

Many people are opting for commercial grade because of the larger coverage, the efficiency gains, and the overall reduction in long term costs.

All of these factors ultimately determine your electric fireplace cost.

Fireplace costs will increase for a custom build. Prefab fireplaces are manufactured in bulk which makes them less expensive to produce.

You’ll be paying different prices depending on which type you choose.

Prefab Fireplace

Prefab electric fireplaces are simpler in that they essentially get brought into your home and plugged in.

These prefab fireplaces get mounted onto something or inserted into a space that’s reserved for a regular fireplace.

Most prefab electric fireplaces look like flatscreen television screens.

These units are powered by a wall socket plug or hardwired to an electrical panel.

The simpler plug-in fireplaces can be as cheap as $400.

The more complicated units cost up to about $4,000.

If you need one to be built into the wall, that will definitely increase the price.


Custom Fireplace

Custom electric fireplaces that get their names from the way they’re installed.

These units often look more like traditional fireplaces and have more functions and infrastructure built around them.

Custom electric fireplace are often used as room dividers. These dividers can be two or three sided.

As such, the installer needs to modify some of your home’s dimensions to get this all to work.

Those who get custom fireplaces like to make the installation look like it’s part of its surroundings.

Because of the harder installation that’s involved, you’re looking to pay between $2,000 and $10,000 for custom units.

linear fireplace

Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Now we get into more specific fireplace types.

Wall-mounted fireplaces, like flat-screen television sets, need to be hung up on the wall.

The unit is hardwired or plugged into your electrical system.

They cost anywhere between $300 and a few thousand dollars.

Dreifuss Fireplace Technicians can easily install these units in your home.

Wall-mounted fireplaces come in two varieties: flat or curved. Both models function the same.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

There are different types of inserts; most people get artificial log inserts or fireboxes.

Firebox inserts are readily available and give your electric fireplace that traditional fireplace look.

Log inserts are installed to help carry out that fireplace aesthetic.

Depending on what you get, you’ll be paying $1400 to $5,000 for inserts.

Electric Fireplace in large open room


Recessed Electric Fireplaces

Those looking to get an electric fireplace that resembles a traditional one might get a recessed fireplace.

These variations recess your fireplace a few inches into your wall with small metals surrounding the exterior.

A prefab recessed electric fireplace might cost between $1400 to $7,000.

A custom recessed electric fireplace will likely cost more, depending on how many additional features you want to add to your fireplace.

Built-In Electric Fireplaces

Some want to go all-in on getting an electric fireplace that looks like a traditional one.

Built-in electric fireplaces are encased in a small wall and have all the features of a traditional fireplace.

This includes a mantel, hearth, and surround.

These units are quite eye-catching and are usually larger fireplaces.

As such, they’re much deeper and cost a lot more, about $3,000 to upwards of $20,000.


Do Brand Names Affect Price?

The type of electric fireplace isn’t the only thing that affects the cost.

There are multitudes of fireplace brands that offer a variety of products at different prices.

Some brands like Ortal, NetZero Fire and Dimplex are known for larger fireplaces or electric tabletop fireplaces.

Other brands make fireplaces that are better suited for wall inserts.

Brand name will greatly affect the price.

However, the product type you choose and the location of the fireplace in your building will affect the final bill more than the brand name.

The more complex your fireplace setup, the more you’re likely to pay.

Cost of Labor for Fireplace Installation

Small prefab electric fireplaces often don’t require complicated installation.

As such, you can get a contractor to plug in and install your unit for a few hundred dollars.

If you need a fireplace mounted, that’ll increase your costs.

Sometimes electric fireplaces need to be wired a certain way, which could boost your end costs.

Custom fireplaces require a lot more labor and time.

Walls need to be built and things need to be rewired for everything to work.

Expect to pay a few thousand dollars for custom electric fireplace installations.

Understanding Fireplace Cost

Your electric fireplace cost varies depending on the type of fireplace you get, which brands you’re buying from, and the labor you need.

Use this guide to learn more about fireplace installation!

Are you looking for fireplace installation services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey? Contact us today and we’ll get you started on a solution right away!

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