The Best Electric Fireplaces for Commercial Spaces

best electric fireplaces for commercial spaces

There are about 9.5 million commercial buildings across the US, so it’s important that you make yours stand out. Whether you own an apartment complex, retail store, or office building, a fireplace can differentiate you from the competition. It’s a huge draw for those who value comfort in all areas of life.

Here, we’re going to talk about some of the best electric fireplaces for commercial spaces. Read on to learn how you can make your selection and what your options are.

Why Buy the Best Electric Fireplaces for Commercial Spaces?

Electric fireplaces are ideal for commercial spaces because they have no real flames. Instead, they feature an image of simulated fire.

They draw cool air from the room in, heat it up with an internal coil, and fan it out back into your space. They also have volume settings that let you hear the crackle of a real fireplace using technology rather than flame.

One reason that they’re good for commercial buildings is safety. The lack of a flame means that smoke inhalation isn’t possible and that sparks won’t fly out of the hearth. This reduces the risk of fire of or people in the building developing respiratory problems.

Electric fireplaces also don’t require any venting or professional maintenance. Commercial building owners won’t need to invest time and resources into fireplace upkeep. They can instead allocate their funds elsewhere.

Speaking of funds, electric fireplaces are extremely inexpensive. Some of them cost under $1000, and the lack of maintenance fees makes them even more affordable.

Finally, an electric fireplace is portable, which is a sharp contrast to wood-burning and gas alternatives. You can move it around when you renovate your commercial space or add annexes as your business grows.

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

A wall-mounted electric fireplace looks similar to a TV. You put it on any wall in your commercial building and can turn it on with buttons on the side. Dimplex offers wall-mounted fireplaces that also attach to tabletop stands so that you can find the perfect location.

Their curved glass look means that the fireplace looks realistic from all angles. You also can choose from multiple aesthetics to match your interior decor. Crystal bed options are perfect for contemporary office buildings while traditional log imagery is ideal for cozy libraries.

Different Types of Wood

The best electric fireplaces have multiple settings when it comes to their image. Dimplex lets you alter between contemporary and traditional imagery. The latter looks like the comfortable interior of a wood-burning fireplace so that people can enjoy the comforting vibe without any risk.

However, some electric fireplaces also let you choose the type of wood that you want to burn. NetZero Fire offers multiple options including birch, white oak, driftwood, and Norway spruce. The flame on top of these wood options dances and rolls while still being adjustable in its intensity.

This is one of the main benefits of electric fireplaces for commercial spaces. They’re versatile and will adapt to your precise needs at any time.

Waterplace Electric Flames

Speaking of NetZero, this brand’s fireplaces are also referred to as “Waterplaces.” This is because the Waterplace operates with pure water vapor that simulates crackling, dancing flames. It doesn’t use any heat or fuel and is therefore more sustainable than alternatives.

You can set these fireplaces on a backdrop from LED lights to make the flames stand out. Whether you want a pure black background or traditional brick imagery, there’s an option that will look great in your commercial space.

Flames can also come in a variety of changing colors- you aren’t limited to realistic red and orange. Purple, green, and blue are all awesome choices for contemporary spaces.

Built-in Fireboxes

If you don’t want something mounted on a wall like a TV, a built-in firebox might be a good choice. These are made to go into a hole in your wall so that you don’t need to see the cords hooking it to the power source. They look more authentic because of their built-in aesthetic.

Some of these fireplaces look more sleek and modern than others. For example, a Multi-Fire XHD firebox lets you showcase a dancing flame on top of crystals. This creates an interesting look that a wood-burning or gas fireplace could not offer.

However, there are also more traditional options available Revillusion’s Weathered Concrete firebox shows an image of a realistic wood fire complete with texture and depth. Its backdrop looks like the design of a cozy concrete fireplace.

Linear Fireplaces

Linear fireplaces are a great choice for those who have a long wall that they want to fill. If you’re looking to include something in a lobby with a lot of white space, getting one of these electric fireplaces can make a bold statement. They stretch across several feet and provide comfort to those sitting in all areas of a lobby or waiting room.

Some linear fireplaces are built-in while others are wall-mounted. Dimplex offers both options so you can decide whether or not you care about seeing the cords.

Ignitexl is one of the top built-in options for those looking to contain a fire within a long space. It also comes behind a glass wall to simulate the feel of an actual gas or wood-burning fireplace. You can get authenticity despite choosing a commercial electric fireplace.

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Raise Your Property Value Today

Electric fireplaces are the safest and most convenient option for commercial buildings. Now that you know some of the best electric fireplaces for commercial spaces, it’s time to warm up your building.

Dreifuss Fireplaces offers a wide variety of hearths that you can install in a store, library, workplace, or other venues. Contact us with any questions that you have about buying and installing a commercial electric fireplace.

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