Experience the Warmth of Elegance: Introducing the FDV350 Direct Vent Gas Stove by Kingsman Fireplaces

Product Description

Elevate your home with the FDV350, a masterpiece of design and efficiency. This freestanding gas stove from Kingsman Fireplaces brings you the ultimate in warmth and ambiance.

Product Features

Millivolt Valve: Hi-Low heat and flame adjustment, allows operation during a power failure.

IPI Proflame II Models: Includes Remote Control with flame, fan, thermostat, smart thermostat (WiFi Compatibility*).

Dual Burner System: Realistic flame pattern for an authentic fireplace experience.

Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass: Panoramic view from three sides.

Mobile Home Approved: Safe and efficient heating for versatile installations.

Approved for Bedroom Installation: Enjoy the comfort of a gas stove in your bedroom or bed-sitting room.

Black Louver: Stylish design element.

Fiber Oak Log Set with Embers: Log Set must be ordered separately for a complete aesthetic.

Fan Kit: Heat-activated with variable speed control.

Brick Refractory Liner: Traditional Brick for a classic touch.

Thermostat: Wall Mount Millivolt Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat.

Remote Control (Millivolt): On/Off, Thermostat On/Off, Thermostat On/Off modulating.

B-Vent Adapter: Convert Stove to 4” B-Vent.

Product Specifications


A: 30 3/8″
B: 27 5/16″
C: 19 1/16″
D: 19 1/16″
E: 4″ dia.
F: 7 1/2″
G: 7″ dia.
Fuel Type:

FDV350N (Natural Gas)
FDV350NE2 (Natural Gas with IPI Proflame II and Remote Control)
FDV350LP (Propane)
FDV350LPE2 (Propane with IPI Proflame II and Remote Control)

Installation Options

Professional Installation

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Clearances and Cavity Measurements:

12” from side of unit
3” from back of unit
3” from side of unit in a corner
Alcove Installation: 30” depth (max.), 55 1/2” height (max.), 52 1/2” width (max.)


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your home with the FDV350 Direct Vent Freestanding Gas Stove from Kingsman Fireplaces, a pinnacle of sophistication and warmth. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this gas stove seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with timeless aesthetics. The FDV350 features a versatile Millivolt Valve, providing Hi-Low heat and flame adjustment and the unique ability to operate during power failures. For those seeking the pinnacle of convenience, IPI Proflame II Models come equipped with a Remote Control, offering control over flame intensity, fan settings, and even a smart thermostat for seamless integration with your home’s WiFi*.

The dual burner system of the FDV350 crafts a mesmerizing, realistic flame pattern, creating an authentic fireplace experience. With a heat radiating ceramic glass providing a panoramic view from three sides, this freestanding gas stove brings a touch of elegance to any room. Mobile home approved and suitable for installation in bedrooms or bed-sitting rooms, the FDV350 offers versatility without compromising safety.

Optional features, including a Heat-Activated Fan Kit for enhanced warmth and a Brick Refractory Liner for a traditional touch, allow customization to suit your preferences. The Fiber Oak Log Set with Embers, available separately, completes the aesthetic, delivering a lifelike and inviting ambiance. With meticulous craftsmanship and adherence to the highest standards, Kingsman Fireplaces presents the FDV350 as the epitome of design, engineering, and quality in a gas stove. Transform your living space with the FDV350, where warmth meets elegance.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Kingsman Fireplaces, a renowned manufacturer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, stands as a beacon of excellence in the heating industry. Established with a commitment to providing top-tier products, Kingsman has become synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and innovation in the fireplace market.

Crafting each fireplace with meticulous attention to detail, Kingsman takes pride in its Canadian heritage. The company’s products, including the FDV350 Direct Vent Freestanding Gas Stove, are a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship. Kingsman Fireplaces consistently maintains a program of continuous testing, refinement, and improvement of all its products, ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards.

With a dedication to customer satisfaction, Kingsman Fireplaces collaborates with a network of authorized dealers, allowing customers to receive expert guidance and support throughout the purchasing process. The company’s commitment to quality is evident not only in the aesthetic appeal and functionality of its fireplaces but also in the rigorous testing and certification processes that ensure safety and reliability.

Kingsman Fireplaces’ portfolio extends beyond providing warmth to homes; it encapsulates a commitment to creating products that enhance the overall ambiance and comfort of living spaces. As a socially responsible company, Kingsman Fireplaces adheres to regulatory standards and keeps customers well-informed, as indicated by the safety warning provided for California residents.

In summary, Kingsman Fireplaces is a distinguished Canadian manufacturer, crafting high-quality fireplaces that seamlessly blend innovation, design, and functionality. With a focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, Kingsman Fireplaces has established itself as a leader in the fireplace industry, providing homeowners with products that exude warmth, elegance, and enduring quality.


Q: Is the FDV350 Direct Vent Freestanding Gas Stove suitable for mobile homes?
A: Yes, the FDV350 is mobile home approved, offering safe and efficient heating for versatile installations.

Q: Can the FDV350 be installed in a bedroom or bed-sitting room?
A: Yes, the FDV350 is approved for installation in a bedroom or bed-sitting room, providing cozy warmth in these spaces.

Q: What is the unique feature of the Millivolt Valve in the FDV350?
A: The Millivolt Valve in the FDV350 allows for Hi-Low heat and flame adjustment and can operate during a power failure.

Q: Does the FDV350 come with a remote control?
A: IPI Proflame II Models, namely the FDV350NE2 and FDV350LPE2, include a remote control with features like flame control, fan settings, and a smart thermostat.

Q: Can I customize the flame intensity in the FDV350?
A: Yes, the FDV350’s dual burner system allows for a realistic flame pattern, and the IPI Proflame II Models offer flame control through the included remote.

Q: Is the FDV350 suitable for alcove installation?
A: Yes, the FDV350 is suitable for alcove installation with specific depth, height, and width requirements.

Q: What is the optional Fiber Oak Log Set with Embers for the FDV350?
A: The Fiber Oak Log Set with Embers is a separate component that can be ordered to enhance the visual appeal of the FDV350.

Q: Can I convert the FDV350 to B-Vent?
A: Yes, there is an optional B-Vent Adapter available for the FDV350 to convert it to a 4” B-Vent.

Q: Is there a fan kit available for the FDV350?
A: Yes, the FDV350 offers an optional Heat-Activated Fan Kit with variable speed control for enhanced warmth.

Q: What are the dimensions of the FDV350?
A: The dimensions of the FDV350 are A: 30 3/8″, B: 27 5/16″, C: 19 1/16″, D: 19 1/16″, E: 4″ dia., F: 7 1/2″, G: 7″ dia.

Q: Is there a thermostat option for the FDV350?
A: Yes, the FDV350 offers optional wall-mount Millivolt Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat for convenient temperature control.

Q: What fuel types are available for the FDV350?
A: The FDV350 is available in Natural Gas (FDV350N, FDV350NE2) and Propane (FDV350LP, FDV350LPE2) models.

Q: Can I use the FDV350 during a power outage?
A: Yes, the FDV350 with Millivolt Valve allows operation during a power failure, providing continued heat.

Q: What is the warranty for the FDV350?
A: Please refer to the warranty information provided by Kingsman Fireplaces for details on the FDV350’s warranty coverage.

Q: Does the FDV350 comply with safety standards?
A: Yes, the FDV350 is certified for the USA and Canada to ANSI Z21.88-2017 / CSA 2.33-2017, CSA 2.17-2017 as a Vented Gas Fireplace Heater.

Q: Is the FDV350 available for purchase directly from Kingsman Fireplaces?
A: Kingsman Fireplaces typically sells through authorized dealers. Contact your local dealer for information on purchasing the FDV350.

Q: Can the FDV350 be vented through the side wall or straight up through the roof?
A: Yes, with a direct vent appliance like the FDV350, you can vent either through the side wall above the unit or straight up through the roof.

Q: What is the combustion air inlet for the FDV350?
A: The FDV350 features a combustion air inlet as part of its direct vent system.