Top 5 Benefits of Installing a Zero Clearance Gas Fireplace

zero clearance gas fireplace

A fireplace can bring beauty and warmth to your home, but it’s also a huge investment. If your room doesn’t already have a fireplace, that means you’ll have to undergo a renovation to add the feature.

With this comes many decisions. Not only will you have to consider the aesthetic style, but you’ll also have to figure out what kind of fuel the fireplace will use to produce the flames.

As you do your research on the best type of fireplace for your home, you’ll come across a zero-clearance gas fireplace. And if you’re not an expert on fireplaces, you’ll probably wonder why this is a good choice for your home. This guide will explain the benefits of a zero-clearance gas fireplace.

1. They’re Easy to Install

Zero-clearance fireplaces are pre-manufactured, which makes them easy to install. With the materials the firebox is made from, the entire fireplace unit can be installed against drywall, wood, and paneling.

The firebox is metal, self-contained, and insulated, so the exterior of the fireplace doesn’t get too hot. This lowers the risk of burns and damage to the materials in your home and allows it to sit flush up against the wall.

Installing a zero-clearance fireplace is easy, only taking a matter of hours from a professional team. You can also convert older fireplaces, such as one with a wood frame, into a zero-clearance fireplace. So if you’re looking to give your current hearth an upgrade, a zero-clearance fireplace is a great option.

2. They’re Low Maintenance

Another benefit is that zero-clearance fireplaces are low maintenance. Unlike wood fireplaces, which need to be cleaned of soot, gas fireplaces will only require a yearly professional cleaning to prevent build-up. But on a day-to-day basis, a homeowner won’t need to do much maintenance.

In the long run, you also won’t have to do any repairs on a chimney or on any masonry. Zero-clearance fireplaces have a direct vent that removes the smoke through an outside wall or roof. You won’t need a chimney or hearth with a zero-clearance fireplace.

However, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean no maintenance at all. You should still have professionals inspecting heating appliances once a year to ensure that everything is working properly and safely.

3. They’re More Efficient

Compared to masonry fireplaces, zero-clearance fireplaces are much more efficient in providing warmth to the room. This style of fireplace has a closed-combustion system, which allows it to deliver more heat. This will allow your room to heat up quicker and stay warm longer.

They’re also more efficient because the firebox is sealed and there’s no chimney. That means heat isn’t escaping through the chimney, and cold air isn’t coming through the chimney into your house when the fireplace isn’t on.

You’ll be able to maintain heat in your home. This can also directly affect your energy bills. You’ll often be able to save money because you won’t have to use as much energy to heat your home because they’ll be much less heat escaping.

And with a zero-clearance gas fireplace, you’ll have better control over the overall heat in the room. You can turn down or up the gas to add more fuel to make the room a comfortable temperature for you.

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4. They Come in Many Styles

If how the fireplace works with your interior decor is important to you, then a zero-clearance fireplace is a great option for you. These types of fireplaces are highly customizable with a wide variety of finishing materials. You’ll easily be able to choose the color, texture, and material to fit your home’s current style.

There are options for faceplates and interior panels, so nearly every aspect can be chosen by you. They can look sleek and modern but can also fit into a traditional fireplace with a mantel.

You can also choose the size that works best for your space, meaning it can be smaller or larger depending on where it’ll be placed and your visual preferences. An expert can also help you figure out the best size for the space in terms of aesthetics and heating.

You can also find models with cast iron or glass doors, which affect both the aesthetic and energy efficiency.

5. They Work in Any Home

Because of the easy installation, customization, and size options, zero-clearance fireplaces can work in any home. If you have a small home or room, you can have a zero-clearance customized to fit your needs.

They’re also a good option for mobile homes because they don’t require a chimney. So if you’re looking to make mobile homes or trailers feel more cozy and homey, you may opt for a zero-clearance fireplace.

The ease of installation and customization also means you have options of where to place a zero-clearance fireplace. You don’t only have to put one fireplace in the living room, but you can also add them to a bedroom, dining room, or other places in the home.

And, of course, the customization allows you to mix up the style of each fireplace to best fit the room’s decor.

The Benefits of a Zero-Clearance Gas Fireplace for Your Home

For many people, having a fireplace is a must-have feature for their home. They love the warmth, coziness, and beauty a fireplace adds to the space. But with traditional masonry fireplaces, your options can be limited.

But the benefit of zero-clearance gas fireplaces is that you have more options with style and location. They’re also more efficient at heating your home, so your energy bills can actually be lower with this type of fireplace.

These are only five of the reasons why zero-clearance fireplaces are a better option than traditional or masonry fireplaces.

Are you looking to add a brilliant fire feature to your home? Contact Dreifuss Fireplaces today to get a quote or start your fireplace project on your home!

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