Experience Elegance and Warmth with the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth by Napoleon Fireplaces

Product Description

Elevate your living space with the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth electric fireplace from Napoleon. This contemporary masterpiece combines stunning aesthetics with powerful heating capabilities, making it the perfect addition to your home. Its nearly frameless design allows you to focus on the flames, not the frame, creating a minimalist and modern look. Whether you’re looking to enhance the ambiance of your space or enjoy efficient heating, the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth has it all.

Product Features

Frameless Modern Design: The sleek, frameless black finish complements any décor, enhancing the beauty of the flames.
Heating Power: Provides up to 5,000 BTU’s and 1,450 Watts of heating power, warming spaces up to 400 sq. ft.
Hardwiring Option: Can be hardwired for 240v to deliver a robust 9,000 BTU’s and 2,800 Watts, suitable for larger rooms.
Multi-Color Flames: Choose from four flame colors (yellow, orange, blue, and multi-colored) to set the perfect mood.
Flame Speed Control: Adjust flame speeds with five different settings for a personalized experience.
Night Light: Illuminate the firebox without flame using the NIGHT LIGHT™ feature for added ambiance.
Optional Driftwood Logs: Enhance the elegance with beachy driftwood logs (sold separately).
Remote Control: Operate the fireplace from your favorite spot with the included full-feature remote control.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 17.32 in (H) x 44.44 in (W) x 5.81 in (D) (43.99 cm x 112.88 cm x 14.76 cm)
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Fuel Type: Electric
Heat Output: Up to 9,000 BTU (1.45 kW) when hardwired for 240v, 5,000 BTU (1,450 kW) on standard 120v
Viewing Area: 40.25 x 11 in (102.24 x 27.94 cm)
Framing Width: 42.56 in (108.11 cm)
Framing Height: 16.13 in (40.96 cm)
Framing Depth: 6.06 in (15.40 cm)

Installation Options

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Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

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Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

The Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth by Napoleon Fireplaces redefines contemporary elegance and functional heating in one stunning package. Its nearly frameless, minimalist design places the focus squarely on the mesmerizing flames, creating a captivating centerpiece for any living space. With the flexibility of plugging into a standard 120v outlet, it can generate up to 5,000 BTU’s and 1,450 Watts of heat, comfortably warming areas up to 400 sq. ft. For larger rooms, the option to hardwire it for 240v transforms it into a powerful 9,000 BTU and 2,800 Watts heating solution. Whether you prefer the soothing glow of yellow, the coolness of blue, or a vibrant multi-colored display, the Alluravision™ 42 offers a range of flame colors and speeds to match your mood. Its NIGHT LIGHT™ feature further enhances ambiance by gently illuminating the firebox. With the addition of optional driftwood logs and a full-feature remote control for convenience, this electric fireplace is not just a source of warmth but a work of art that elevates the aesthetics of your home. Experience the perfect blend of style and substance with the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Napoleon Fireplaces, a renowned leader in the hearth and heating industry, has been at the forefront of innovation and quality craftsmanship for over four decades. Established in 1976, this Canadian-based company has grown to become a global brand known for its exceptional fireplaces, stoves, and heating solutions. Napoleon’s commitment to providing consumers with cutting-edge technology and top-notch design has earned them a reputation for excellence in both residential and commercial applications.

Napoleon offers a diverse range of heating products, including gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and outdoor fireplaces. Their products are designed not only to provide efficient and reliable heating but also to elevate the aesthetics of any space. With a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Napoleon incorporates advanced heating technologies that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Beyond the exceptional products, Napoleon is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer support and service. Their team of experts is readily available to assist with product selection, installation, and maintenance, ensuring that customers enjoy the warmth and comfort of their Napoleon fireplace for years to come.

As a company committed to continuous innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Napoleon Fireplaces has earned its place as a trusted and respected name in the industry. With a global presence and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of what heating solutions can offer, Napoleon continues to shape the future of fireplaces and heating technology. Whether you’re seeking the cozy ambiance of a traditional fireplace or the sleek design of a modern electric unit, Napoleon Fireplaces is your partner in creating warmth and style in your home or business.


Q: Is the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth suitable for heating large rooms?
A: Yes, when hardwired for 240v, it can efficiently heat rooms up to 800 sq.ft.

Q: Can I plug the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth into a standard 120v outlet?
A: Yes, it’s designed for easy plug-and-play installation in a standard 120v outlet.

Q: What is the warranty for the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth electric fireplace?
A: It comes with a 2 Year Limited Warranty.

Q: How many flame colors can I choose from with this fireplace?
A: You can select from four flame colors: yellow, orange, blue, and multi-colored.

Q: Is the frameless design of the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth customizable?
A: While the frameless design is sleek and minimalist, you can enhance it with optional driftwood logs (sold separately).

Q: Can I control the flame speed on this electric fireplace?
A: Yes, it offers five different flame speed settings for a personalized experience.

Q: Does the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth have a remote control?
A: Yes, it includes a full-feature remote control for convenient operation.

Q: What is the NIGHT LIGHT™ feature on this fireplace?
A: The NIGHT LIGHT™ gently illuminates the firebox without the flame, creating a warm ambient glow.

Q: What is the maximum BTU output of the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth on standard 120v?
A: It can provide up to 5,000 BTU’s on standard 120v.

Q: Can I use this electric fireplace in any room?
A: Yes, it’s versatile and can be installed in various rooms in your home, including the living room, bedroom, or even the office.

Q: How do I switch between flame colors on the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth?
A: You can easily select the desired flame color using the included remote control.

Q: Is this electric fireplace suitable for wall mounting?
A: Yes, it’s designed for wall mounting, and you can also choose between full-recess or wall mount installation options.

Q: Can I customize the LED ember bed colors?
A: Yes, the LED ember bed offers six different color settings to choose from, allowing you to set the perfect mood.

Q: What kind of clearance and cavity measurements are required for installation?
A: For specific clearances and cavity measurements, please refer to the installation manual provided with the product.

Q: Can I use the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth as a primary heat source in my room?
A: While it provides efficient heating, it’s primarily designed for ambiance, although it can heat smaller rooms effectively.

Q: Is the remote control user-friendly?
A: Yes, the remote control is designed for ease of use, with clear and intuitive controls.

Q: Can I operate the fireplace without the remote control?
A: Yes, you can operate the fireplace using the controls located on the unit itself.

Q: Are there any additional costs for customizations or accessories?
A: Some accessories may incur additional costs, and it’s essential to consult with your Napoleon authorized dealer for guidance on customizations.

Q: Can I install the Alluravision™ 42 Deep Depth myself, or should I hire a professional?
A: While it’s possible to install it yourself if you have experience, for safety and optimal performance, professional installation is recommended.

Q: Where can I find the complete installation instructions?
A: Detailed installation instructions can be found in the provided installation manual included with the product.