Fireplace Solutions in Strafford, PA by Dreifuss Fireplaces

Welcome to Dreifuss Fireplaces, your premier destination for top-notch residential and commercial fireplace solutions in Strafford, PA. 

With a rich history dating back to 1876, Dreifuss Fireplaces has been the leading provider of sophisticated and traditional fireplace options for the Delaware Valley. 

Our dedication to quality and customer service has made us the preferred choice for homeowners, architects, and builders seeking exceptional fireplace solutions in Strafford and the surrounding areas.


Residential Fireplaces in Strafford

Strafford, with its unique blend of historical charm and modern luxury, offers the perfect backdrop for Dreifuss Fireplaces’ residential offerings. Our services in Strafford include:

  • A Wide Selection of Fireplaces: Choose from gas, electric, and wood-burning models from the industry’s top manufacturers.
  • Customization and Efficiency: Our team ensures a seamless process from selection to installation, focusing on energy-saving solutions that fit perfectly within your home’s aesthetic.
  • Showroom Access: Visit our expansive showroom to explore the variety of styles we offer, from sleek contemporary linear fireplaces to traditional wood stoves.


Whether you’re renovating a historic home or designing a new build, Dreifuss Fireplaces brings warmth and style to your Strafford residence.


Commercial Fireplaces in Strafford

Dreifuss Fireplaces extends its expertise to various commercial projects in Strafford. Our commercial fireplace services are ideal for:

  • Diverse Venues: From hotels and shopping centers to universities and high-rise lobbies, we provide fireplaces that enhance any setting.
  • High-Quality Options: Our commercial offerings include industrial-grade, electric, gas, and wood fireplaces, as well as unique fire features and outdoor solutions.
  • Compliance and Innovation: All commercial fireplaces meet rigorous standards, ensuring compliance with local and national regulations.


Our goal is to transform your commercial space in Strafford into a welcoming and sophisticated environment with our fireplace solutions.


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