The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B

Experience Infinite Elegance with The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B by NetZero Fireplaces!

Product Description

You’ve never seen fire like this – with customizable add-ons, ready-to-install fireboxes, and 30 bold flame colors that you control, the NetZero Waterplace™ electric water vapor fireplace provides virtually limitless ways to brighten the mood and elevate any surrounding. Ready to start your project? Submit a product inquiry, and a NetZero Fire representative will be in touch to work with you

Product Features

30+ adjustable flame colors
Automatic fueling with direct plumb option
Automatic draining via integrated pump (with no water supply line)
Control your Waterplace via integrated buttons, remote control, and smartphone app
Two rows of LED lighting with controllable effects

The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B

Product Specifications

Hearth Type: Burners
Vent Type: Vent Free
Fuel Type: Water
Size: 12.00″ x 60.00″ x 11.25″

Width: 60.00 inches
Height: 12.00 inches
Depth: 11.25 inches

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application



Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your ambiance with The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B by NetZero Fireplaces. With 30+ customizable flame colors, automatic fueling, and integrated controls, this electric water vapor fireplace offers limitless possibilities to enhance any space. The sleek design and cutting-edge technology make it a statement piece for those who crave elegance and innovation.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

At the forefront of the fireplace industry, NetZero Fireplaces stands out as a pioneering force, dedicated to revolutionizing traditional heating solutions with a focus on sustainability. As a leading innovator, the brand is committed to delivering cutting-edge, eco-friendly fireplace options. With an unwavering commitment to environmental consciousness, NetZero Fireplaces integrates advanced technologies to ensure that their products not only provide warmth and ambiance but also adhere to eco-friendly standards. By prioritizing sustainability, the brand positions itself as a forward-thinking leader in the industry, catering to consumers who seek both comfort and environmental responsibility in their home heating choices.

Safety and design take center stage in NetZero Fireplaces’ commitment to enhancing the overall fireplace experience. Beyond providing warmth, the brand places a strong emphasis on the safety of its products, ensuring that each fireplace meets the highest standards in terms of performance and security. Simultaneously, NetZero Fireplaces takes pride in redefining the aesthetics of living spaces. By combining innovative design concepts with cutting-edge technology, the brand transforms traditional fireplace experiences into visually stunning and efficient heating solutions. This dual focus on safety and design solidifies NetZero Fireplaces as a reliable and stylish choice for those seeking a contemporary and eco-conscious approach to home heating.

In the pursuit of creating a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing living environment, NetZero Fireplaces continues to push boundaries and set new industry standards. As consumers increasingly prioritize eco-friendly options, the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge, environmentally conscious solutions ensures that NetZero Fireplaces remains at the forefront of the fireplace market, offering innovative products that redefine the way individuals experience warmth and ambiance in their homes.


Q: What makes The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B unique?
A: This electric water vapor fireplace stands out with its customizable flame colors, automatic features, and innovative design.

Q: Is professional installation required?
A: While it’s recommended for optimal performance, The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B is designed for easy installation, and we provide detailed instructions.

Q: Can I control the fireplace remotely?
A: Yes, you can control The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B via integrated buttons, a remote control, or a smartphone app.

Q: Does it require a water supply line?
A: No, the integrated pump allows for automatic draining without the need for a water supply line.

Q: Can I customize the LED lighting effects?
A: Absolutely! The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B features two rows of LED lighting with controllable effects.

Q: Is the fuel type adjustable?
A: The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B operates on water as the fuel type, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly experience.

Q: Can I install it in any room?
A: The versatility of this fireplace allows for installation in various settings, providing flexibility for your design preferences.

Q: Are there additional customization options?
A: The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B offers various customizable add-ons to suit your preferences.

Q: Can it be used for heating purposes?
A: While primarily designed for ambiance, The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B does emit warmth, contributing to a cozy atmosphere.

Q: Does it require a vent?
A: No, it’s a vent-free electric water vapor fireplace, eliminating the need for a venting system.

Q: What is the lifespan of the LED lighting?
A: The LED lighting is designed for long-lasting performance, ensuring years of vibrant flame colors.

Q: Can I install it myself?
A: The installation process is user-friendly, but professional installation is recommended for optimal results.

Q: Are replacement parts readily available?
A: NetZero Fireplaces provides comprehensive parts and service support, ensuring easy access to replacement components.

Q: Is the Waterplace Platinum NZW60B suitable for commercial spaces?
A: Yes, its sleek design and customizable features make it a great addition to commercial environments.

Q: Can I use it year-round?
A: Absolutely, The Waterplace Platinum NZW60B adds charm to any season, and you can enjoy it year-round.

Q: Does it come with a user manual?
A: Yes, a detailed user manual is included for your convenience.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the water vapor fireplace?
A: The maintenance is minimal, and the user manual provides guidelines for keeping your fireplace in top condition.