Why You Should Consider a Corner Fireplace

corner fireplace

Fireplaces. They can make a home feel more cozy and can help make a room in your home stand out. 

Unfortunately, this is becoming a less and less common occurrence in a home. Before the pandemic, only about 41% of single-family homes had a fireplace. 

This is down by about 10% from three years prior. 

With that said, there are still a lot of benefits when it comes to having a corner fireplace in your home. What are these benefits? 

Read the rest of this article to find out. 

Your Home Stands Out 

As discussed in the intro, corner fireplaces can help make your home stand out. There is a noticeable decline in homes that have fireplaces. 

For example, from 2015 to 2018, the percentage of homes that had a fireplace in them went down by over 10%. If you go back to the beginning of the millennium, 2001 saw 57% of homes had a fireplace. 

What this means is that it is becoming a less common occurrence for a home to have a fireplace. 

However, this does not have to be a bad thing for you. You can use this information to your advantage and install a fireplace in your home to have a more unique addition to it. 

If you are someone that is inviting guests into your home, you may be looking for a way to have your home stand out. A fireplace will be something that is hard for people to forget, thus anchoring the memory of your home in your guest’s minds. 

Smaller Space Needed 

We discussed the general idea of a fireplace above, but a big pro of a corner fireplace specifically is the space needed for one. If you want a traditional fireplace in your home as the centerpiece of a living room, it is likely going to take up a lot of space. 

You may have a compact or cozy living room, so the traditional fireplace may not be a great option for you. Instead of giving up on fireplaces, one alternative that you can do is to go the corner route. 

This allows you to put a fireplace into much tighter spaces in your home. So, if you want to have one in a guest room or a family room, this could be an option for you. 

Easier to Install 

As mentioned above, smaller fireplaces tend to need smaller space. Well, with a corner fireplace rather than a traditional one, this could make the installation easier. 

You may be someone that wants to get in there and do it themselves. Well, it could be easier to do that with a corner fireplace now. That is because these types of installations tend to be less complicated, and there is less work that needs to be done. 

So, what about hiring a company to install your fireplace for you? The same concept applies. It will most likely be less expensive to install a corner fireplace for you because of its simplicity. 

This could also benefit people that do not want the installation process to take too long. You can have the installation time cut off by a fraction if you choose to go with a simpler model like this. 

So, this could be a great option for those that are looking to avoid a complicated process. 

Cheaper Price 

Something else that you may benefit from is being on a budget with corner fireplaces. Think about it. You may not have thought you could afford to install a fireplace when you first looked into this. 

You may have looked into those backyard fireplaces and centerpiece fireplaces that could require custom installations. Those prices may have been out of reach for you. 

Well, what if you could get back in the game with a cheaper option? That is what a corner fireplace can offer you. It can provide you with the fireplace that you are looking for without having to spend an arm and a leg to get it. 

Now, you can experience the benefits of having one in your home. 


Now, how about the use of the fireplace? If you have a family with young kids living in your home, this is likely going to be a bigger concern for you. 

Luckily for you, these types of fireplaces usually do not have a lot of exhaust that you have to worry about. Minimal use of this generally means much safer conditions compared to your traditional models that use this much more. 

This is also beneficial for those that want to have an indoor fireplace. Compared to your backyard, the safety features are likely going to be even more important than an outdoor fireplace. 

Party Flexibility 

Finally, having a corner fireplace gives you more flexibility when it comes to hosting parties. Ones in the center in the room may be harder to avoid for those that do not prefer it. 

This can be important for some people reading this article, considering that half of all Americans host parties in their homes at least monthly. What this means is that they are looking for the most flexibility possible to keep their guests satisfied. 

Get a Corner Fireplace

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider getting a corner fireplace. It is a lot safer to install this model, and it provides you with more flexible options. Also, it could save you time and money as well. 

Are you ready to get started? Message us today to work on your fireplace design. 

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