Ignite Luxury and Warmth: Explore the Kingsman HBZDV3624/28 Gas Fireplaces Collection!

Product Description

Transform your living space into a haven of comfort with Kingsman’s HBZDV3624/28 gas fireplaces. Immerse yourself in the radiant warmth and captivating ambience of these modern marvels.

Product Features

Reliable Heating: Millivolt or IPI valve system ensures continuous operation, even during power outages.
Realistic Flames: Dual burner with a lifelike flame pattern for an authentic and mesmerizing experience.
Safety First: Flame sensor for constant pilot flame monitoring, providing 100% gas shut off if needed.
Enhanced Safety: Safety screen barrier for added protection without compromising the view.

Product Specifications

Model Options:

Fuel Types: Natural Gas or Propane

Input Max/Min: Varies per model

Flame Efficiency: Varies per model


4/7″ Flex or
4/6 5/8″ Hard Pipe
Viewing Area: 29 3/4″ W x 18 5/8″ H

Certification: Heater Certified

Power Vent: Yes


Actual Width: 38 1/16″

Actual Height: 34 11/16″

Actual Depth: 18 7/8″

Installation Options

Professional Installation

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Minimum Wall Clearances:

Side Wall: 6 inches
Corner: 12 inches
Rear Wall: 1 inch
Mantel Clearances:

Standard Mantel: 12 inches
Protected Combustible Mantel: 6 inches
Floor Protection:

Non-Combustible Floor: 0 inches
Combustible Floor with Hearth Extension: 18 inches
Ceiling Height:

Minimum Ceiling Height: 7 feet
Cavity Measurements:

Width: Minimum of 40 inches
Height: Minimum of 36 inches
Depth: Minimum of 20 inches


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your home ambiance with the Kingsman HBZDV3624/28 Gas Fireplaces, where innovation meets comfort. These premium fireplaces are equipped with a Millivolt or IPI valve system, ensuring uninterrupted operation even during power failures. With adjustable heat and flame settings, you have the flexibility to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. The dual burner system produces a realistic flame pattern, providing a visually stunning and cozy focal point for your living space. Safety is paramount, thanks to a dedicated flame sensor that continuously monitors the pilot flame, triggering a 100% gas shut off if needed. The addition of a safety screen barrier not only enhances protection but also maintains a clear view of the mesmerizing flames.

Crafted for both aesthetics and functionality, the Kingsman HBZDV3624/28 Gas Fireplaces come in various fuel options, including Natural Gas or Propane, catering to your specific preferences and needs. The stylish design is complemented by optional features such as the Designer Clean View Circulating Kit, offering flexibility in installation without louvers. The availability of grills in sleek black adds a touch of sophistication to your fireplace setup. Whether you choose traditional brick, herringbone brick, or porcelain reflective liners, these fireplaces provide a customizable and elegant heating solution. With convenient options like a heat-activated fan kit, wall-mount thermostats, and remote controls, Kingsman ensures that you can tailor your fireplace experience to your liking, making the HBZDV3624/28 series a perfect blend of style, comfort, and safety.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Kingsman Fireplaces stands as a distinguished leader in the realm of high-quality and innovative heating solutions, committed to transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary retreats. Founded with a vision to combine cutting-edge technology with timeless design, Kingsman has earned a reputation for delivering premium fireplace products that seamlessly blend style and functionality.

Established in North America, Kingsman boasts a rich legacy spanning several decades, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in crafting heating appliances. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its diverse range of gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts that cater to both residential and commercial needs.

Kingsman Fireplaces prides itself on meticulous craftsmanship and stringent quality control, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of performance and safety. With a focus on sustainability, many Kingsman products are designed to maximize energy efficiency, providing not only warmth but also environmental responsibility.

As a customer-centric brand, Kingsman Fireplaces goes beyond providing heating solutions; it offers an immersive experience that combines warmth with aesthetics. With an extensive network of dealers and a dedicated support team, Kingsman ensures that its customers receive unparalleled service throughout their fireplace journey.

Innovation, reliability, and a passion for creating cozy, inviting spaces define Kingsman Fireplaces, making them a trusted choice for those seeking the perfect blend of comfort and style in their homes or commercial establishments.


Q: What fuel types are available for the HBZDV3624/28 series?
A: The HBZDV3624/28 series is available in both Natural Gas (N/NE) and Propane (LP/LPE) options.

Q: Can I operate the fireplace during a power outage?
A: Yes, the Millivolt or IPI valve system allows for continued operation during power failures.

Q: Is the flame pattern realistic?
A: Absolutely! The dual burner system creates a lifelike and captivating flame pattern.

Q: How does the flame sensor enhance safety?
A: The flame sensor monitors the pilot flame constantly and triggers a 100% gas shut off if the pilot is not sensed.

Q: Are there optional features available for installation without louvers?
A: Yes, you can opt for the Designer Clean View Circulating Kit, which doesn’t require louvers.

Q: What color options are available for the grills?
A: The grills are available in sleek and timeless black.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the fireplace with different liners?
A: Certainly! Choose from Traditional Brick, Herringbone Brick, or Porcelain Reflective liners.

Q: Is a fan kit available for these fireplaces?
A: Yes, there’s a heat-activated fan kit with variable speed control for enhanced heat distribution.

Q: What types of controls are available for the fireplace?
A: You can choose from wall-mount Millivolt thermostat or programmable thermostat options.

Q: Is there a remote control option for the fireplace?
A: Yes, Kingsman offers remote controls with thermostat on/off, on/off modulating, and fan control options.

Q: Are log sets included with the HBZDV3624/28 models?
A: Yes, the LOGC44 Burnt Oak Eight Piece Log Set is required and can be included with your purchase.

Q: Is a safety screen included with the fireplace?
A: Yes, the fireplace comes with a safety screen barrier for added protection.

Q: What are the available certification options for these fireplaces?
A: The HBZDV3624/28 models are Heater Certified.

Q: Can I use a power vent with these fireplaces?
A: Yes, a power vent option is available for these models.

Q: What are the dimensions of the viewing area?
A: The viewing area dimensions are 29 3/4″ W x 18 5/8″ H.

Q: Can I install these fireplaces in different fuel types?
A: No, each model is designed specifically for either Natural Gas or Propane and cannot be converted.

Q: Are louvers required for installation?
A: Louvers are not required, and you have the option of using the Designer Clean View Circulating Kit.

Q: What are the available surround dimensions for louvered units?
A: Surround dimensions vary; for example, the HBZDV3624/28 is 35 1/2” h x 41 1/8” w.

Q: Can I install these fireplaces outdoors?
A: No, these fireplaces are designed for indoor use only and should not be installed outdoors.