Tips for Creating a Cozy Living Room Around Your Fireplace the Right Way

cozy living room

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Fireplaces are a fantastic way to warm your home on chilly days. But did you know that a fireplace can also increase your home’s value by up to 13%?

Still, fireplaces present a decor challenge. You want to create a cozy living room around your fireplace. 

Whether you’re designing your fireplace in a newly constructed home or adding a fireplace to your current home, bringing your personal design aesthetic is key. 

If you’re wondering how you’ll style your new fireplace, keep reading for essential tips to make your fireplace the “hearth” of your home.

Consider Your Fireplace’s Construction

Fireplaces have evolved from the standard brick construction we’ve seen in the past. Today’s fireplaces are sleeker, more modern, and offer unique material use and designs. 

Many newer fireplaces are flush with the wall, which doesn’t reduce your floor space. These fireplaces also offer a more minimalist design, so your decor ideas aren’t tied to your fireplace. 

Of course, if you prefer a more traditional fireplace, you have many more options. River rock, classic brick, and even marble can all elevate the look of a fireplace while adhering to your design ideas. 

Your fireplace mantel choices will also affect the look and feel of your fireplace. Whether you choose wood, marble, or another material, be sure you have a vision for the entire room. 

Making Your Fireplace the Focal Point

Depending on the layout of your space, your fireplace may or may not be the focal point. Take a critical look at your room. Where does your eye go first?

For example, if you focus on large bay windows or a beautiful beamed ceiling, you can expect others to do the same. 

Creative design is all about directing focus to the highlighted feature. You can do this with your fireplace through inspired furniture placement, living room design, and artful decor. 

TV Placement

Speaking of focal points, the focal points of today’s rooms are often the TV. Some people hang their TVs above their fireplace mantel. By default, the TV creates the room’s focal point. 

Suppose prefer your fireplace area as a space for reading, relaxing, conversation, cocktails, or coffee. In that case, the TV might be better in another part of your home.

Protecting your TV from the heat your fireplace generates might be tricky. Most modern fireplaces utilize technology that conserves heat. This helps prevent the heat from rising and damaging your television. 

Speak to your fireplace specialist about the best ways to solve the TV/fireplace dilemma. State-of-the-art venting techniques and fireplace design can make it safe to hang your TV above the fireplace

Add Some Greenery

Many indoor plants thrive in warm spaces. What better way to enhance your mantel than with greenery?

Before you ash off to the nursery, consider the amount of light in the area near your fireplace. Thie light will dictate the types of plants that will thrive near your fireplace. 

If your fireplace area receives indirect, bright light, orchids are a fantastic choice. Their bright green leaves and stunning, long-lasting blooms are timeless and elegant. They’re tropical plants and love warm temperatures. 

If your fireplace gets low light, peace lilies are an excellent choice. While not a lily in the traditional sense, these plants boast bright green leaves and white growths from the leaves that resemble flowers. 

Create a Lounge Layout

Arranging your furniture around your fireplace is a wonderful way to get creative. First, refer back to your plan for the space. This will help you design seating that suits your family and entertaining needs. 

A U-shaped sectional is perfect in front of your fireplace. The shape defines the area and provides ample seating. Add a coffee table and end tables so everyone can have a place for their coffee cup or to prop up their feet. 

A collection of cozy chairs is a good alternative to a couch. A chair arrangement feels a bit more formal but is still a comfy choice. Wingbacks and club chairs work well near a fireplace. 

Add some tufted ottomans to complete the look.

Choose Cozy Textures

A fireplace area should be cozy and inviting. Accomplish that with textures. 

Velvet is the perfect choice for a sofa. Velvet looks wonderful in jewel tones that will brighten the room. Plus, the luxurious feel of velvet invites you and your guests to lounge and linger. 

Leather is another texture that works well with fireplaces. Leather is formal without being stuffy and comes in an array of colors. Leather is the perfect choice if you choose wingbacks or club chairs. 

Lastly, add feather-soft blankets, throw pillows, and a deep pile rug for a complete look. 

Bookshelves, Art, and More

Bookshelves say almost as much about you as family photos do. The books you display in your home allow your guests an insight into your personality and taste. Bookshelves flanking your fireplace become a statement piece all on their own. 

Add unique bookends and other decorative items to complete the look.

A statement art piece above your fireplace mantel can be a show-stopper. Whether it’s a print by your favorite artist or a collection of family photos, the eye is drawn to that space above the mantel. 

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll need tools. You could stick with the classic wrought iron tools, but why not choose something more modern? 

Brass and nickel-plated fireplace tools add an unexpected touch of elegance to your living room decoration. You can also choose a firewood bin with the same finish. 

Learn More About Creating a Cozy Living Room With a Fireplace

Having a fireplace in your cozy living room creates memories. Holidays, snow days, and memorable moments all happen near the fireplace. Do your fireplace justice and style it for maximum comfort by using eye-catching decor. 

Contact the experts at Dreifuss Fireplaces today. Our team is delighted to help you design a new fireplace or upgrade your existing one. 

With over one hundred years in the fireplace business, we know how to welcome you home. 

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