Styling a Modern Fireplace in an Aged Home

modern fireplace

Contrast is one of the most basic interior design principles that people need to consider. It keeps all parts of the room looking great and eye-catching.

If you have an aged home, a modern fireplace is a great way to add some visual appeal. Read on to learn how you can bring your older home to 2023 with contrast, texture, and a dancing flame.

Consider a Linear Fireplace

Linear fireplaces are one of 2023’s greatest home improvement trends. They’re only a foot or two tall. They make up for that short height in length and can be up to 12 feet long.

A lot of people install these into interior walls. This shows off the dancing flames on both sides of the wall so you can enjoy it in two different rooms.

A linear fireplace is modern because it’s minimalistic. Most people don’t use an elaborate surround. They either opt for something thin in a neutral or metallic hue or simply don’t use a surround at all.

The heat-resistant glass that contains the linear flame is also extremely sleek and contemporary. Linear fireplaces go perfectly with modern design because they’re clean, bold, geometrical, and sharp.

Use the Right Surround

Many people think of traditional fireplace surrounds as being made from brick or stone. This is true, and those styles look great for those aiming to make their space look natural or antiquated. Unfortunately, they’re not top choices for those looking to make an older home look fresh and modern.

There are, however, great options for those looking to do this!

One great option is metallic metal. Steel and brass shine around a flame and reflect light beautifully. You can also get metal surrounds in other colors like blue or red.

Bright colors themselves are great for fireplace surrounds, too. You could get plastic, PVC, or stamped concrete and paint it bright blue or canary yellow. These vibrant colors make your home look unique and contemporary, especially when you match the hues of furniture or picture frames in the space.

Heat-resistant tiles are another awesome colorful surround option.

You can use subway tiles for a modern look that complements the shape of a linear fireplace. If you want to create some more contrast, install them vertically so they’re perpendicular to the linear fireplace.

If you’re looking for a more traditionally-shaped hearth that takes up most of the wall, square or triangular tiles might be a better choice. Geometric shapes and bold lines are a staple of modern design. These come in tons of colors, so you can use multiple hues to create a complementary or analogous color scheme.

Honeycomb tiles are one of the best options for all fireplace surrounds. These hexagonal tiles are interesting and complex because of their clean lines and visual precision. They look like a beehive, meaning that black and yellow are great hues for those interested in this design.

Think About Unique Shapes

Surround tiles aren’t the only way that you can play with interesting shapes. When you design and install a custom fireplace, you have complete creative control over what it will look like. Not everything needs to be a square or a rectangle.

Many people choose a shape that’s geometric on the bottom but has a rounded top. These door-shaped fireplaces are unique and interesting, especially when you choose a completely geometric surround. The shape will stand out and look creative and customized.

You also could do a hexagonal fireplace with bold edges and clean lines. This goes well with any contemporary design scheme because of its clear-cut shape. If you choose honeycomb tiles for your surround, you’ll create an interesting effect by playing with different sizes of the same shape.

Create a Colorful Effect

Lots of people add firewood or old-timey stones to their fireplaces. Gas fireplaces turn these into creative accents rather than functional necessities. They don’t burn any wood and just use gas to turn on and off, so they’re purely decorative.

You can just as easily use other decorations to spruce up the inside of your hearth!

Crushed glass is one of the best choices for contemporary-minded homeowners. The jagged pieces provide a sharp geometric contrast to the natural, abstract dancing of a flame.

These glass bits reflect light beautifully, too. They can help create a kaleidoscopic effect that shows off the best features of your fireplace.

If you’re looking to be even more unique, use pieces of colored glass. This will work wonders by showing many shifting hues within the hearth as the fire moves and glows.

Contrast With Other Fireplace Decor

Fireplaces aren’t an isolated part of a modern room. They’re just part of what makes an aged home more contemporary. You need to pair your fireplace with other modern design features to make it look amazing.

Many people who choose linear fireplaces will have them blaze under a big flat-screen TV. This lets you enjoy your room in multiple ways. It’s perfect for entertaining, and it blends the traditional with the modern for a beautiful aesthetic.

If you’re not going for a linear fireplace, you can also use shelving and artwork to modernize your room. Create a fireplace mantle and display sleek glass and metal trinkets. Use brightly-colored paintings with geometric shapes to bring your room into the 21st century.

Install a Modern Fireplace Today

Now that you have some modern fireplace design ideas for an older home, it’s time to begin the installation process.

Drefuss is excited to assess your space, determine your needs, and install a one-of-a-kind hearth. We’re committed to making your home cozy and comfortable, so contact us to get an estimate and learn more.

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