What To Consider When Choosing a Fireplace Size


Did you know that the oldest hearth or fireplace was created around 300,000 years ago? Fireplaces have come a long way since then. Today, we have many different options for materials, decorations, and sizes.

Fireplace size is an important factor to think about. You might know what you want your fireplace to look like, but you may not have considered the size. What are the best fireplace dimensions for your room?

Is there a certain size that’s considered safe? What should you avoid? Keep reading and learn more about how to choose the perfect fireplace size for your house.

Consider the Size of the Room

If you’re getting a luxury fireplace, you need to consider how it will fit in your room. Suppose you want to put a custom fireplace in your living room. Your living room might be relatively large, but is it large enough to accommodate the fireplace that you want?

Fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes. Some fireplaces have mantles that protrude from the wall and leave less space in the room. Others may be very small and fit snuggly into the wall.

If you know that the fireplace you want is large, you’ll need to envision how it will look once it becomes a reality. How much room will be left in your living room once you install it?

Will the fireplace take up almost the entire wall? Or will it only take up a small portion? Will the mantel leave little room for the furniture in the room?

Consider how the fireplace’s appearance may affect the room’s appearance as well. If your living room isn’t very large, a large fireplace may make the room feel small and cramped. This may make you and your guests feel uncomfortable when sitting in this room.

The Details

A fireplace may also displace many pieces of furniture. The usual focal point of any living room is the TV. But if you put a fireplace in this area, you might not have any space for the TV.

You could put the TV above the fireplace, but this may make your room look very small if it wasn’t large, to begin with. If you’re dealing with a smaller room like a bedroom or office, you won’t have much of a choice but to opt for a small fireplace.

This ensures that the fireplace won’t stick out like a sore thumb or get in your way. But if you have a room with plenty of space, nothing will stop you from getting a large and luxurious new fireplace.

Door Size and Position

Depending on the structure of your room, it may be impossible to put your fireplace in certain areas. Suppose you would like to put your fireplace on one side of your living room. But this may not be possible if there is a hallway or door in the way.

You then need to consider the door size and position. Where does that door go, and how much space does it take up in the wall? Where is the door in relation to the rest of the room?

Is it possible to shift the fireplace to the left or right of that door? These are all important questions to ask yourself if there is a door in the way. Suppose you manage to squeeze a fireplace right next to a door in your living room.

While the fireplace may fit, it may not be a comfortable fit. It may feel awkward going through a door when there’s a fireplace right next to it. It may not be possible to open the door all the way if there is a fireplace in the way.

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What to Know

Putting a fireplace right next to a door may also look strange and cramped. If you don’t have much space in a room because of a door, it is best to downsize your fireplace. You may also have to consider this issue if stairs are in the way.

Stairs are impossible to move, so you’ll have to move the fireplace instead if it doesn’t fit. You’ll also have to consider how to center the fireplace in the room if you have to place it at an awkward angle. Putting the fireplace in a corner at an angle rather than on a single wall may solve this problem.

The Fireplace Mantel Size vs Fireplace Size

Fireplaces come with many different mantels. Many modern fireplaces have small, metal mantels that fit snuggly into the wall. They won’t take up much space and make the fireplace look smaller.

Then there are very large mantles made of stone or brick that protrude from the wall. This can make the fireplace look much bigger than it is and make it appear grander. It is important to consider how the mantle size will affect your room.

Some mantles may be too big to fit into the average room. You don’t want a mantle to steal precious space from your room if the room is already small. But if your room is very spacious, this won’t be a problem.

Consider how you can balance the mantel size with the size of the fireplace. This will give you the best result.

All About Choosing a Fireplace Size

Choosing a fireplace size doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you consider the right factors. It is important to consider how large your room is in comparison to the fireplace. Think about the size and position of your doors and the fireplace mantel as well.

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