How to Create an Inviting Aesthetic in Restaurants With Fireplaces

restaurants with fireplaces

Looking for a way to create an intimate, inviting feeling in your restaurant? While you can dim the lights and add a coat of dark paint to the walls, there’s an even better option: a fireplace. Restaurants with fireplaces evoke a cozy atmosphere for gathering with friends and family. They can help create a romantic vibe in your restaurant. Or even help your customers warm up on a chilly night.

But despite their appeal, fireplaces aren’t a common sight in restaurants today. This is likely because many restaurant owners and designers are uncertain of how to incorporate one into their space. They might worry about how to make them safe, or about needing to attend to them throughout the night.

However, fireplaces are much easier to add to a restaurant than you’d think and can offer a variety of benefits. If you’re thinking about adding a fireplace to your space, keep reading. We’re breaking down what you need to know to create an inviting aesthetic in restaurants with fireplaces.

Creating an Inviting Aesthetic in Restaurants With Fireplaces

Fireplaces aren’t just for homes. Creating an inviting aesthetic in restaurants with fireplaces is easier than you might think.

Casting a soft, natural glow, fireplaces can help add warmth and warm light to your restaurant. It can reduce the need for brighter, harsher lights or a larger number of candles.

The look of a fireplace, and even a modern one, evokes a sense of nostalgia. This is the perfect touch for a restaurant that you want to feel cozy or intimate. 

With so many shapes, styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from, you can fully customize your fireplace to fit within your space. You can even design a custom fireplace to bring your dream look to life!

Benefits of a Fireplace for Your Restaurant

Still not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of adding a fireplace to your restaurant:

  • A timeless accent: Fireplaces are a timeless addition to any space. Unlike other intricate lighting options, your fireplace will never go out of style, meaning that you won’t need to replace it in just a few years when style trends change, as you might have needed to with other lighting.
  • Show your customers that you care: Too many restaurants and businesses today prioritize simple decor. This not only helps cut costs but also speeds up the process of opening a new restaurant. But the addition of a beautiful fireplace shows your customers that you put time and effort into designing your space. It demonstrates that you care that they are comfortable and that they have an amazing experience.
  • Attracts customers: For many restaurants, foot traffic is an essential source of business. The comforting glow of a fireplace can go a long way toward encouraging customers to come inside, especially on a chilly evening. 
  • Keep customers longer: A warm, inviting fireplace can also encourage your customers to stick around longer, ordering a few more drinks or maybe some more food to share with their friends. This can help increase your bottom line.

Things to Consider When Adding a Restaurant Fireplace

Adding a fireplace can create a warm atmosphere. It can help keep customers around while they enjoy the warm glow alongside some tasty winter food. Depending on your restaurant’s location, it can even increase foot traffic to your restaurant.

But there are a few things you should consider when adding a fireplace to your restaurant.

Consider the Type of Fireplace

Perhaps the first decision that you’ll need to make when adding a fireplace to your restaurant is what type of fireplace you’ll install. An open, wood-burning fireplace evokes the greatest sense of nostalgia. It gives off real heat and can make a restaurant feel incredibly cozy. However, this might not be the best choice for every type of restaurant.

Because of the size of these fireplaces and the heat that they give off, they may not work for a small space. They’re also a poor choice for restaurants located in a region that sees warm temperatures all year long.

But if you have a large restaurant with an open room that could hold a beautiful wood-burning fireplace, and you’re located in a region that sees some colder temps at least part of the year, this can be a great choice. In addition, because wood-burning fireplaces need to be tended to regularly, this type of fireplace shows your customers that you truly care about their experience.

Electric and gas fireplaces solve many of the issues that a wood-burning fireplace can pose for a restaurant. They are often smaller and pose less of a burn risk because the flames are more contained. You won’t need to have an employee attend to these fireplaces throughout the day, either.

If you want to install a gas fireplace in your restaurant, keep in mind that you will need to install a gas line, which can be tricky depending on where you are planning to install your fireplace. However, gas fireplaces do produce a more natural-looking flame. They also produce more heat.

An electric fireplace may have a less natural-looking flame. But they are also quicker and easier to install, and are safer in a tight space because they are fully contained with no real flame. You can also opt for an electric fireplace that does not emit heat, which can be a great choice in a restaurant located in a destination that sees warm weather year-round. Plus, no firewood is required!

Choose a Location

Another important detail that you’ll need to consider when adding a fireplace to your restaurant is where you’ll place it. The type of fireplace that you choose will have an impact on this decision.

For instance, if you are thinking about adding a large wood-burning fireplace, you won’t want to place it near the front entrance of your restaurant. Drafts from the door may cause the flames to go out, and you’ll have a higher risk of children playing near it.

A wood-burning fireplace is a great focal point for the main dining room of your restaurant. But an electric fireplace can be a beautiful addition to an entryway. With a gas or wood-burning fireplace, you might be limited in where you can place it based on where the fireplace, vent, and/or gas line can be installed.

If you’re redesigning your restaurant or taking over an existing space, adding a gas line, vent, or chimney might not be possible, or may not be cost-effective.

Ask About Extra Features

Some fireplaces, and especially electric fireplaces, come with a few added benefits that might influence the type of fireplace that you choose.

For instance, some electric fireplaces feature smart device integration. This means that you can control your fireplace remotely, and even set up a timer to turn it on and off. This can be a great feature for a commercial space.

Many modern electric fireplaces are also energy efficient. This means that you can not only enjoy a beautiful fireplace in your space but also save on your energy bills. Unlike gas fireplaces, these are also more sustainable.

Opting for a Custom Fireplace

One of the best tips that you can follow to add a fireplace to your restaurant is to let us install a custom fireplace in your space! That way, your fireplace will be fully custom designed to fit your space.

No worrying about making an existing design work within your restaurant! Whether you are dreaming of a modern, chic look or a traditional, cozy feel, we can help you achieve the fireplace of your dreams.


Adding a Fireplace to Your Restaurant

Restaurants with fireplaces evoke a sense of nostalgia and create a cozy, romantic, and inviting atmosphere. With so many different types of fireplaces to choose from, it’s easier than you might think to choose one that fits your space. 

A wood-burning fireplace can be the focal point of a restaurant, offering warmth and a cozy, nostalgic atmosphere. But gas and electric fireplaces also offer great alternatives. Electric fireplaces, in particular, can help you enjoy many of the benefits of a fireplace without having to worry about an open flame.

Dreifuss Fireplaces specializes in designing and installing beautiful fireplaces in homes, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Whether you’re dreaming of a stunning traditional wood-burning fireplace or a modern, chic electric fireplace, we can help bring your vision to life in your restaurant.

If you’re thinking about adding a fireplace to your restaurant, contact us today for your free estimate!

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